Nick Waterhouse - Holly - Innovative Leisure Rec. - LP/CD

Nick Waterhouse there truly looks like Buddy Holly, but his influences do not stop over there, is because his love for certain crooner of fifty passes more by the spirit of a Jazz Cab Calloway or Jack Jones, from honey Roy Orbison and desperate soul of Van Morrison, whose voice has some similarities with that of Nick timbre, all seasoned with a good dose of post-modernity that sometimes makes us think about what's all this music he would make Elvis Costello or the songwriting of Jonathan Richman. Inspired partly by the passion of our literature noir, "Holly" is a small concept album, a true work "hard boiled" that moves around the story of a girl found dead the LA, with tones and ways that the same Waterhouse called neighbors romantic universe and dark Mulholland Drive and developed with all the trappings of the genre, characters and narrator omniscient included, inspired in large part also to fiction of Raymond Chandler or the novels of John Fante. To all this, the strictly musical, plus output of Kevin Augunas (The Black Keys, Cold War Kids) and the presence of Larry Goldings on piano and organ, or of a sound that has passed through artists such as Captain Beefheart and JT Thomas, and here is marked in a direction totally R & B. Supported by an ensemble of musicians of his city, "Holly" is definitely a Los Angeles-album, because, as she got to tell Waterhouse in an interview, "is a story completely imbued with the spirit of Los Angeles, as it was of Double Indemnity Chandler ". Bright and dark, the album goes from the infectious groove of This is a game, with the voice of Waterhouse Morrisoniana more than ever, episodic twilight as the jazzy Let it come down or the hypnotic Dead Room, perhaps the most beautiful piece of Throughout the album, the organ of Goldings which is the driving force and a tail Jazz indiavolatissima.Tutt'altro that linear and unique, "Holly" is a fun and challenging album that using many references of the past, not arena in a sepia picture.

Scasso  10/11/2015

VV/AA - Le Beat Bespokè Vol. 6 - Detour Rec. - LP/CD

Here is another volume freakbeat and garage / psych prepared by Our tireless promoter as well as DJ Rob Bailey of New Untouchables . This time we can offer you a CD version with 20 tracks and a vinyl with 16 ( for obvious reasons of space analogical ) . They are all 45 laps unobtainable and if found , very expensive to buy. I must say that this time he played the best of the individual proposed in the clubs of white music discovered in the last 2.3 years , and the disc is really appealing , and as graphic as it sounds ; then there is much more to say , just put it on the plate and start dancing with friends at some private party or in a club in the London suburbs . If you go on the page of the New Untouchables able to see all the tracks recorded on both vinyl and CD . For myself it's a great product , I recommend it , especially to those who love the white noise and to all lovers of English pop .

Scasso  09/11/2015

The Ordinary Boys - Omonimo - Treat Yourself Rec. - LP/CD

Finally after 4 years since the last successful "Ordinary Boys" are back with their fourth album. They have their first LP: "Over the Counter Culture" 10 years away: between concert recordings for albums and collaborations in various TV shows (see Big Brother UK) and leader of the Singer Billy Preston boy. Personally I've always been a fan of the Ordinary Boys, and one of the things I've always liked them, are the lyrics of Billy, so that 'it would be remiss of me not to make specific mention of their texts, which here characterize the movement of musical sound . There is more than a theme for reflection during this hard, stressing also the social comment of songs similar to the first album, "Over The Counter Culture" for the note. So also here the lyrics are always very deep although blunted from the age '. At the end there is a sincerity of heart that is not lacking in songs such as: "Four Letter Word" ("When I say that I love you always, not a promise is a threat"), where it shows all the depth and the ' intelligence of the writing of Preston. The Ordinary Boys are not the classic "cherry on top"; even when they were at their peak of success with singles taken from their first two albums, they have never been more celebrated 'from time from the newspapers (and this will disappoint a lot) not denying that those singles you can still count among the hits of history the UK powerpop It is therefore unlikely to gather much in terms of favorable reviews from magazines these days have teenage actors taken from films of vampires on their cover, but for the discerning music fans it's a very fun album full of songs and with confidence considerable musical depth. If you have been a fan of The Ordinary Boys before, you'll love this album. If you were not it? This can only change your mind !!

Scasso  20/10/2015

L’uomo cangiante – Paul Weller: The Modfather - Antonio Tony Face - Heroes

Readings before the summer: Start this review premise that the purchase of the book goes back many months ago, not having a constant availability of time, I spent the summer months, especially in August, the readings under the umbrella, but to Work aside the CRT ... now digital. For many it will then review "dated" but I would also like to make my contribution. I state that I have other books of Paul Weller in English and this book devoted to Modfather in Italian has nothing less output Anglo-Saxons, in fact, broadens the biography read by me until now with insights from real life directly to the author, Tony Face. Were in fact the direct stories of the author to intrigue my reading, concerts, meetings with Paul and back-stage practically everything that has presented the man Paul Weller and not only the musician. Very interesting are some details read by the author on the life "music" by Paul Weller entered during the account of his biography that starts from the dawn of history to the current solo career. A life lived in search of change, the successes and failures have always rekindled the desire of Paul's "turn" their lives and always recur in a modern way. I suggest buying the book to those who like me has the material of Paul Weller, while for those who are beginners and are interested in the character, this book is essential.

il Sergio  10/09/2015

Dani Llabrés - Mods guia para una vida elegante - Lenoir Books - book

Our former lawyer for more than 30 years in the world Mod and collaborated in scripts of comics and magazines such as: "Pequenos Freaks" or "El día que Dios to the god por existir - plagas y diez canciones para veinte escoria the soul "and the forthcoming" Navidades suicidas ". And 'since I was 14 years old who is Mod, he has never stopped hungry for knowledge and innovation; He has always created situational, collezzionato clothes and records and place her "little grain of sand of knowledge modernist" in webzine RealModWorld. Tireless traveler I met him in different situations in Spain and England and now has followed his wife to work moved to Colombia. But let Dani describes his book: The Modernism is an underground movement, lift your head, leaves its mark and now is ready to disappear. Just the sight of the most darkly, but never in the A's real existence that is always strong and creeping into the social contemporary. So it was for more than 50 years, where only time the subculture has credited as the longest running and most influential in history. From the genesis of London teenager and purely 60's has maintained until now his attitude central turning into an international and multigenerational movement, but keeping intact all a series of strongholds typical of original movement. Vinyls of R'n'B, soul, jazz, Italian scooters, the elegance of dress, dancing endless nights that convert to days, but it is also much more: films of the French New Wave, works of Op Art and Pop Art American cult TV series and novels forgotten along with the classic etc etc. With its 600 articles and more than 300 photos This book aims to give you a summary of everything that's important is or should be in the life of a Mod, living clean uncontaminated by politics or by the fashions of the moment, ready to take on next place where there ACTION !!!! The book will be sell in Lavarone Allsaints Mod Holiday for information contact the organizers.

Scasso  09/09/2015

The Spitfire - Response - Catch22 Rec. - Cd/Cd+EP/LP

Mod this quartet has a fancy name and probably not difficult because everyone knows that the Spitfires were aircraft in the RAF dotatione in World War II, so if you wanted to play with their references to the Union Jack and British targets. As a plane at 4 places our bold young are ready to fly out from their hometown: Watford and has the great leap into the music businnes international with the hope that fly high and not killed by the mediocrity of fake music magazines like NME, where nowadays if you do not produce electronic shit, you're nobody. The lyrics and the lyrics recall the founding fathers of popunk English such as: The Jam and The Clash, but you have some musical ideas also fishing in the 2tone ska. But what I think, really impresses are the voice of the singer Billy Sullivan, who remembers almost perfectly to a young Paul Weller and the lyrics all anti Thatcher or rather directed against the world isolationist and conservative class Torie government the current British Prime Minister David Cameron, who aside from the beautiful speeches on TV, little room gives the British working class and especially young people. I only say that I was in Brighton at the rally Mod most important of England: On the Bright-and they have played well for two days, both dates were already Sold Out for some time, this is the example that in front of the flatness of British music and the contemporary needs "new sounds", where "new" no one knows where it will end or what you will hear, they beating expectations with their retro sound even throwing in a tour that will across the UK and the only European city of Hamburg and will include evening fire. Our 4 British riders have their fans in Serbia for the use of their "sound machine guns" loaded powerpop and who will try to make center in the heart of one who has been waiting a sound Mod 100% !!!. Partia mission and ... good luck guys !!!

Scasso  08/09/2015

the MOONS - Live at Bush Hall - LP 2015

First live album for the band now MOONS already started for years with three albums behind him, back on the market churning out this great LP with good structure. Registration impeccable and ladder stands the now oiled tune of the band members. We acknowledge the band with this LP that is not the classical music group from the recording studio and live undertone but have demonstrated their musical qualities also live. No new piece but MOONS have captured the intensity of their live show recorded in Live at Bush Hall to share with all the fans and give a truer version of their pieces is not always perfect as it should be with that nuance of raw true rock. LP designed very well, very eye-catching graphics without insert, LP splatter white red very suggestive, also included a CD for easy listening more. I remember a limited edition of 500 copies. Not being a lover of live I purchased unblinking album for the guarantee of the band that has always given me over the years.

il Sergio  24/07/2015

One Way Tickets - Places & Faces - Productions Impossible Rec. - LP EP

The One Way Ticket are a Modband French , from Besancon , who has a dream in cassertto , or compose a song that sounds like the Kinks as the Smiths but it is produced in style Tamla Motown . This is not to say that they believe only in the past , have a sound very current and are based on many bands of the indie scene UK the 90 's and 2000 . When brought to this fledgling record label French produrgli their first vinyl EP with five songs , they replied : " Of course !! .. Why we are also Mods !! " . The three boys propose a powerpop reminiscent Jam , the Small Faces , The Byrds , but also the Coral Artic Monkeys and Nerves . In short it is a disc devoted to the Mods who see only their origins in the past , but which are also found in the current sound and how these svecchiate proposal by our three young heroes !!

Scasso  14/07/2015

Giuliano Palma - Old Boy - Universal Rec. - LP/CD (digipack)

I wanted to offer this Review Delayed alone because now I was able to Have the beautiful CD of this artist and I can start with This anecdote What happens in Sanremo, Wednesday, 02/19/2014, at nine thirty-five. Giuliano Palma has just finished singing "So far away" and "A kiss Cruel". Armin Zoeggeler, bronze medal in Sochi In the luge, appears on the stage of proclaiming the song That goes to the next step. WHILE Fabio Fazio and Luciana Littizzetto interviewing the luge, Palma stands apart with his legs crossed, his shoe right bet on the ground, the boom contested a ninety-degree angle, his head slightly bowed, his eyes hidden by sunglasses. If it is so, property: the promotional photo of himself. "Old Boy" is the Same Effect: is the disk performs What a dandy pose His Best. It seduces with ease, but struggled to leave a lasting impression and Deep. This History and. AFTER two decades of concerts and records with Fifteen Bluebeaters, Giuliano Palma has given us a cut: the end of the collaboration with the group, just ska, stop the plan now wears the cover. To Reboot focusing on if same. Followed by a daring solo record at the 2002 "Grand Prix". To rid of the past, a bit 'as the protagonist of the film by Park Chan-Wook's "Old Boy" who for decades And Held in captivity without knowing the reason. In spite of the Preamble, the album does not change the musical philosophy of Palma. There are bumps or turning points. Production supervised by singer Fabio Merigo And shamelessly retro. Sets aside ska to embrace a form of R & B melodious coded So good by Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse is here filtered through the sensitivity esthete mod Palma. And so the introduction of "A fault" gives a nod to Curtis Mayfield and "A kiss Cruel" mimics Some Delicious songs of the Supremes. Also it applies to "So far", with text by Nina Zilli, the Eleventh Final festival. "Now you know" But written by Samuel Subsonica: was upbeat, Palma has Changed in a rock-soul Why "This upbeat enough, now WANT beat." In short, a really good record of Soul / R'n'B / PoP That definitely recommend it !!

Scasso  03/07/2015

Paul Weller - Saturns Pattern - Parlophone Rec. -CD/CD deluxe/LP

A retreat from the hazards of "Sonik Kicks", a slalom between rock, blues, psychedelia and northern soul, a test of skill of a musician satisfied, a disc "joyful and positive", as he called its author. "Saturns pattern", solo album number 12 - as many as the Modfather has scored with Jam and Style Council put together - demonstrates the ease with which Paul Weller creates exciting music remain within a paradigm proven, that sounds classic but it is decidedly old-fashioned . And besides, at 57 years of age, especially if it has a proud history behind us, it's hard to keep up to the reputation of "changingman" of restless musician and anti-nostalgic, one dressing style Mod different in every season . The nine songs on "Saturns pattern" (twelve deluxe versions) does not permanently store the creative impulses of the last records of Weller, but they fall in a more traditional and I cant bumps in the most direct and sometimes melodic songs. Written and recorded in the Black Barn Studios owned by Weller, produced with Jan "Stan" Kybert, played by a band made up of old friends and co-workers recently acquired, "Saturns pattern" is the result of the work method inaugurated seven years ago with " 22 dreams. Weller wrote songs in the traditional way, guitar and notebook for the lyrics, but he left out to build the album in a more creative, starting with riffs and jam. The result is more orderly and less adventurous than "Sonik Kicks". The disc is a nature somewhere between the echoes Who's refrain of "Saturns pattern", the piano and a little 'Beatles (McCartney side) "Going My Way", the primitive riffs of "Long time" thinking about the recorded songs few agreements Velvet Underground and the Stooges, the soul-funk of Southern "Pick it up", the psychedelia of "Phoenix", the blues of "In the car ...", inspired by the work of the same name by Roy Lichtenstein, with guitar yes this slide a little 'well known but nevertheless brilliant Steve Brookes, an old friend of the early days of the Jam. The works of rocker satisfied are often mild and well known. Not "Saturns pattern". It is easy to love and gives us a musician that radically new things do not say more, but the old ones still says with style.

Scasso  27/05/2015

Monkeeman - Lo-Fi Against Low Lifes - Rookie Rec. - LP

After 3 achievements vinyl from the years 2005, 2007 and 2009, Monkeeman took a long break coming in this his latest dated 2014 that includes 12 songs with fresh sounds that mix with the Britpop influences in modrock the early 80's. Four of the 12 songs were recorded live at Freudenhaus Studios in Berlin by Patrik Majer, the rest was recorded by Raf Lübke in his own studio called "The Monkee Cage" in Wilhelmshaven. The album was mastered by Justin Perkins Mystery Room Mastering (USA). Lübke has had a solid career as a musician in Germany, but has always wanted to play with a band in the UK or Ireland, as all its major influences come from that part of Europe. It 'was a bold step for him to fly up to to Belfast to find new band members, and still ireland has a great musical culture and many of its current bands have sound with big influences coming from both the UK and the US Our 4 Monkeeman grew up listening to: the Who, the Small Faces, the Jam, the Clash and all those bands with great lyrics and with a propensity to describe and defend the working class modernist !! Songs like: Dropping bombs on the parliament ", reflect their determined opposition to this kind of Europe, founded only on banks and a political class" rampant and reckless "not at all interested in defending the interests of its citizens, but that instead it is performing other interests which are those related to the life of the multinationals. Our heroes Modernists give us here a way out and advice on how to live "clean in difficult circumstances" .... precisely !!!

Scasso  19/05/2015

Brighton 64 - Modernista - BCore Rec. - LP (Limited 500 copies)/CD

It's been three years well dall'utlimo record work: "Esta vez en goes seriously", where he saw an album composed of songs fresh, or as soon as written, and a large portion of old pieces composed and left in the "back burner", then never recorded before; well this time the brothers Gil offer us a job fresh current 12 sounds that range from a retro 80's powerpop to a more mature contemporay pop, in short, a work conceived long and well arranged music for the Mods with lyrics sometimes controversial on the new scene Mod that in their view is too "60's retro oriented" and other really very intimate or farewell as the "musical greeting" to Alfredo Calonge of Los Negatives, who died recently. But we start from the beginning: How you begin a shot with the "title track" that gives its name to the entire musical labor, or the powerpopissima "Modernist" where through the promotional video of the launch, the four bold (not so) young turn into cartoons 30s (precisely those of Modernism understood as a cultural movement) and running throughout Barcelona in a tram style early last century, chased by the monuments that come to life for the occasion in their path. Then you have the time to hit another future that is "Los puntos sobre IES" (which will soon be finished even a video), here you have the help of the wind instruments in a style popsoul truly captivating, where once Once the band dispenses advice about what it means to live Modernism for them. Then you switch to the intimate "Caminos por recorrer" dedicated to our great hero Alfredo, soul of Barcelona psychedelic 60's Mod. They also have two songs in Catalan right to claim the identity very strongly that this "nation in the nation" gives to his people percu you hear: "Som indomables" and "Thoth s'hi val" in key: a powerpop and l ' altrta melodic pop, they still tell of personal experiences of individual members of the band. In short, a great return of a band of the scene Mod MITICA European .... any comment aggiutno is merely superfluous !!

Scasso  18/05/2015

Cooper - UHF - Elefant Rec. - Mini LP/ mini CD

UHF is the latest work of art in Cooper Alex Diez Garin that accompanied by Mario Alvarez, Daniel Montero and Nacho Martinez, offers us for the day of the vinyl on 18 April, a mini LP (the vinyl version includes a purple mini CD) six songs and delicious spring, intuitive as the smiles of a child, practically described in Spain as a work of Bernini. Here you get into a spiral Mod pop that also includes the powerpop that refreshes the mind and hearing. Romantic and enchanting is "Ideal", fictional letters in the more 'pure style of love and flowers and indecision, a catchy melody that mingles the sweet sound of guitars. The same analysis can be the cxopiare for another "bright" song called "Entre Sunflowers", invede rock powerpop sounds "Bengalas" sung with vocal cadences very powerful. Remember instead the Los Flechazos "Hipsters" But with more chitara engraved and the following "Brick Lane" and engraved with phrases very carattertistico. In practice a bath pop sound with a fantastic taste like a retro 60's scrosciata water in the whole of Bilbao when it comes to a flash and immediately passes leaving a bright sun.

Scasso  14/05/2015

Los Canguros - Un salto adelante (1986-1990) - BCore Rec. - LP/CD

Los Canguros were a singular group, including from the current perspective. His compositions incorporate many elements that come from many parts of the world Modernista: Makin 'Time, New Wave, Tamla, Los Brincos, The Barracudas, obscure 80's pop, Petula Clark, The Prisoners and sounds of guitars Rickembakers. Pero 'as most of Mod bands of the 80s without fear transcended the influence of the 60's. Los Canguros were strange and pioneers of a sound and not incastrarono very well in the scene that saw them born, and these are quality attributes 'that is worth to point out, the most' odd in the strange. Inside the cult Mod were a rarity 'why' did both versions of The Cure that Booker T & The MG's. They began with the Farfisa organ style ye'-ye 'to make versions of 60's songs that seemed more' nearby to: The Fall or Blue Orchids that the Spencer Davis Group or the Small Faces. All materials selected in this work and 'taken from tapes recorded in the study between 1986 and 1990. The original lineup formed by Joaquin Felipe, Joan Quesada, David Martinez and Kiko Santamaria; registry '2 cassettes in the studios of TV3 (Catalan TV). Then there was the evolution of the band with the addition of guitarist and composer Sergi Arola and singer Charo Boix and drummer Jose 'Manuel Gonzalez (all from another formation called Mod Kamenbert) which produced still 2 cassettes. Eventually Los canguros never had a real record deal and broke up towards the end of the early 90s, not before recording a single for comilation Mod: My Generacion. So this album and 'a fitting tribute to a band that development' great sound and whose musicians are still assets in the current Spanish music scene.

Scasso  13/05/2015

Herbie Mann - The beat goes on - Atlantic Rec. - CD (Import)

This record of 1967 is a classic music Modjazz, there is much more to say if only for a little more pop metric adopted by the artist who conceived; not a jazz album with classic 6 pieces, but an album with 10 pieces of popjazz style Soul / R'n'B. It is of course highly recommended purchase for the low price to sales (only 7 euro). We give here a description of the artist that may sound quite interesting: Herbie Mann was born in Brooklyn, New York. In the early days of his career, also he worked with the saxophone and clarinet, but Mann is remembered for being one of the first jazz musicians to specialize in the flute and was perhaps the most important flutist in jazz in the sixties. After serving military service in Trieste (controlled at the time by US forces), in 1958, Mann added to his group a conga player and began to use elements of African music. In 1961 he undertook a tour of Brazil and on his return to the United States began recording with Brazilian musicians, recordings that increased the popularity of the genre known as bossa nova: he returned to Brazilian themes in many of his recordings. In recent years, Mann recruited for his group was a young Chick Corea. Mann was one of the first investigators who combined jazz and world music, with recordings in African style (1959), reggae, Middle Eastern (1966 and 1967), and Eastern Europe. The jazz purists were criticized Mann for some recordings in the disk and smooth jazz style of the seventies, however engravings that helped Mann to remain active during a period of little interest to jazz music.

Scasso  06/05/2015

VV/AA - Modernists a Decade of Rhythm & Soul Dedication - Kent rec. - CD

The cover image of 1965 on boocklet which contains descriptions of these 24 new songs of Kent Records, presents a quintet of young Mods photographed next to a bar near the club Twisted Wheel in Manchester, which was one of the best for its programming evenings soul and rhythm and blues. But, as Ady Croasdell and Dean Rudland observe in their liner notes, most of the discs for mods in the UK in the mid-60s came only through the labels as: London_American, Stateside, Sue and Pye International R & B Series; imports from the United States were few and far between. So you think that the Mod clubs have made their playlists using the vinyl more readily available. The two opening songs of 1967 are: "Soul Jerk It, Baby" Jeb Stuart Lewis and Clark's "Dog (Is not A Man's Best Friend)" both could not deface as similarities to songs such as: "Land Of 1000 Dances "it must be said that Kent has seen fit not to use pieces of soul and R'n'B that are on STAX or Atlantic, two record labels who in his time was a" must "for the old Modernist, but that new generations today tend to snub a lot and that they have a little 'aside, in my opinion, too hastily. Robert Moore of "Harlem Shuffle" is an alterative version of the original but it is so powerful that it would dance until the consuming shoes fans any club and Bessie Banks "(You Should Have Been A) Doctor" fits exactly to R'n'B description with its uptempo beat and soulful voice. The songwriters then did not fear legal action against the infringement of copyright is that so many pieces in this collection will be familiar, but with voices and sounds slightly different from the original part. You will see that there are pieces that you have never heard or promo samplers simply because they have not ever come out on the record market. There really is a whole world of varied soul / R'n'B in this compilation and you will see that you will be pleasantly surprised. In short, another masterpiece by one of the most successful contemporary labels for the Modernists of the 21st century !!!!

Scasso  30/04/2015

Pretty Cartel - Subbuteo Balls & Rock Stars - CD

This new band of Lisburn in Northern Ireland who want to bet everything and still on itself with all its might , bakes her debut album with 10 songs completely self after an EP debut of 2013 . Ten -piece indie pop with simple texts that deal with love , struggles , daily life and fortune with choruses that make you sing for sure , sounds influenced by the Beatles and Oasis of the first hour , classic street Britpop sound that always like very much at all with melodies with excellent solos and catchy guitar riffs . Registration decisive and good where you recognize the hard work behind the scenes , a little flaw ' self-production of the CD is not giving a flawless product but for the cost: £ 5 + e is completely acceptable . Recommended for lovers of Britpop revisited and updated to modern times . Facebook : PayPal :

il Sergio  01/04/2015

The Truth - Who's Wrong?: Mod Bedlam 1965/1969 - RPM Rec. - CD

In line with its mission to discover some of the best, talented pop of the 60s, the RPM has just printed a group of British R'n'B The Truth under the title Who's Wrong? - Mod Bedlam 1965-1969. Frank Aiello and Steve Jameson made seven singles between 1965 and 1968 and also a minor hit with a cover of the Beatles' "Girl", but were largely unknown in the following decades. The record label RPM was made to give the rights to print all individual duo plus a number of previously unissued recordings. Friends with the Small Faces and Marc Bolan (then known as Mark Feld), hairdressers Aiello and Jameson rose on the music business professional. The liner notes of the booklet are the very talented Stefan Granados revealing that Jameson was cutting the hair of a taxi driver named Jeff Cooper when the taxi driver was looking for a fair duo to record a song he had written. Jameson Cooper assured that he and his colleague hairdresser Aiello could have done his song. Cooper earned them a contract with Pye Records to record his song, although he had composed the piece "Baby Do not You Know" as close to the sound of the Walker Brothers that the R'n'B bands produced by the mod scene. Aiello and Jameson, now known as The Truth were in the game and would go on to record three more singles for Pye Records. The success of "Girl" gave to The Truth so famous that they did a tour with the Small Faces and Crispian St. Peters, who in turn introduced them to Dave Nicolson, who would become their next manager. Nicolson bought their contract from Cooper put them under the record label: Decca them around 'to its subsidiary for the rock / pop contemporary Dram. Dram recorded with two other famous songs; one of the Troggs, "tinkling" and one of Donovan: "Hey Gyp". Then were reintegrated into major Decca for other 2 singles. Here reinterpreted the song "Walk Away Renee" in a less ornate style that boasted the collaboration of guitarist Jimmy Page. Then Granados writes that Aiello was co-founded the rock band 70 years Bedlam, while Jameson would have registered for the sub-label record company called Dawn Pye dating a success under the name of Nosmo King and then shift gears to become a comedian. During these 18 songs on the CD, you will notice how The Truth were great performers Sound Mod who went by the British R'n'B psychpop. Ultimately a good job of collecting this unknown band !!

Scasso  31/03/2015

Olly Riva & The Soul Rockets - Mono 2 Stereo - Ammonia Rec. - CD digipack

Excellent product of this emerging record label that, after producing the great quartet JJ's Clan of our beloved Gino De Angelis, before us again this product of pure Soul / R'n'B made from this emerging artist of the music scene in Milan. To be honest I know the singer for a long time and knowing that it came from the scene first and then hard core punk / or !, I strongly doubted that he could enter a world as complex as that of the soul / jazz music, where the perfection of singing and musical performances are the masters !!! .. Well I have to say with pleasure that I was wrong, here in this CD are rirpoposte 8 songs (including covers and own) one of which live music that ranges from: classic soul all 'American R'n'B and I must say that the voice of Olly is well dosed and balanced, right for each piece of the mini CD. The singer also makes use of a section strumentistica of seven elements (which never hurts for this type music), and by the way, I noticed cha also had the support of several female voices. In short, a disk recommended to those who love the sounds blacks and a pleasant surprise to see that there are new emerging bands in the local scene soul !!!

Scasso  30/03/2015

Bo Street Runners - Never say Goodbye - RPM Rec. - CD

Finally this English label dedicated to print rarity Groups R'n'B, Mod, beat and Freakbet It managed to bang the United Nations, or Take That of Rights to be able to reprint all individuals of this "band essential MOD" born In North West London. Come band Another Mod Period: THE Hig Numbers, too They were devoted to the British R'n'B and had the nice They Followed Mods That moved in motor During the concerts Them a party or a private club nia shabby Of A Soho That He was booming all over your club: blues / jazz style. Their lead singer was a certain Mike Pact What then formed another band Mod Call timebox. But let this disco That collects All 45 more UN Ep and the only LP: Ready Steady Win !! And 'almost all classic R'n'B catchy and well arranged, are classics What you will definitely come across hundreds of compilations Mod 60, well now you can ascoltarveli All together in this exceptional collection. Highly recommended !!!

Scasso  23/03/2015

Noel Gallagher Hig Flying Birds - Chasing Yesterday - Sour Mash Rec. - 2LP/CD deluxe

Recurrences. Quotes. At one point he went to fashion the term - that for about 25 minutes was also pretty cool - "postmodern." The gist of the matter, that Mr. Noel Gallagher has well understood and handles with skill, is that "creativity" is not necessarily synonymous with "originality" and that to write a good book or a good song - as in our case - you can also adopt a method that provides the citation, the recovery, the repetition, the restyling of themes, styles, patterns, riffs and melodies already heard and / or used. Warning: do not speak of plagiarism, though, but of metabolism and use to create a different job, which in any case - clear - bring evident and recognizable signs of "inspiration" to start. "Chasing yesterday" is, in this sense, a new, unequivocal manifesto of the modus operandi of Noel, who has never made scruple or worry in the face of raised shields of the critics who accuse him of being repetitive, to write - sometimes - riffs and melodies reminiscent of the great successes of the past (or other Oasis). So, let us rise the tooth immediately: the opening words of "Riverman" remembers "Wonderwall"? To "The girl with X-ray eyes" powerfully evokes the beginning of "Stairway to Heaven" Zep? There are riffs / melodies very same things Bowie? And that aroma strong Bolan and T-Rex? It's all true. But Noel clearly tells us, with a shrug: "So what?". His poetry, (re) explained in a recent interview promotion is: "It is up to others to decide what it looks like my music. I refuse to puzzling ... play what I play. My influences are those that know and end of the speech. I accepted my limitations and work within those stakes. " The deluxe CD version also gives us a mini CD with 5 new songs ... not Mavers would say !!!

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Nina Zilli - Frasi & Fumo - Universal Rec. - CD

"Phrases & Smoke", the third work of Nina Zilli, is a confirmation. If at the beginning you could suspect a clever marketing operation to trace international successes, today it seems more correct to say that the artist has found himself in the right place at the right time - and in the wake of that success has built a well-deserved international career. Would not still be here if it were just a matter of fashion. His participation in the Festival, with "Sola" and the cover of "If you burn the city" Ranieri is a good summary of the album: on one hand references to black music, quotes of Nina Simone, the other a wink to the Italian tradition between '60 and '70. The models to which refers Zilli, therefore, remain unchanged, but compared to the previous album, his spirit "retromaniaco" comes out even better. At times, "Love is female" was crushed by the perfectionism of the productions of Michele Canova, while here the presence of Mauro Pagani ensures a result equally valuable but perhaps more respectful to the impulses of the artist and his inspirations. "Phrases & Smoke" is an album of great variety that can touch so many kinds, from the aforementioned blues to reggae, from soul to songs that could belong to the Italian divas of the past, like the excellent "I fell flat" and "Luna turned off." There are even times when the philology of Zilli is such that it might give the impression that you are listening to the cover of a classic lost and rediscovered. You can consider it as a negative, or you can appreciate the incredible research work done not only on the sounds, but also on words (along with Kaballà and Neffa). It would be interesting, in the future, if the artist gave up one of these two aspects: whether the sounds you let be guided by a producer with an eye to electronics, for example, or if for the words you entrust to a pen flavor more contemporary. But "Phrases & Smoke", for the moment, it seems the album they wanted to do, and served to emphasize that it was not just a clever marketing operation: this really is his world (and this is his blues).

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Elaine Constantine - Northern Soul - Universal Picture - DVD

We begin by stating that finally manages to get from this film the perception of what was the scene in the Northern areas of the northwest English and like nothing had to do with the Mod, then going into the specifics of this new film directed by director and photographer, the judgments of the British film critics are conflicting: some say that the plot does not hold and that it is a little too obvious addressed to a single European or British public with a deep culture in general (so niche product is not usable at all) and those who say that it is a good project with some important players on the British scene and new talent emerging from the television. The fact is that after Soul Boy, this movie makes exactly the idea of ​​what was "the scene" of the fans of soul music "up time" also through the excessive use of amphetamine drugs and the sale of the individual soul from the USA The plot takes place in a small town called Burnsworth and talks about how two teenagers Inzino know and to love soul music (much to dream of making a trip to the United States to buy boxes of 45 rounds), how to evolve within it and how this eventually becomes fundamental in their lives so as to put them in danger, of course there's also the classic love story of the beautiful mulatto nurse Angela (Antonia Thomas) and the young schoolboy John (Elliot James Langridge) . In short, not a Filmon, but even a banalata ... I recommend it to most if only to have a specific explanation of what the environment was Mche Wigan Casino in the period of its heyday than late 1974.

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Los Negativos - DuplExin - Butterfly Rec. - LP

After the return of the legendary Los Negatives resounding with the single A Tumba Abierta / Turmix , and the terrible news that followed the death of Alfredo Calonge ( the singer ) , we again have a gift in our hands by the group , its new LP with fourteen songs in a limited edition vinyl 12-inch 180 grams and 700 copies digital download included published in tandem between Geyser and Butterfly Records and Productions . Psychedelia , acid rock , R & B , soul and pop succeed in this new production in the unique style of the band 'was a myth for all 60 's and the Mods Spanish , and how to advance irresistible on their bandcamp and web you can enjoy the single from the album titled : Como Michael Caine , and that ' a soul- pop captivating as if it were wrapped in a shiny metal and in the best style of the pop group with full references to the 60 's British psychedelia all packaged in a video directed by sensational Alvar Ortega . A jewel that could have been perfectly recorded trail in 1968 or 1969 at Abbey Road studios . Moreover , in Bandcamp you can see a brief glimpse of nostalgia psychedelic flow from the new LP : Duplexin.l promotional text offered by Geyser Productions is certainly something perfect and well arranged that we can expect from the new LP of Los Negatives After modifying the single launch last February , and having had such a resounding , now back to the office with this new album where they meet 14 new creations that are immersed in the relentless pursuit of colors, sounds and dreams , that flow in a sea of emotions psychedelic pop . A special achievement and specific together , which combined with a very personal sound , making this disc a great work of art modpop and psychedelic . Also, the sound of each song transports you to places and times that float in the mind of those who want to venture into the heart of the music and the sound of 60 's that wonderful time lost .

Scasso  05/02/2015

Los Disparos - Omonimo - Clifford Rec. - 45EP

Los Disparos born about a year ago in Madrid , influenced by new wave , power pop and mod revival in the late 70s / early 80s , are four musicians who have already ' more than a decade of training in bands with some tour and recorded material . Oscar (drums ) comes from : Los Principiantes Valladolid , Miquel ( singer ) was the frontman : Lost Men Service of Barcelona ; Felipe ( guitar) , the only one of Madrid 's band played for : Maybe Tonight and David (bass ) before returning to Madrid , was part of : the Shapiros and Refoundations . The first tests revolve around a handful of songs that Felipe Imposter had written . From the outset it is clear that the material has a clear orientation towards : Nueva Ola Spanish beginning of the 80s and the mod revival of the late '70s . By virtue of these guidelines will begin to take shape the sounds , gradually emerge more songs and repertoire expands with covers of groups that we know enough about the revival Iberian as : Los Negatives , the Telegrama , Los Elegantes and ... they finally arrive , with the name : Los Disparos . After the debut of 6 April last year , the gathering of Scooter Club of Madrid , began a series of concerts that soon they will be present in all the local Madrileños , like Galileo , Sirocco or Intruder , and their dearest bar Malasaña ( the alternative neighborhood of the city ' ) . They played outside of Madrid , in the summer as the scooter rally of Marbella , and finally had the honor of opening for bands like Brighton 64, Secret Affair . " Los chicos quieren diversion" sang a band called La Granja , and Los Disparos and ' a year now that they do what they like best ' , or stay in rallies Mod concerts and writing songs ... well good luck guys !! !

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VV/AA - Groovy Jazz organ - Not Now Music - 3CD box set

I have not noticed this new product from sneaking out some record store , but : Groovy Jazz Organ three CD box set is now on the shelves , following that model ( now ) worn a lot of songs for little money. And ' more or less what you'd expect , three discs of classic funky Hammond composed of more or less all the artists who are associated with it from 1950 to the 60s . Yes , Green Onions , I've got a woman , and All about my girl are in this compilation , but so are many other lesser-known tracks . 36 tracks in total to keep you dancing well into the new year . Of course , we did not expect the kind of packaging that is associated with labels like Ace , but if you are looking for a good value for money, ( and 6 are not very punds ) especially if you want an introduction to the subgenre , this collection is recommended .

Scasso  22/01/2015

VV/AA - Delta swamp Rock vol. 2 - SoulJazz Rec. - CD/2LP

The first volume of the Delta Swamp Rock's Soul Jazz Records, remains one of my favorite compilations of the past two years, with a rich, swampy rock sound of boogie and country soul of a golden age and lead created by the likes the Allman Brothers. This second volume is perhaps a little 'more diverse in its scope and, although it has created an important place in the sounds ancestor of southern rock like Lynyrd Skynyrd (yes,' Free Bird ', makes it sound) and even the gigantic success Gregg Allman's solo, 'Midnight Rider', crosses into more countries and territories in the soul with songs of Bobbie Gentry ('touch' Em with Love 'and' Something In The Way he moves'), the harmonies of hippies on CSN the style of the Cowboy ('Houston' and 'Road Gravy Chase') and more old school rhythm with Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed's version of 'Tennessee Stud' and Earl Scruggs with 'Lonesome and A Long Way From Home '. Speaking of CSN, inclusion is bizarre version of Cher: 'For wath it's worth' of course Cher and Gregg Allman when they were together. Other weird and wonderful moments, like the hippie-soul poster Barefoot Jerry 'The Minstrel Is Free At Last'; Barefoot Jerry and Area Code 615 and their song Nashville prog metal style that borders on the deep funk which was: 'Devil Weed And Me'; and a pre-Big Star's Alex Chilton with Jimmy Webb as the song: 'Deep In Kentucky' with the Box Tops.

Scasso  08/01/2015

Calibro 35 - Sogni di Gloria - Tennen Rec. - CD/LP

A soundtrack of the ordinary, if we start from the habit that wants them struggling with the police of the 60s and 70s. The Calibre 35 in fact compete with the comedy this time, but still believe in their style well established during these years. You Dreams of Glory the film on which the band has set its new original compositions. The film of the collective John Snellinberg has already received major awards for Best Film at the Rome Independent Film Festival in 2014 and at Worldfest Houston International Independent Film Festival 2014 Best Picture and Best Editing. "Mayonnaise (Titles Head)": from here begins the movie. Two episodes in which cross each other contemporary and tradition in a village in the province of Tuscany. "The Theme Of sbattezzato" breaks the disk or better emphasizes certain steps, given the present four versions ("normal", Bolero, Slow and Suspended). The funk is known and has long been chewed by the group, a bit 'as can be seen listening to "room card" and "The Game". The Calibre 35 do not give it the usual sound system consisting of film cinematically musical suggestions morriconiane and piccioniane and the usual groove of the combo formed by Fabio Rondanini (drums and percussion), Luca Cavina (bass), Massimo Martellotta (guitar), Enrico Gabrielli (keyboards and horns) and Thomas Colliva (sounds). At the end there is also "The time that I have not lived", a song by the echoes 60's also the voice of Serena Altavilla (Blue Willa), as well as the first original piece sung and written by the group. Find their own way of playing, starting from the great Italian composers of soundtracks, confirm a little 'time to the whole thing and develop it with their own original compositions. These are the Calibre 35 and these are always in Dreams of Glory. Evocative.

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