Diplomats of Solid Sound - What goes around comes around RecordKicks - LP/CD

This album produced in the U.S.A. Freestyle Rec is proposed for Europe by RecordKicks our friend Nicola. There are 11 pieces of pure hammondgroove ranging from funk to soul to boogaloo! It 's a hard masterfully arranged, and' 100% pure Mod sound.o NMS is a band to watch 'cause has already' made three fine works and this, the 4th, not 'for less! We also make use of two beautiful girls with a beautiful voice and soul that so often surround the Hammond sound, which in turn completes the guitar, bass and drums! Fantastic, I have no other adjectives, must-have disc!

Scasso  21/11/2010


Difficult to explain in words the mod, almost impossible. Easier, perhaps even more right to do so through the images. And in this book by Terry Rawlings images abound. The book published in the autumn of 2000 in London, 'has finally been translated into Italian by the end of 2010 (and congratulations on your speed'). It is an explosion of color that captures the mod and its icons in the richness of a band made of symbols, scooters, apparel, graphics, the highest expressions of the British pop art. There are fifty years of "modernism", the jazz club in London late fifties of 'Absolute Beginners' epic Who, Small Faces and Creation, from northern soul, mod revival-'79 to coincide with the consecration of the cult -movie "Quadrophenia" to the most recent developments of the movement. Rawlings travels through time using images that evoke sounds tough and elegant. Like the mod, in fact. The Italian edition, edited by journalist Luca Frazzi (? But 'cause its him and not one of our scene?), Is enriched with an appendix devoted to the history of Italian modernism. Unfortunately, as often happens, avoid talking more 'detail of Modernism in the city' as important as Rome or Milan and 90s contributed to the growth and the very national scene, through the establishment of regular events such as "Buzz with the Fuzz "or the" Right Track "or with international events such as the International Mod Weekender in Terracina. Everything always the prerogative of the usual four characters (some who now do not see more 'for decades) that are found on all the books of the Italian movement mod ..... posterity will judge!

Scasso  08/11/2010

Paul Weller - Suburban 100 - (revisited edition) ArrowBook-LTD

For all the fanatics and fans of the "Modfather", and 'release this book of 190 pages written and chosen by him with "liner notes" an introduction by Paul Abbott, one of the best dj / writers soul-R & B the United Kingdom. In the manuscript, you are the best songs composed by Weller in 1977, when military Jam, passing through the Style Council, to "22 Dreams" her last LP, according to the author, are the best scenes periphery of English. Here 'the idea of calling the book "Suburban", where you have written the lyrics and the bottom of each text, the considerations of the author, the period in which they were written and its main motivation. A book that reads nicely, also because 'apart from the initial 6 introductory pages, written by Abbott precisely conjunct Wilson (another music journalist), there are only these texts. Nothing important, only recommended for fans!

Scasso  28/10/2010

Tages - Studio - RPM-Rec. - CD

This Swedish band 'as the Motion Netherlands, the classic group that has begun to play a garagebeat influenced by the very first British R'n'B and then switch to a more sound Mod' pop-style psychedelic pop freakbeat or before, after toured in England. They were very famous in Sweden, as most 'of the Beatles, and they have taken the sound of their last musical period, which is to end 60's. This album is dated 1967, and that 'the 5th anniversary of their meteoric career, and it' was recorded in London in the famous Habbey Road studios, has a sound somewhere between "Evolution" of the Hollies and "Stg. Pepper" by the Beatles. The CD from this small record label, devoted to rare reprints can be found as many as 17 songs, of which four are part of the last 3 singles the band put out posthumous album in '68. The product is also related to a beautifull booklet with 12 pages full of photos and historical notes of the band. Absolutely valid, to be bought, recommended to all those who love their Mod 60's pop! .. Worth noting that, between songs, there 's also their piece and that' including the last compilation of Rob Bailey, The Beat Bespoke '4: "It's my life".

Scasso  25/10/2010

Al Supersonic and the Teenagers - Not Too Young - Unique-Rec. - CD/LP

Wonderful job for this young soul band of Granada, which is produced by the famous German label (s' that of Frank Pop for instance), are 12 pieces of pure soul that falls into the funk in some cases in the northern and in others, all entirely composed of these six guys that make reference to the look of a "skin original, but one which 'more' style Mod But back to that album and 'was mixed and produced studies Funkorama Madrid and property' 'of the Hammond "Carlo Coupe', and it 'was a result that you can' honestly say well done. Great sounds and arrangements (horns and powerful incisors), and this almost 'an album that should have a mod, one of the best news' this year along with Faithkeepers! Mega recommended purchase!

Scasso  20/10/2010

The IVY Look (a pocket guide to classic american clothing) Graham Marsh & J.P. Gaul - Frances Lincoln Publishers

It 's a paperback book, then the size of an open hand and made of 206 pages of photographs that depict: advertising', records and drawings that celebrate the clothes and accessories of the aesthetic style of 'American man, who dominated from the '55' 65. Democrats, elegant and comfortable, and IVY Look 'was the most' best of the "cool aesthetic," worn by the presidents up to the "hipsters" of the period! The impact and influence of this style you can 'even see through brands such as Ralph Lauren and the continuing popularity of' Harrington jackets, Loafers and the Levi's 501. This book gives us 'a description of that era through the archives of the style that had the likes of Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Miles Davis as well as' the Kennedy brothers, until you get the clothes to the obsession of the London Mods! ! A fundamental book!

Scasso  11/10/2010

Kula Shaker - Pilgrims Progress - Strange Folk Rec.

This 'fourth album of this band led by Alonza Bevan and Crispian Mills and his creation has meant' that is well 3 years from the third. After 13 years of life to be part of this band, and is 'taken a turn more folk rock tinged with blues, which differs from previous work more' psychedelic. We put the record straight, not 'that there is no interference of sitar or organ in this album, but it seems more' classic work of turning the British bands of late 60's where he felt more psychedelic influence, but there was projected to sound more 'rock / prog. At this very album you hear some influences of the early 70's folk group of Canterbury, and after a first impact more 'difficult, the sounds begin to take shape in my mind and I can honestly say that it is' a very beautiful and mature album. Sometimes you could say that, although in a different way of composition and musical, you can 'bind to the folk rock created by P. Weller or the O.C.S.!

Scasso  04/10/2010

Georgie Fame Mod classics: 1964-1966 BGP-Rec. CD/2LP

Another center for this spectacular atichetta London dedicated to black music compilations. You are here '2 vinyl of artists dedicated to a more' popular with Mods, for a total of 24 songs ranging from '64 to '66, almost all taken from the Columbia Records LP or 45, but one taken from an individual's Polydor Japan. I can only say that the back cover of the double LP, there is' written for the fashionable London Mods and there was only one real live concert, and was Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames. Outside the Flamingo in Soho, in an interview, Rod (the Mod) Stewart in '65 he said he would like to play with Count Basie, George had already 'made by more' than a year and it 's true that if Who Small Faces and had their armies of "Moddy Boys" in tow, the unique and real "faces" of London followed only George and his Blue Flames. So most 'of so you can not' have to be an artist and 'was an icon of his time in style and elegance, both musical and aesthetic!

Scasso  09/09/2010

Jeremy Reed (the king of Carnaby Street) The life of John Stephen HausPublishing-London

This book came out right now and cost £ 20 recounts the life of one of the most 'famous tailors / desiner London! John Stephen, who arrived in London in '52 to just 18 years, beginning 'to develop a passion for tailoring and his mania' of detail, it promoted the "front line" on the front of the so-called "brigade fashion. His clothes became the cornerstone iconoclastic young Mods and pop stars of the period as: Beatles, Bee Gees and Kinks and transform 'Carnaby Street, a quiet alley in the secondary center, the center of fashion in the world! Stephen was not the only, on the other side, the King's Road in Chelsea, her friend Mary Quant with somewhere 'to do the same with women's clothes. Invented 'through one of its stores called "His'n'Hers" to create fashion "unisex," but his innate creativity' had its price! Always had to hide his homosexuality 'making portraits with young models of the period, and the speed' with which he was the fashion, related to the nightlife of clubs, always forced him to a huge abuse of drugs such as amphetamine pills called "Purple Hearts, "which led him to his death in 1966. He, like many other icons of the 60's, you burn 'in a moment but leaving' a strong trace of his passing! John Stephen Long live to one of the Mod Gods!

Scasso  08/09/2010

The Faith Keepers omonimo LontanoRecords LP

Excellent debut album for this young band from Zaragoza Mod that produced by Fernando in Madrid, reveals a new promise in the musical soul of Europe. There are 11 songs that combine the Funk to Soul and R & B, where it is missing a piece Boogaloo. Like most bands of the genre are found two covers tribute to their "inspirational father" one of Charles Wright (Express Yourself) and the other D. Woods (Death of an Angel). Live in Brighton have been sensational and certainly will not disappoint this year Lavarone, so it will say: Keep the faith and follow Them, Keepers of the Faith are already 'excellent reality'!

Scasso  06/09/2010

Calibro 35 Ritornano quelli di.... Ghost-Rec. 2LP/CD

Finally I could take the double gauge vinyl that I was surprisingly impressed with their concert did last month to the cultural circle Magnolia Linate (MI). They are the worthy heirs of musicians such as Hosanna, who in '72 composed the soundtrack for the film: Milan caliber or 9 conductor as well as the teachers' musical composers such as Ennio Morricone, Ritz Ortolani, Franco Micalizzi and Piero Piccioni. There are 16 tracks edition vinyl and I do not know 'how the CD version, all inspired by the instrumental "soundtrack" of our "film detective" or "noir" came out in the first half of the '70s. The songs, with a few covers, are almost all composed of this powerful quintet where he feels the use of organs. I recommend it highly to those who love the soundtracks and this particular compositional style of music. Great band!

Scasso  04/08/2010

The Black Hollies Softly towards the light ErnestJenning-Rec. LP/CD

Unfortunately this album you reviewed it with a lot 'of months late, and since' release last year, in December, and the United States and 'low availability of' here 'with us in Italy. Our 4 Mods New Jersey we offer a work based on strong Hammond use and sounds that follow the British bands of the period '67 / '68. The music they make and 'almost all freakbeat or psychedelic pop, well designed and very involving musically, they also created totally abandons time, a great album with 10 pieces really phenomenal! Recommend it to all lovers of white noise, and 'one of the best Mod bands of the scene, and it' s always amazing to see how they can get songs that still have a touch of freshness and never tire! A must have!

Scasso  28/07/2010

Lou Donaldson Midnight Creeper blueNote-Rec. LP/CD

Excellent reissue for fans of this saxophonist Modjazz are 5 pieces, 3 and 2 on side A side B that span the musical style of the two previous works: "Alligator Boogaloo" and "Mr. Shing-a-Ling" and Hammond groove with a jazz very well mixed between sax and guitar. An album of '68 who attended to: Lonnie Smith on organ and George Benson on guitar and add another. In short, the sound that most 'know and' a classic for all lovers of the genre, plus you have a better vinyl reissue with gatefold cover (or opening).

Scasso  15/07/2010

DC Fontana 'six against eight' DCTone-Rec. CD

And finally 'came out like a bomb this beautiful and highly anticipated album, unfortunately only available in CD format, but with an elegant 6-page booklet full of photos and lyrics, as well as' the introduction to the band by Rob Bailey New Untouchables. There are 14 pieces that mix soul jazz with Hammond and close with a touch of psychedelic style with Brian Auger Trinity. An exceptional group that needs no introduction and as' state on all the stages of Europe Mod events or otherwise. It was the first song: "Countess" and that 'the one extrapolated to the individual (45) that has brought them and then you start with the fear and soulgroove psichedeia jazz gogo with the latter two songs: "Remember me" and "Saturn In Her Eyes" with a beautiful intro to "sitar and raga. More 'or less remaining tracks range tr pieces' and other soul groove jazz psychedelic where you 'feel more' strong. I can also tell you that their producer and 'a Donald Ross Skinner (Julian Cope and the salad and add more). Oh I forgot to tell you that you have taken the orchestra to Liverpool to complete their sound with strings and horns, one of the most 'beautiful works of arrangement never heard in the last three years! to have at all costs! More information: # ixzz0tdXa876G

Scasso  14/07/2010

Le beat bespoke' 4 VV/AA Circle-Rec. CD/LP

Good 4to 20 tracks for this volume compiled by DJ / promoter Rob Bailey in London, where the CD which has usually 3 or 4 songs in more 'than in LP, contains almost all pieces ranging from '66 to '72 artists little-known landscape of Northern European / American / Australian. Let's start by saying that the first 4 singles compilation, are set with a garage sound, then moving from freakbeat, acid rock, much space / moog in some cases and a bit 'more' popfolk in others. Certainly not 'a collection of individuals whose first impact there will result' catchy, but in the long sounds take shape in the mind and senses that this time, the songs will be less tiring to listen continued work. Not bad, you have 4 successful hits, already 'meetings to hear 60's / Mod Lavarone and Euro Yeye, while the rest are all songs you dance to Fuzz for Freaks, the London club of white music, organizing The New Untouchables. Recommend it to those who love the sounds white individuals, for whom and '"experts", there will be very expensive and hard to find'!

Scasso  16/06/2010

Flamenco omonimo Vinilisssimo-Rec. LP

Another spectacular reissue 180 gr. vinyl this time that involves a group of Andalusian Seville, local folk tradition that mixes flamenco with rock psychedelic English in those years, raged throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Despite the obscurity imposed by the Franco regime, the musia arrived all right and our Anglo-American quintet, created their work in the one dated '72, a unique 'sound which the individual can listen to them even in a few select DJs dedicated to Collectibles sound white. There are 10 songs, some of which are extracted from only four singles that the band has produced. Many likened them to the wave of the kind created by the band leader of the Latin-rock sound: Gazpacho, some to that created by Santana, in truth, 'I tell you that their sound and' single purchase and advice to all those who love freakbeat or psychedelia, you will not regret!

Scasso  15/06/2010

Mod Meeting Vol.6 VV/AA DR. NO-Rec. LP

And we are the sixth volume, always bootleg version of this splendid collection of 16 songs from bands of individual addicts, some in British R'n'B and the Blue Eyed Soul. Who still fill it out just do not know ', there' who says both the French Parpignan, Roch Vidal, whom the German Wolfgang Dirrigl Monaco, and the fact is that 'something really exciting to put on this compilation that every dish Once the reserve of real surprises in the Mod bands ever edited the first such collection anywhere. Were added many sides A and some B-sides of 45 and are all taken into account the period between '65 and '67. good job, if you find it, to have no doubt!

Scasso  11/06/2010

Alex Cooper 45 CLUB (90 canciones de la era pop) Chelsea Ediciones

This book written and published by ALEJANDRO DIEZ wanted GARIN for his publishing house, sees a hypothetical trip introduction to the modern world, through his 90 favorite songs, we describe the historical period and the bands that have made. A photographic book around the cost of 28 euros and limited to 500 copies, made along the lines of Empire Made, and that means' long and narrow, you can keep in the pocket of the parka. As he writes, is not 'a book for enthusiasts of purism Mod, but it' s a book to learn and love the infinite myriad of pop bands that Mod 60's produced! He also tells us that many of the mod sixties slogans, including "live quick, quick buy, well mod!" Are no longer 'fit to these years because' he is not 'never been fond of unbridled consumerism has never been part of the working class and according to him and Pete Meaden 'was a "poor devil" and that' dead before age 40 destroyed by a heavy dose of barbiturates and his eagerness to get to "be somebody." Even tells us that if a mod of the 60's knew that a 40-year old continues undeterred an aesthetic style / music that has more 'than 40 years, die laughing, according to the dictates of the philosophy of that time he wanted everyone and everything trendy but ALSO says 'he loves so much 60 years now that they can not' most 'do not, and through his travels to London and' managed to bridge the knowledge gap on the world's Mod, which otherwise would remain unsolved! ! Today he says, through the advent of Internet and E-bay, unable to find things that otherwise would take much effort and energy expenditure, and it seems impossible that a 43enne, but first in his life, puts it: His family, Modernism and his band, without which we fail to live. So to be a "good modernist should not ape what 'that was, but adapt it to modern times and live it with full of energy and conservation prioprie best experiences on to future generations.

Scasso  10/06/2010

Els Trons El que queda de mi Butterfly-Rec. 45 EP

This' second EP this garage band from Barcelona (The Thunder) which 'was formed by an old acquaintance of mine, and that means' the former guitarist Flashback 5, Mark Argenter. You are here '4 covers: El que queda de mi (The people in me), I run com el vent (Going All The Way), A carrer of us (I is not no miracle worker) and finally Decideix-yourself (Are you gonna be there). So as you already 'knew ClassiCon are certainly impact and success, one that virtually never been done (even in the 60's because' under the scheme could not be), was sung in Catalan. They are all pieces performed almost faithfully to the original well-arranged and recorded; 45 and 'therefore recommend it to lovers of white noise and in particular to those who love the 60's garage!

Scasso  09/06/2010

I'm Not Like Everybody Else by Enamel Verguren (Mod Chronicles Vol. 2) Shaman Publisher

Released the second volume dedicated to the British Mod scene but this time covering the whole period of 90 years. The book, full of flyers and photos of the period, describes the evolution of the "movement" from the late 80's, through the boom of the 2nd Mod revival given the advent of Britpop, until the beginning of the new century Modernist. There is talk of Mod bands like the Clique and Aardwarks of "Acid jazz scene" with Corduroy and James Taylor Quartet, the contribution given to the "mod scene" EU through the organization of the London New Untouchables "and all the guys who made the party during those years, including myself, will not forget 'ever since and it' was an integral part. So a great book about a historical period and yet never described so worth taking a copy.

Scasso  01/06/2010

Paul Weller - Wake up the nation Island-rec. - LP/CD

After several weeks from the exit, I finally got my copy I also vinyl and I can tell you that this new work for the old, but still green, has Modfather if the stream with his former traveling companion at the time of the Jam Bruce Foxton, in addition to Ben mas (Move), Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) and Clem Cattini (Tornados). At first, second, third listener is to say "nothing that yet another disc to Paul Weller, in the long run, however, the pieces take shape and you realize that this time there is no need to dwell much on music as the words . The texts are from the master, not at all trivial and in step with the times. A big FUCK OFF to political establishment, technology and why not even the royal family. The sounds are always anchored to the roots northern soul of Paul, but some pieces show how the Modfather has not lost its creative inspiration maintaining its roots mod / powerpop! Excellent work recommend it to everyone!

Scasso  31/05/2010

King Coleman It's dance time! Norton-Rec. CD

This collection of 22 pieces he describes virtually the entire career of this singer was born in Tampa, Florida in '39 and start 'singing as a child in gospel groups, especially at funerals, has a deep voice hoarse and very dirty, typical of the best singers R'n'B. He worked alongside the likes of BB King, James Brown, recording in '59 his first hit single that was "Mashed potatoes, but you can 'recall for songs such as" Bulldog "' Down in the basement" and "It's dance time." Has recorded some success as a piece of soul: "Three soulful mice" and "salt and pepper, but remains one of the most groovy blues singers! An album that surprised me positively, not knowing the artist and the first that I recommend you all to pieces ballabilissimi Mod evenings, you will not regret!

Scasso  21/05/2010

R'n'B meets Northern Soul VV/AA VOR-Rec. LP

That's cool fresh out the second volume of this collection of individual fairytale landscape of early 60's R & B heard in many European clubs or r'n'b r'n'soul for Original Mods and where this time There are 20 songs (of course, 10 per side), between classical and misunderstood. It has a second version of "Mama" by Sarah Vaughn, another classic Sherri Taylor and his "He's the one who rings my bell" but also chunks little known as Mary Ann Fisher with "It's A Man's World" or Tammy James, "That's Fat Jack" Buddy Ace and finally with his "True Love Money Can not Buy." So another great album that will not disappoint you 'at all, needless to say that the advice to everybody. The cost to no more 'than 15 euros will make' the rest!

Scasso  20/05/2010

The Attention omonimo ScreamingApple Rec. LP

Excellent first album of this young band from Vienna Mod us we have 10 pieces of pure and hard British R & B! After the Canary Sect Barcelona also these 5 children delight us with a sound gritty and powerful. Are sounds that recall the early 60's British bands like the Yardbirds and the Animals. I do not deny that live in some passages of any song could also refer to the early American garage groups, but if you listen best shows that the impact noise and 'just because of their grit executive! Nothing more 'to say, just buy the album and enjoy it fully, a sound recommended for all!

Scasso  27/04/2010

R'n'B meets Northern Soul- VV/AA - VOR-Rec. LP Grover Rec. CD

This compilation reissued on vinyl by Grover, Hamburg, and 'exit agreement with the Goldmine Soul Supply, English label more' famous devoted to reprints of Northern and Modern soul! I do not understand what has the word on the northern cover of the album because 'I swear there is not' even the shadow. Everything beautiful and iperballabilissimo r'n'b, classic, "Mama" by Sarah Vaughn and "Voodoo Woman" by Curtis Knight unknown to most "Volcano" by Billy Preston and "It's You" by John Scott. Are a total of 19 tracks really gripping and I recommend it to everyone, including guys that penetrate into these sounds, because 'there will be still a minute. I would say great!

Scasso  20/04/2010

OceanColourScene Saturday CookingVinyl-Rec. CD/LP

Fantastic back well after 3 years of absence from their latest work, now 5 "boys" back in Birmingham with a job well arranged and produced for an independent label (both in England are so 'famous who can afford it) that certainly will be 'distributed by a major label! There are 14 songs in a mixture of soul, pop and folk that do not disappoint at all, seem rather returned to the glories of the first album, namely those 'where the component rock / soul was felt more' bully in their tracks! It seems that the lack of the old bass player (Minchella) does not feel at all and that the 2 new signings: Dan Sealey and Andy Bennett on bass guitar sound, have become well integrated in the group! Recommended for everyone and especially to fans of Paul Weller, as their sound differs little from that of the "Modfather"!

Scasso  13/04/2010

Immediate Pleasure VV/AA RowedOut-Rec. CD

After the beautiful cover, taken from an advertisement 'tailor Mod par excellence: Adam of London, with shops located in the beautiful palace of the Stable's Portobello Market, this label presents a booklet which define sparse' euphemistic. Couple of pages folded we describe only the song, the band and their contact! A little 'bit I would say, for a fledgling record label that promotes young talent! But we are content: 20 tracks with bands and representative character of the Mod scene worldwide, finally after the last 2 compilations of Detour, really insignificant, garage punk or punk bands with 77 passed off as Mod, this time I think the goal was fully centered! Let's start by saying that you have (fortunately) only covers 3: 2 executed by the Small Faces Small FAKERS (precisely) that make "I Can not Dance With You" and the Royal Hangmen with "Almost Grown" and finally the beautiful and classic "1-2-5" performed by Petty hoodlums. After that 'you can' see how, under the "eternal" Gene Drayton Unit that assets with 2 albums and 4 singles are the most mod band 'long-lived and famous of this compilation, there are clear on all 3 pieces: the Attention with "ace face ", one piece at a very British R'n'B Yardbirds, The Black Hollies with" Gloomy Monday Morning ", a very British piece freakbeat, despite American and finally britannicoitalici The Caper story with" I wish I did, with Marcus voice very similar to the lead singer of White Stripes garagerock a very attractive and I would say 70's! Only band 100% Italy Tailor Made with "weekend" a powerpop inspired early 80's sung in Italian! A well-assembled compilation all in all I recommend to lovers of novelty 'and sounds of new mod!

Scasso  12/04/2010

Nina Zilli - Sempre Lontano - Universal Music CD

After the moderate success of the song "50 thousand", sung in tandem with Giuliano Palma, who also did the soundtrack to the film "Mine stray" and after the second single released by San Remo: The Man Who Loved Women " , I decided to buy the CD. I must say that behind a trader to sell a product that knows how to 'rear' (not understand 'why this urge to dress 50 years without sense), there' s a good singer who has' made a good mess ( more 'within ska and reggae soul) and has a beautiful gift, that is' to write the songs alone! It should also 'give her act at least not' been studied theoretically, leaving those "format" as unacceptable as "Friends." Nothing crazy are some 11 pieces of soulful pop style Mina (I like) and other more 'reggae. I honestly do not know 'if you want to imitate or not Amy Winehouse, and I am very wary of artists like her, because we all know what it means to make music for a lifetime and never be heard by anyone (see the BEST Ginetto), in 'Major field of mean! Percu give a sufficient and a board of purchase, the rest I leave to you!

Scasso  25/03/2010

The Upper Fifth Take the fifth Vectra Rec. CD

This record, dated a year now, I could find while surfing the internet and realized that after a beautiful 45 Detour Rec for several years before by this band from Birmingham, on their site we were also submitted a CD of 10 songs. After listening and I can honestly tell you that 'pure Mod sound: a sound that is' a mix between Paul Weller and Graham Solarflares Day (ex Prisoners). Our heroes now dated 4 of the Midlands, have certainly not put out this record of wanting to be famous, but simply to consecrate now almost 10 years of career, because they have more 'or less all familiar, and above all to show all they never die passion for these sounds of the 2nd Mod revival of the 90's and love for modernism! A record total of good advice to those who love this kind of sounds revival!

Scasso  23/03/2010

Donovan Sunshine Superman EMI-Rec. CD Sundazed-Rec. LP

Still a reprint of a classic of psychedelic pop, but this time in a more 'songwriting and folk. Are 11 songs composed at the beginning of Swingin 'London, which is towards the beginning of '66, including the parts of worship: "Sunshine Superman" and "Season of the Witch", also rebuilt by Julie Driscoll with Brian Auger and the Trinity. Nothing more to say 'EXCEPT' the vinyl that has an excellent finish and a nice graphical format in 180 gr, we propose a content not quite exciting. The undersigned taking in the wake of the enthusiasm given by 2 units above, noted that the work of the complexity of the work of this British pop singer, has no initial impact so strong, in my humble opinion should not be 'more than enough. Recommended only to fans of white noise!

Scasso  15/03/2010

Belle Vue Press N°10 Modzine

Beautiful tenth issue of this ultra glossy and professional Modzine that comes from Athens! Are fewer than 36 full / groovy pages printed in color printing and writing in English and greek who describes the scene's Mod 60 European and in this issue in particular, deal with subjects on Italy! Our interviews with Max Galli and Mauro Cao, Comics / disegnaori and writers of short stories for magazines pop. Attached to this number, it also has a nice CD limited to 250 hand numbered copies, containing 20 tracks by artists of late 60's who created the sound that ranges from pop to rock psychedelic Freakbeat!

Scasso  09/03/2010

Ruben Wilson The sweet life GrooveMerchant Rec. LP/CD

A great disc hammondgroove jazz in "our" Stanley delight us with the "classic" 6 pieces (in the case of vinyl 3 on each side) that make more albums of artists of this genre, but with an added touch of funk; nice sax interjections in almost all ibrani and excellent performance of songs like. "Inner City Blues" by Marvin Gaye, "Sugar" by Stanley Turrentine and "Never Can Say Goodbye" by Clifton Davis. You can 'then be said that It was a discovery more' than positive by the undersigned, who took the disc only by label record company that leads the way on both sides and that from 'quality assurance'! The G. Merchant I've never been disappointed in the selection of artists who prefer the use of the organ and made a boast record. Nice sound, great artist ..... recommended for all lovers of ModJazz!

Scasso  23/02/2010

Archie Bell & the Drells Tighten up Atlantic Rec. LP

Excellent reissue of this classic disc of soul with a touch of funk. Recorded in '68 Archie and his "gang" gives us here '10 tracks of pure soul, apart from the classic "Tighten Up", you have very funkeggiante covers key in very personalized and I must say, really well executed, the following: " Knock on Wood "by Eddie Floyd," In the Midnight Hour "by Wilson Pickett and" Give me time "Sunny Ōzumō! In short, a disk key of its kind, recommended to all and especially to those who prefer the sounds blacks.

Scasso  22/02/2010

Lord Sitar omonimo Emi Rec. CD/ bootleg LP

After 15 years since the release reprinting this wonderful album of the 60's, the last pirate of the vinyl reissue comes with the same look and feel, but without the titles of the songs on the "front cover" album. Are 11 pieces, (one more 'of the CD version) covers all of the then newly formed groups or songwriters' Swingin 'London' as the Beatles or Who (known to many terrific version of "I Can See for Miles") . Nothing to write more 'in this regard: sitar powerful in all the pieces, which replaces the vocals. Who is Lord Sitar, and not 'never knew or not and' never wanted to reveal, as we describe the "liner notes" on the back cover of the vinyl, but one thing for sure, 'Yeah,' was a great musician and interpreter of the 60's and his pieces were heard in all the rooms of London at the time! Recommended for those who prefer white noise!

Scasso  17/02/2010

The Duke of Burlington Flash! WahWah Rec. LP

By this fabulous reissue label in Barcelona, the first album clubxploitation done by this Italian band! It is a 'groovy party "with pieces of successful albums, in addition to a song for the film Get Carter, it also covers such as" El Chicago "or" Viva Tirado ", the Jackson 5 with" I Want You back or Dick Hyman with his: "The Minotaur". It was going to be able to stand still, a record that will make you 'definitely involved, in a new design (front cover, different from the original) edited by Mark Argenter, which' was the singer / leader of the now late 60's group psych / mod: Flashback 5. Good buy!

Scasso  16/02/2010

Paolo Apollo Negri The great anything HammondBeat Rec. CD

"Our" Paolo Apollo Negri, created this work after more 'than 2 years of records shipped and assembled from across the continents, ie 2': Europe and North America! Has 'made use of the best instrumentalists and singers in the genre funk / jazz, there is no accident' Gino De Angelis, the leader of the BEST, who plays bass on 3 songs! Paul has created a CD of 10 pieces of pure hammond soul / funk sound, very focused on the style of the early 70's. I must say that the product 'and not just randomly accounted for one of the best labels in the genre: the Hammond Beat New York! A job that I recommend to all kids who love the sounds dell'hammond of mellotron moog or, simply spectacular!

Scasso  11/02/2010

Rinaldi Sings Bingo Tangerine Rec. CD/LP

Rinaldi Sings and 'the name assumed by singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Steve Rinaldi, who was described in the pages of NME like the cockney version of the 20th century by Scott Walker. Sounds a stylish 60's pop sound resulting from the bubblegum northern soul of the late sixties. He has played with Squire at least a couple of years ago 'and presents his second work consists of 11 songs that have a hammond grooves and soul! Excellent album for more 'talented artists who, from having no doubt! Read more ', visit his website:

Scasso  10/02/2010

Big Boss Man Full english beat breakfast BlowUp Rec. LP/CD

Third great job for this longer 'who claim Mod band in the field worldwide. The combo of Nasser Bouzid (angloegiziano) has played anywhere and at any event! Nothing to describe back in their soul / jazz / boogaloo: the usual Hammond powerful enveloping sound and creates all their uniqueness' of sounds that only they know us! I'm here 'Related 14 pieces, also because' it was a bit 'that you did not hear and then presumed to have had time to write several! A hammond jazz and funk and soul soiled by interjections of "space moog", truly spectacular! Requiring the purchase to ALL!

Scasso  09/02/2010

Shangri-Las omonimo Lilith-Rec. 2LP

Excellent reissue by this new record label dedicated (along with Vinyl Lovers) to reissue vinyl. Are 2 for Lp Totel of 36 songs that encompass nearly the entire discography out in 45 by one of the most 'famous and controversial "girl bands" U.S.. Alcohol and drug easy sex from these 4 girls, were no reports that were often published in newspapers and specialist of the period have made this combo, one of the most 'loved by the teenagers' rebels' and used as inspiration by artists of the turn punk! Not 'something unknown that their soul pop dance has thousands of kids and even some of the Mod period!

Scasso  26/01/2010

The Moving Sounds omonimo CopaseDisques Rec. LP/CD

New third album for this band 100% Mod Stockholm, we have seen the Italian Job of Rimini and the Beat Epoque Verona years ago. We present here '13 pieces all composed and recorded their second similar study more' famous in the world and 'the "Circo Perotti" in Gijon maintained by the Doctor Jorge Explosion! The songs are in the style of the previous beat a very powerful and Hammond really cool, have changed the keyboard that is not 'over' the countryman Fredrik Forsman: famous for his band out in the 80s under Unicorn Rec: Baby Snakes but now there all'hammond 'the equally famous London Parlsey (the lion) he famous for having collaborated with the Solarflares Graham Day! Nothing to object, would recommend the purchase!

Scasso  25/01/2010

Rod Steward The Album Universal Rec. CD/LP

Between his departure from the Jeff Beck Group and Faces in the entry with Ron Wood, Rod registry 'quest'abum in '69, where you have 8 pieces of folk-rock blues! Title dell'abum and 'was wanted so' because 'the original: "An Old Raincoat Will not Ever Let You Down" was too British for his American audience. And 'one of the most' beautiful albums by British folk of the early 70's and his soulful voice class covers all the songs recorded! We have reinterpreted covers key rock-blues of the Stones (Street fightin man), Ewan MacColl (Dirty Old Town) and Mike D'Abo (handbags and gladrags)! I recommend it to those who love music in general and not 'too sector! A great job!

Scasso  24/01/2010

DC Fontana The Contessa DcTone Rec. 45

This single killer Souljazz / Hammond-groove and I 'was sent directly from the band that I thank! 2 pieces are directly taken from their debut album: "Six against eight", where the A side and 'very soulfuljazz a song, while the second side feels the use of a powerful Hammond! You can not 'say that they are certainly a band in its infancy, are truly professionals and the voice of Carla Milton stands out on all with a beautiful timbre soul! A band of 100% Mod sound! Recommended for everyone to have!

Scasso  23/01/2010

Strawberry alarm clock Incense and peppermints Sundazed Rec. LP/CD

Valuable reprint of this classic West Coast psychedelia and more 'precisely S. Francisco! Are 10 pieces (in the case of vinyl 4 on one side and 6 on the other) that sound very popsyke. The first: "The World's on Fire" lasts 8.21 minutes and well and 'a masterpiece. The classic "Incense and Peppermints," besides doing the soundtrack to the first film in the saga: "Austin Powers", was also played at nights Mod 60's many years ago '! An excellent disc always recommended to fans of white noise !

Scasso  19/01/2010

Circulus Thought becomes reality Mythcake Rec. LP/CD

Beautiful work of this third band of London, made up of 7 elements emits a sound in the middle 'between the British folk and psychedelia, say they might be part of that area which was part of the sounds of Canterbury and who was born in the early 70s. Here 'you have 10 pieces that have a strong folk vein, much more' of the 2 previous albums, there is no shortage or the use of the moog mellotron, but are always anchored to a sound that reminds us of the ancestral classic film The Knights of roundtable! I like a lot, I saw them at Le Beat Bespoke 2 and I swear that I was impressed! When I get on stage do a great live show and are all dressed in medieval style! Recommended only to those who prefer white noise!

Scasso  18/01/2010

The Eyes My degeneration MercuryRec. LP - The arrival of... ACME Rec. LP/CD

What I have in my hands and 'vinyl bootleg (or unofficial reissue) of their LP oroginale released under Mercury, but what you see in the picture, and' that of ACME but that 'as the cover shows a photo of their famous EP 45 and ultra rare (costs about 350 pounds), but 'in the LP format has attached the rest of the songs! The band formed under the name the Pupils were devoted to covers of the Stones (famous is their debut album), then goes into 'within Mod and start' to make a Freakbeat with a large grain British R'n'B. The 5 boys used to go out with rugby shirt printed with the pupil in one eye and their photos and were part of that current of Mod bands devoted to pop art (see Creation). original was their entry on stage with famous pink parka is the song that mimicked that of the Who: "My Degeneration"! Excellent Mod band to have a classic!

Scasso  14/01/2010

hector Rivera At the party Polydor Rec. LP (BGP Rec. CD)

Excellent vinyl reissue (the one CD and 'already' dated for ten years) of one of the most 'great authors of Latin soul / boogaloo, loved by Mods. Are 12 pieces that need no comment, all ballabilissimi and mega famous. The LP 'was reissued in its original form, ie without the 5 bonus tracks that has the CD, and it' was a surprise given the now hard to find the first printing! Nothing to say to all recommended a classic of its kind that will not disappoint you '!

Scasso  13/01/2010

Los Brincos Contrabando Vinilisssimo-Rec LP

New record label that distributed the more 'known Munster Records, is reprinting the classics of Spanish discography early 70's and 60's. This 'third album in '68, one of the most' famous 60's pop bands Iberian yeye-60s. The cover directly inspired by that of the Beatles with Stg. Pepper, and 'was designed by director Ivan Zulueta, famous for his film psychpop music of '69 called "1,2,3 Al Escondite ingles" (if you find it take it because' and 'beautiful!). Are 12 songs sung in Spanish-style music Zombies and Stones, the goal 'of which recorded in London by Larry Page. Are inserted here 'also released three singles prior work that are "Lola, El pasaporte and Nadie te quiere ya". The best album of the second period psichpop of this band which should come out the other editions on vinyl! Not bad only recommended to fans of beat! For information visit:

Scasso  12/01/2010

Video - MonoStereo - Interview

il Sergio  09/01/2010

Tailor Made – Weekend – demoCD 2009

Lags at all hours we also reviewed this work 100% made in Italy, for revived in 2010, trio band Turin new, fresh and crisp at the scene of our band "oriented model is very poor. The Tailor Made have a demo CD with 4 songs in Italian to present to the scene, bands of all respect. Mod power pop rock sound of impact and good catchiness. Aggressive riffs and sought accompanied by texts that recount the adventures or misadventures of everyday life that easily reflect very well what happens to most listeners. Mark as my favorite "I did not want" pretty good record and clean graphics essential for a demo is just fine. I have awakened in the very first pieces of immoderate so we wait, hopefully soon a LP or EP. Guys on like ...
Contact info, cd, live: / tailormademod

il Sergio  09/01/2010

Angel De La Iglesia Londres 1960-66 Armas Tomar Ediciones

The 4th edition has been reprinted from the first dated 1990, who described the book: the mods, clubs, groups and legacy 'data from the revival of the early '80s London scene mod / English. With a good 19 years before what Tony has rightly described in his book published this year! It 'was written with the chronology of what we have today, with perhaps slightly different stories. Angel, a bit 'like other young men of his generation who dedicated themselves to their work or their studies, and' obsessively dedicated to everything 'that most' passionate and that it revolved around it and ie 'the Rhythm and Blues! The explosion of youth that spills' over London in the late '50s and the way of life Mod! This book is' the fruit of many years of investigation purely amateur and popular. And since, according to the rapporteur did not live that time, had recourse to the work of other enthusiasts, through other books or fanzines or the back cover of the disks related antiques. All information gathered was analyzed and compared carefully, because 'he saw a lot of rubbish was written, the original Mod movement, from the Spanish people on fanzines at the time. He then used books such as: Mods! R. Barnes, or Small Facas All Our Yesterdays T. Rawlings, those on the Who or the Kinks, but most 'of all were the views of helpful mods autoreli who wrote on the then fanzine Mod for excellence in Spain and it was: Manzanares. For information visit:

Scasso  05/01/2010

Infinity Collected works 1969-'70 Acme Rec. LP

Formed from the ashes of legendary bands such as: The Flyes and Cymbaline, the new group was to continue on the psychedelic vein, but with a slight touch of progressive! Were here 'related in 13 pieces in a double version of the Beatles: Taxman. The sound and 'psychedelic rock with a powerful Hammond that envelops everything, does the music sound too rock key, but even on the pop chart and I have to say I am surprised to note that the last song of side B have a touch of soul. A hard but not essential advice to those who love the genre because 'well played, plus and' difficult to come by because ', although reprint, and' out of print. Check on E bay I saw a couple of copies!

Scasso  05/01/2010

Pablo Martinez Vaquero Ahora! No manana Editorial Milenio

This book tells the mod revival period Iberian between '79 and 1985, where What dominates is the history of Madrid and Barcelona's Mods, with their heroes of the mod bands like: Brighton 64, Telegram, Los Elegantes, Los sprays, etc, etc. E 'painstaking work and full of historical detail on people and initiatives that, according to the writer, were forgotten over time. Pablo Martinez, historian and writer who wants to put the so-called "dots over the i" and describe exactly how he was born and what were the "true representatives" of the then infant Mod movement wants to remember things that, for most people of "our turn" has forgotten, or wanted to forget, because 'no more' consistent with what was many years ago. Meticulous work that gives us' an intelligent and lucid insight into the Spain of those years! For more information visit:

Scasso  04/01/2010