Noel Gallagher - Who built the moon - Sour Mash rec. - LP/CD

It seems clear from the first track of this album, Fort Knox, that Noel Gallagher must have somehow woken up, and even violently. Fort Knox in fact immediately remembers that intro that was Fuckin 'in the Bushes, of that great album that was Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (2000). After a rather weak album, which forced us a little to be satisfied (Chasing Yesterdays, 2015), here Noel finally puts the pieces together again. We have an author in great shape, almost rejuvenated, who is not afraid to propose strong and decisive pieces. If on the one hand it revisits the English musical tradition (and how could it be otherwise), on the other are finally accepted the possibilities offered by computer music (with the pliers of course). So here's an instant classic like Holy Mountain, which sounds like a piece of The Vaccines. But even It's a Beautiful World, which could easily be a song by a debut indie rock band. In She Taught Me How to Fly we find a rock and roll / new wave sound that recalls the sound of The Cars. Be Careful What You Wish For is instead a semi-acoustic blues that could be in a Fleetwood Mac album of the golden age, let's say in Rumors (1977). And then: the definite and precise Keep On Reaching, a full and engaging rock; Black & White Sunshine, which sounds a bit like a piece of the Smiths; The Man Who Built the Moon, a beautiful heavy piece that still refers to some 80s new wave, perhaps to the Cure. At this point the comparison with the album of the younger brother of Noel is imposed, which also, very well managed, has met many consents. Very well. The difference is that here, as always, the songs were all written by Noel, while Liam had to rely on numerous collaborators and professionals. And in the meantime Liam followed every day to launch infamy on his brother, clearly demonstrating his pathetic envy, artistic and personal. We do not know if Noel's cat is more rock than Radiohead, but we can certainly say that Noel is much more rock than Liam. In training, Noel has no problem relying on two old friends like Gem Archer and Chris Sharrock, ex-Oasis, absent from previous albums. Also, Noel does not miss the collaboration of two giants of English music: Johnny Marr and Paul Weller. Who Built the Moon? in short, it is an imaginative, colorful, varied and competent album. Maybe not, as some have said, his best from Morning Glory. But maybe, yes, his best solo so far, as well as one of the best this year 2017 already so full.

Scasso  04/12/2017

D.O.V.E. - Where are you? - Statale 11 A.C. Rec. - LP

999/5000 The Drums Organs Vibes Ensamble are the latest Jazz project of our favorite Honduran Mod: Giulio Campagnolo. He proposes to us on this record a trio which, with the addition of some of his tenor saxes, produces a jazz groove that brings us back to the early 60's, directly in the smoky basement of downtown New York, converted to Jazz Clubs where artists such as Jimmy Smith, Jimmy Mac Griff, Lou Donaldson or Big John Patton performed and sometimes created new pieces that would then be labeled for record labels such as Blue Note or Verve. You have here in the most classic jazz style 7 pieces of organ & vibes groove, where the hysterical metric of this sound directs the listener to the highest levels of music that for my modest opinion have ever been achieved. In short, there is no cool sound or mod of this, so I just have to invite you to sit on a comfortable sofa with a glass of good wine, relax and wish you a good listen !!

Scasso  29/11/2017

Smart Patrol - Overage Underarchives - Screaming Apple Rec. - LP

This 4-piece combo from Munich offers a sound that seems to have been released right from the early 1980s. It's a Modrock '79 (or powerpop as it is now described) typically British print, very retro and captivating, but we know our 4 young people are no longer so old and so in their music bag they wanted transferring on vinyl, all the grit and the energy of the sounds that made them discover and consequently entering the German Modernist scene of the 1980s. They are similar to Mod bands like Beggars, Circles, Small Hours, Small World and Cigarettes and then with a powerful and direct metric well-outlined. There are 12 songs that blow us back to what was the first Mod revival in 1979 and fully reflect the energy and taste of the rediscovery of modernism that these times bring to life and continue to this day. Well I just want to wish you good listening and long life to the Smart Patrol !!!

Scasso  27/11/2017

Liam Gallagher - As you Where - Warner Bros Rec. - LP/CD

That only half the songs of this debut carry its signature alone and that these are neither the single trajectory nor the most peculiar episode in the ladder (Chinatown, signed by Wyatt and Tighe only), could already close the discourse. But it must be said more. Wall Of Glass, the single lead that will convince the old as the new men's fans, has four co-writing signatures alongside her: there is the same producer of three of the songs on the piano Greg Kurstin (in curriculum Sia , Beck, Adele Pink and above all, for parallels, the last Foo Fighters), there's Miike Snow's Andrew Wyatt (who also gives a big hand in other tracks), is his band's friend and companion in AMs Michael Tighe who made the bones with Jeff Buckley in the 90s writing together with the lurking piece of the iconic Grace, and finally there is such Andrew Sidney Fox who credited in writing has only this song. And we do not investigate further. At a minimum, a single bomb-bomb radio (more than just a bomb) had to go off and so it was: Boogie tune-up guitar attack as engraved on man's origins, FM friendly sugary bridge that is characterized by controlled access guitar folate , all packed with electronic production, starting from the battery treatment, heated by soul choruses and a harmonica at the mouth. What to say. Not bad, really, but admired the product, and its placement, difficult to remember even at the end of the year. To break the doubts about the urgency and the need for a disk made and thought in this way, think about the rest of the ladder, especially in the episodes where we find Daniel James Grech-Marguerat, one who has a name on a train and from it can boast a touch that usually extends beyond the game of knobs and counter. Formally the disk is natural to be an Hell Yes! for the NEM types of turn and, for only about an hour, it is already in itself a result for the old dad rocker. The songwriter turns and is listening well thanks to the variety of solutions made between Story memories / quotes (still?) Lennon-Beatles (see a For What It's Worth with String Reinforcement) and more rocky stuff of '60 and ' 70, funny boogie fillers with equally calculated language in the mouth of styles and verses that made the story of the rock (You Better Run), or shoegazey stuff - the actual Oasis disco style. You know, rock can be a formula as much as that behind the Coca Cola Zero, in other words, the first Oasis were Coca, As You Were - pffff - the icing sugar, and all this has nothing to do to share with the urgency and motivation behind making a solo record that is respected, or something that (and perhaps above all) in its defects and knowing to take risks, remain impressed, make you affection not only to the remembrance of a voice and a sound that comes first and foremost that they repeatedly repeat. Liam certainly has new clothes, but nothing to say, he does not have a word of his own that is sincere to communicate, and the verses we hear him say are often of a disconcerting banality: Chinatown, the song with less textual formula than those proposed , does not take (for decency?) his signature, but he talks about Brexit in the most Tommaso Paradiso manner that one can conceive: "Well the cops are taking over / While everyone is in yoga / Cause happiness is still a warm gun / What's it to be free man? / What's a European? / I just believe in the Sun. Emblematically and not too paradoxically, it is the one that stays on top of the album. Overall, the most humane. Overall, With a big help from his friends, Liam takes home his 6th politician.

Scasso  17/10/2017

New Street Adventure - Stbborn Sons - Acid jazz Rec. - LP/CD

Stubborn Sons is the second and new album of New Street Adventure, a London based London quintet that moves between the many facets and possible directions that start from soul and R & B, followed by No Hard Feelings in 2013. The album was recorded in just seven days in Essex studios, after a year of all-sold out concerts in London at the Jazz Café where the band released much of the material from this latest new record. According to the group, the album wants to tell about the turbulent times of today: the first fun and dynamic piece, What's So Good About Happiness, for guitarist and vocalist Nick Corbin tries to explain why "no one can reach happiness: why there is always something to complain about. " As a debut for an album that mixes r & b, funky and a pinch of groove, winking at that crazy bass band that was Curiosity Killed the Cat, is not bad. The whole album slides on these intriguing melodies and fuzz guitar riffs, with politically mixed themes (somewhat superficially, it must be said) to a good deal of humor, so much so that as the disc runs back to the 1980s band as the Style Council and other known achievements becomes impossible to not do. The disc's defect, pleasant and immediately entertaining, is to add nothing to the already heard, and to be rather monochrome in the rhythms and in the riffs of the guitar, which means that until the acoustic steering of Can not we just be friends seems a bit to always hear the same song, which is, however, more a fault than the New Street itself to tell the truth. Even though they are the best pieces of the record, and even if they try to talk about important things, they add nothing to what already attracts you to the first piece, so you will have to wait for the next record, something that can, even in the style of now open and solid, make a variation and a pleasant surprise sound.

Scasso  14/09/2017

The Strypes - Spitting Image - Virgin Rec. - LP/CD

They needed an interview album with the Irish The Strypes to reach that full artistic maturity that was clearly seen in the sound of the early '10s but still lacked that quid to make the definitive leap of quality. Following the roaring debut of a pair of blues, punk and rock'n'roll EPs and the first full-length "Snapshot" (2013), between 2012 and 2013, the next "Little Victories" (2015) The more a step back, the premature song of a swan of a band destined to be a meteor. Yet the four Cavan youngsters have proven to be out of the reach of the short circuit and, once they've overcome the second album's obstacle, in 2017 they came back with "Spitting Image", much more convincing than the previous one, and most likely Tracks the definitive identikit of the band's sound and style. The Strypes move from blues-rock to sonority more closely linked to the 1970s and 1980s revival, offering a genuine encounter between rhythmic, minimalism in the choice of sounds borrowed by rock'n'roll founding fathers such as Bo Diddley ( Oh Cruel World) and Chuck Berry (I Need a Break from Holidays) and typically beat '60 elements: hammond carpets (Easy Riding, a song that at first listening would sound like Chords) and accordions (Garden of Eden, A Different Kind of Tension, Oh Cruel World). From the first two tracks, Behind Closed Doors and Consequence, the artistic reference to a modem revivalism band like the Secret Affair (the extraordinary resemblance between Ross Farrelly's and Ian Page's voice, to imbibing imitation (Elvis Costello, Eddie & The Hot Rods) made in '70, and tries ( With success) to transfer the live impetus to the Strypes for which the Strypes have become famous in the British Isles, despite the very young age (the four components were born between '95 and '97). A clever and tasty blend that is the real thing about the record (Get It Over Quickly, Turning My Back), which with great "cunninginess" can also get off in the nerve spots where the Strypes place delicate ballads that swim in the vast britpop sea - Particularly Blur of the Early 1990s (Grin and Bear It, Black Shades Over Red Eyes, Great Expectations) - to touched the country's acoustic universe with the penultimate Mama Give Me Order.Spitting Image is therefore not only a reason for Ransom for a band too hurriedly labeled as "immature", but above all it moves a few inches further up the stem that Strypes had raised by bringing in the 21st century sounds and styles from a cultural-musical past that contemporary mainstream is trying With all its power to confine in the attic. The last challenge for the young Irish quartet will be to not listen to the criticisms of those at home wanting to adapt to the times, without even having to understand the urgency that forces the band to become "unique" and resistant to subculture spokespersons

Scasso  19/07/2017

Paul Weller - A Kind Revolution - Parlophone Rec. - CD/LP

Only Paul Weller could celebrate an anniversary with one of his best records. The man who identified Mod aesthetics not only in style and in the image (always impeccable even at 59), but also in musical thinking by consistently interpreting the philosophy of "moving and learning" finds itself in 2017 with recurrence An important 40 - year - old album featuring at least two incarnations, In The City of The Jam (released in May 1977) and a well - established solo career that is not very prolific in self - celebration, as demonstrated in 2015 with ' Almost prog-rock album Saturns Pattern. So what did he do? An album that is a collection of modern classics and sounds like the new poster of a subculture inexorably devoted to reinventing itself. The "gentle revolution" mentioned by Weller in the title of his 13th solo album (but counting them all is 25, almost one every two years) is simply the return of the quality of writing and performing of all the genres that have created our Imaginary: rock, R & B, soul, funk, folk. Everything is done in a natural way, simple but not unconscious, never turning back to cover your past and adding (in addition to the spectacular keyboard-battery duo that accompanies it for years) of a host of guest scattered in the album, As invisible invitations to influences that date back to decades, from Madeline Bell's voice and PP Arnold to Boy George, who sings in One Tear until Robert Wyatt plays the trumpet in She Moves With the Fair. And then there is he, with his Long Long Roads, the blues of Satellite Kid, the New York funky, the attitude he does not allow replicas and his being an imaginary meeting point between David Bowie , Eric Clapton and Noel Gallagher. Paul Weller's class is a gift to today's music and its way of thinking current Mod is the best idea of ​​the future that one can imagine for rock.

Scasso  26/06/2017

Tony Beesley - Mojo Talkin' (Under the influence of Mod) - Days Like Tomorrow Books

Complementing the book: "Sawdust Caesars: Original Voices Mod", here is a new and fresh insight into the history of Modernism With a fundamental theme of distinct influence on the movement and documenting a multitude of related areas, this is a compelling and convincing study of the most A significant and influential youth phenomenon from the dawn of popular culture. Stylish, precise, intensely sought-after and fast, different and visual as the object itself, "Mojo Talkin" is the authentic voice of Modernism that evolves over decades. This heavyweight document of 514 pages, chronicles the various eclectic influences of our subculture. With great sections on the inspiration of First Modernism and its influences, the creativity of Mod Girls, collection of documents and the style of movement alongside the importance of DJing, art, musicians, literature and more ... ' Mojo Talkin 'is intended to explore and expand the whole map of Modern Modern themes. A FUNDAMENTAL BOOK !!!!

Scasso  21/06/2017

VV/AA - Le beat bespokè Vol. 7 - Detour Rec. - LP/CD

In addition to a collection of rare and unpublished pieces of the 60's gold era; "Le Beat Bespoke" is an international 60's and Mod festival that takes place every Easter in London. This is the seventh volume of this popular series and as its LBB7 predecessors are restored and mastered to the highest standard. The selections are sequenced in a rapidly evolving dj set with hits for dancefloor, new discoveries, unpublished gems and an exclusive re-mix by our beloved DJ: Dr. Robert (Bailey). The songs in this collection are obscure 60s club titles ignored at the time they were recorded and marketed in the form of 45 laps but worshiped by today's djs, dancers and collectors. Dr. Robert first tests these records within his London club; The Mousetrap, where "cool and cold" people gather for these fun nights or hipshakin, Once the piece has passed the Mousetrap test, he starts pushing on his compilations called Le Beat Bespokè. Some of these songs have put you on this album for your enjoyment of dance, listening and party!

Scasso  17/05/2017

Jacco Gardener - Hypnophobia - Polyvinyl Rec. - LP/CD

We inform you guys with a nice 2 year delay on this outing that has escaped us but that's still worth reviewing! That it was hard to follow Cabinet Of Curiosities was foreseeable for those who had the fortune to cross-listen to them: Jacco Gardner seemed convinced of the uniqueness of that adventure, and perhaps did not even have the hope of giving him Followed. That was the reason why it pushed him to condense all his creative ambitions in those 40 minutes of music. With "Hypnophobia", Jacco lets go to the carefree and the desire to have fun, postponing the maturity test next season. Less ambitious and naïve, the second album of the Dutch musician does not reproduce the same amount of colors and nuances of the predecessor, although it rewards the psychedelic beat of the early sixties but keeps the progressive-rock evolutions-involutions. If Foxygen likes to linger again in brains of psychedelic and pop songwriting associations, Jacco Gardner continues to prefer the most silly slope with songs like "Face To Face" that seem to emerge from obscure albums of the sixties laid off as useless and superfluous, and that later today 50 years we are relieved to recover as exemplary masterpieces of innocence and delusional sound, the same blessed lightness that makes "Find Yourself" an instant-classic. I do not doubt that "Hypnophobia" sounds in part as a step back to Gardner, eight minutes of "Before The Dawn" are the most exciting and even the most controversial of the album, and tracks like "Make Me See" are superfluous. On the other hand, "Gray Lanes" becomes the most admired piece of his career and "All Over" re-presents the splendid alchemy of tones and colors of the debut. Transition Album, "Hypnophobia" tries to renew the soundtrack of the musician with a production that already highlights the "You More" note of the most disenchanted tone of the project, and is still a song like "Brightly" to justify the new direction Gardner's sound, the musician proves to be increasingly confident with songwriting, promising for the future a good deal of emotions.

Scasso  20/04/2017

The Temples - Volcano - Heavenly Rec. - LP/CD (digipack)

I still have in mind the period of the plays of immoderate "Sun Structures", a work that combined the archaic rock the alleged decadence more eclectic indie UK. A more angular disc last exit, "Volcano", but at the same time more baroque and gray compared to the cartoonish and colorful context of the latter. The feeling is that the songwriting circles refer to pop the old British author (Kinks, Beatles, Pretty Things, Hollies) but by over-refinement lose something in terms of spontaneity, whereas the songs of "Sun Structures" showed 'immediacy that kept the band's luck. "Volcano", by contrast, the sound spectrum it also fills too. In doing so, the proposal is a bit 'watered-down, losing evocative power. It is noted a strong synthetic steering, with a drastic reduction of the guitars in favor of keyboards and synth. This exchange between the main elements is resolved in a cervellotico disc, superabundant, but not for that lacking of fine pop cues. "Certainty" is the calling card: the bottom button is the element which together with the triumphal keyboards surrounds this song from the 60's flavor but at the same time able to wink at psiychpop in vogue a few years ago. "(I Want To Be Your) Mirror" is a song by progressive romantic claiming to be from a distant era, one in which the ghost orchestra of Mellotron stroked deep and lush melodies. It sounds like the capacity in which the quartet has the highest yield. Prog peeping also the main theme of "Mystery Of Pop", more generally also be a debtor of the glam-rock of Sparks. "Roman Godlike Man" surprises with a blend of a wonderfully Kinks-ian melody and ostinato bass lapping against the new wave, with a martial and interpretation reminiscent of the post-punk English. The second single "Strange Or Be Forgotten" is the song airy, but it does not take off, perhaps because of timid voice interpretation, which does not hold the epic atmosphere. One senses a certain weariness, paradoxically precisely where the harmonic research becomes more irregular. "All Join In" has good ideas, recalls the pomp of synth-pop classic, but you do not remember how it could, due to a write so sought after, but too prissy. The impression is that the Temples seek at times to approach the neo-psychedelia of bands like MGMT and Tame Impala, preserving intact though the artisan nature of pop across the Channel. However, although the visionary of "Sun Structures" you do not find a replica always brilliant, "Volcano" demonstrates a fantasy of uncommon arrangement in the alternative pop of today.

Scasso  18/04/2017

L'Home Llop & The Astramats - Volum 1 - Aporta-Hi Rec. - LP/CD

From project Lleidiano Pau Llop, born alter ego is The Home Lllop are 12 classic Jamaican ska as: "Jamika Ska", "Brown Eyed Girl" or "If i had a hammer", sung in Catalan which if the first song the title remains the same for the other two become respectively: "Ulls de color mel" and "El martell". The graphic design of the cover was conceived and designed by a name known to us that it is the graph desiner and infamous DJ Boiler clubs of Barcelona, ​​Jordi lasted that with his design studio ( has created this beautiful back cover along with the photograph of Joan sang ( than with his camera gives us moments of pills 60's scary. Before this LP are always released two 45s with the same graphic 60's catchy and the band has participated in numerous regional festivals. So its a good record release of an immortal sound sung in a local language.

Scasso  05/04/2017

Alex Cooper - Club 45 Again - Chelsea edicciones - book

It 'was in 2010, when the appearance of CLUB 45, that magical book pop rejoiced sensations the existence of mods and jetsetters from all over Spain, and marked the beginning of the publishing company Chelsea. Its author, Alex Cooper, has been waiting more than six years before publishing its sequel, hoping to make disappear the myth that sequels are never good. Club 45 Again is another exciting collection of instant hitting at 45 revolutions per minute, ninety songs Age Pop will delight mods, beatnik, collectors and fans of music and style. With the passion of "absolute begginer" and expertise from librarian, Alex has tracked its impressive original archival memorabilia to choose from hundreds of forgotten images, hidden in pop magazines from five continents, notes, postcards and promotional photos, spreadsheets and press kits, cards recordings and editions around the world. This catalog Technicolor is accompanied by a text which, far from being exhaustive, is trying to capture the attention of the reader on the basis of anecdotes and adventures that until now have remained preserved in the old paper publications in the memory of its protagonists. CLUB 45 portrays the life again and the beat opera, the real protagonists who are the musicians of the early galaxy sixties, but on their pages there are a lot of producers' stories, television presenters, radio DJ pirate, models and photographers, managers, advertising and fan clubs secretaries. A fascinating journey, with zero km, located in the heart of Soho in London: the Carnaby Street exit to visit first, the clubs "in" in England and the path followed for the planet beat, trans-shipment to destinations as far away as Australia, Kenya and Uruguay. At the end of each chapter you have the same feeling when your single favorite is finished, the dense of necessity that forces you to place the needle in the beginning to hear it again. This is what you have with a "floorfiller", sounds that are as addictive for the beat sound. Percu: "put on your dancing shoes" and celebrates with Alex Cooper 30 years cha lived in was Pop.

Scasso  24/02/2017

The Allnighters - Everything is Changing - Gaztelupeko Hotsak Rec. - LP

The magnificent career although irregular one of the largest organized group Mod scene in the Spanish as well as European R'n'B brand deserves a quick review. They formed almost three decades ago in Vitoria Gasteiz, Basque Country and has since made three discs and more than three hundred concerts with a sound that went from pub rock of the 70's, to the boogie blues and rock'n'roll of the 50's. Just as they have shared the stage with artists and bands of the caliber of: Wilko Johnson, Barrence Whitfield, Eli Paperboy Reed, Swamp Dogg, The Blues Brothers Band, Ian Dury, Kenny Neal, Bill Thomas, Lazy Lester and Melvin Davis. That curriculum !! They broke up in '98, but it seems that a few years later came back 'the demon soul' and reiniziarono to try one more time together by sharing festival stages in the genre Soul / R'n'B as: Black is Back or Mojo Working in San Sebastian, and now for this Basque local label: 'Gaztelupeko Hotsak' produced again the fruit of their passion for these sounds in this 'vinyl pearl' of eight tracks with the best sound i ever heard and it was produced by this band. Joined by analogy to the famous: 'Circo Perotti' Gijon by what kind of teacher can only be Jorge Explosion for the quality of the sounds and arrangements, and have chosen for the cover of the disc the graphic design of another master of pop Article what José M. Lledó "Mardi" who represented through the various monuments of their hometown punctuated by exotic animals, half a dozen of the best soul / R & B artists that inspired them. the best of their eight new songs is that they are signed by their more skilled composer who is Iñigo. Their work begins with: "Tell us the truth", where through the powerful winds that change are interspersed swampy blues guitars throughout sang, then change to: "I'm your slave" where a powerful organ is king Dr Feelgood type, in short, is a succession of plots among chitarree dirty blues, hammond groove and soulful horns. The moment of calm comes along with the piece: "I'm gonna miss you" with riffs reminiscent of Van Morrison's Them, and then continue with the instrumental "Midnight Boogie" whose powerful harmonics and guitars seem a mixture of ZZ Top and DR Feelgood (yet); in short, one of the best records of the year must-have.

Scasso  09/02/2017

Smart Dress - Ácido Azul - Brindis al Soul Rec. - CD

Six tracks mark the return, almost twenty-five years after their breakup, Smart Dress, or the legendary Mod band disbanded madrileña just the most beautiful, in the early 90s, when the sounds Funk and Jazz carried by currents ephemeral Acid Jazz it They evolved sound. Six songs that in addition to the return in the form of Spanish mod supergroup-in fact, to pedro Ramos, guitarist and leader, alongside members of prominent bands such as the Basque Allnighters (even though their return after 20 years of silence), the Andalusians or Refoundations Valencian Vibe Creators (recently recycled Up for it) - it has returned the musical path. To make de master, the tittle track with lots of flute, Hammond and a perfect funk rhythm, followed closely by "El día que a dios por existir the god", a song that takes the title from the novel by Dani Llabrés, another famous Spanish modernist. "Diversoul" was the horse of battle of the band in 1990 and this, like the rest of songs, refer to Pop Soul expedited sounds that, so to speak, and to name a band Milanese same age, could remind me of Mike Investigators, Ginetto and Geppo . A self-produced album that you can apply by writing to

Alberto Valle  08/02/2017

Nick Waterhouse - Never Twice - Innovative Leasure Rec. - LP/CD

The disc is an elegant cocktail of r & b, jazz clubs, soul, surf and boogaloo, in which the author has focused the best to rework a mixed staff of influences from the music 50s' and 60s. Ten are the traces of this third album weblog Waterhouse ten pills with which the artist Californian r & b reunited with producer Michael McHugh, living legend of the music scene of Orange County, and with great favorite musicians like Bob Kenmotsu on flute, Ralph Carney on saxophone and Will Blades organ. In the pieces of this extraordinary work entitled 'Never Twice' you go back over the whole vintage magic to shots of jazz, old school r & b, blues presence and Californian Nick Waterhouse surf attitude prefers. The opening is vibrant and has been entrusted to a song like 'It's Time' and is still immersed in another age listening '' I Had Some '', as is the case in 'Straight Love' and in ' elegant 'Stanyan Street'. It 's almost rock'n'roll old style in' Old Place ', there is romance in' Baby i'm in the mood for you 'while one surrenders all'incedere from wild party of' Katchi ', until closing night 'LA Turnaround' with which we are faced with the work of maturity of Nick Waterhouse, this beautiful '' Never Twice ''. Originality is the first thing that jumps to the attention of the listener, which today are less and less able to meet so brave and talented musicians to devote themselves to the level of artists and unforgettable names like those who have designed and indelibly marked the history the music of the '50s and' 60s worldwide. Nick Waterhouse soul no coincidence seems to be due to a purely soul imbued with a passion for ritmh and blues out of the ordinary and his rhythm actualization becomes the ultimate expression of an uncontrollable desire to play with class. And on this record, Waterhouse has accompanied catchy and dense rhythms suitable texts and overlapped, creating a product truly worthy of nota..e listening!

Scasso  07/02/2017