Evening Maximum Speed, Saturday 18 December- Genoa (so much for change) again to Genoa.

By now, the chief town of the Liguria seems a perfect alternative to the nighttime Milanese void, instead the environment of the Genoese evenings is excellent. Certainly, some activism from part of the Milaneses (especially youngest) in the try to create something of autoctono in the capital Lombarda it would be, a good news and I hope that, soon, a desire comes true of create of the activity out from some canons that seems to characterize the bleak nightlife that we bear. However we return the party Christmas offer from the boys of Maximum Speed in the usual Rampetta. Like it is habit, the evenings Maximum Speed look for 60s in the variety of different sounds (and I don't sole) of satisfy different public, otherwise hardly compatible (if not for personal friendship). It is as that, for few Midnight, and until at five o'clock, the five Djs alternates sounds that space from the Northern Soul and Early Funk (gentleness of Andrew "Made") to Psycho & Hard Rock (more the Charles veteran and the DJ guest, Henry), spending from the Latin Boogaloo& Jamaican Vibes (Simone) and with any notes of Revival and Power pop corn offers from the hospitable Piergiorgio, in the here house will laze around then up to the following morning. Therefore, an evening in which we are listened to from Billy Stewart to Neil Young, from the Housemartins to the Cherry Slush, from Ray Barretto to Larry Trider (glorious "Carbon Copy"). From eternal in-demanders what "My Love is Getting Stronger" (Cliff Nobles) or "Love Maker" (Calum Bryce) to classical like "Going Underground" (Jam), "The People in Me" (Music Machine) or "That's My Girl" (Clark Goddesses). From Gavin Hamilton to the Rupert's People spending from the Style Council and, then, from the Chords. All a little bit more orderly than like her I am putting down. There is also some space for any old men, old memoirs ( "Skying in the Snow," "Love Really Hurts Without You", "At the Discotheque."), but I am not too nostalgic and hold us very more to discover new belongingses or, all to the more, to rediscover pieces that are aged good. An other asks that it rises me is if it would not also be the case of play new groups. Evidently don't I speak about the disgust that the MTV or the NME try to sell us (it's to hyyyypie?), on the contrary of those artists that, however, do they propose, is it from the alive that on their disks, sounds perfectly acceptable for events of the kind of what does there occupy. Labels like Blow It Hard, Daptone, SoulFire, Trouble & Tea, Butterfly, One Notes Cooker, Timmion. They offer any exorbitant reviews that would succeed (and, of facts, they succeed) to will fill any footstep. In short, the party finishes at five o'clock, in the middle of an implacable duel to base of Hard & Psycho between Charles and Henry and we go to also having breakfast if, thank you to the cold of the Liguria, a bestial evil comes me to the temple, like if they have given me a blow. Cabbages, I think then in the middle of my rage, I am made for hot climates, I. Thank you of heart to all the presents and to the organization the can us offer the possibility of escape each (not) so much from the Lombardo void. Therefore, an embrace to Andrew, Simone, Charles and Piergiorgio. Special salutes to all the Milanese came at party for the evening (Gabriele, Ball, Guilty, Martin. ya' know who you are) and, especially, to Joe. The departed hour by car to look for parks while you became angry have stayed one of the most amusing moments of the whole day. Here we catches in that of Pisa.

AlbertZZZ  05/09/2004

Adventures thru talcum mist. Genova 4 december 2004

An evening of Northern and Modern Soul; this, the premise for move us toward the chief town of the liguria to the search of sounds black vintage. Guest DJs must be Rock and Mr. Meni by now famous conductors of Pisa that have not succeeded still to listen to. Unfortunately for they this time is not to him possible approach to the Genoese Fly Cafe and I therefore resign to enjoy me their sessions for an other occasion. It is cold to Genoa, the that it makes almost impossible give a decent glance to the disks exposed to the stalls for road. Three enormous full of boxes 45 of Soul and R& B attends me by Modern Groove we therefore set out toward the mythical shop. The premises of the evening come true in shop and are listened to (and purchase) different materials, in the middle of interesting conversations, anecdotes and a not scarce number of wayfarers that they enter shop for ask the more unlikely disks to Piergiorgio ( "Excuse, does you have us the Christmas disk that is not quite the typical Christmas disk"?, "excuse, Christmases songs for children in cassette"?). The hour of the party arrives at and, they in the small ballroom of the small local feel magic notes of Northern Soul, from the classical, selected from Piergiorgio, to material a little bit less usual select with deliciousness from Barbaric and Diego. The first time that I listen to the disks of both and I stay much impressed, especially at the end, when any big pieces of Modern (4 Zero Below, Skullsnaps, Benny Troy) closes an evening where it has been listened to from Judy Street to the Shirelles, from Frank Wilson to the Showstoppers, from Tommy Neal to the Exits. The three, but the night is prolonged up to late morning at home of Barbaric (where we have the opportunity to listen to still of the excellent Soul Rhythm Blues) and, then, at home of our amphitryon, Mario, where, still, the formula is repeated and is listened to different pieces. The day after, with the head asunder, we are left again for Milan with the good taste in mouth that leaves the tasting of any of those small dark objects of ours more fervent desire. An embrace to Mario (thousand graces for your hospitality!!!!), Barbaric, Diego, Piergiorgio, Francis & Valentina, and all the people that has been able to create, in the small one local, a hot environment, magic, pleasant ultra, se you soon...

AlbertZZZ  05/09/2004

Genoa: evening Maximum Speed (Saturday 16 October 2004)

Saturday 16 hours 19.30: we After a good appetizer salt, Alvarito and I, to the car of Mr. & Miss Marcone "Mojo" for start us toward Genoa where, two scarce hours after, there attends Bruno for drive us to the point of meeting, Polena beer house. hours 23.00: After a supper rather on the frugal, we arrive to the place of the party. We I describe it, a real hole in which the tipsy ventilation for the his absolute absence. On the other hand, the amplifier is broken and is not possible, for the different DJ of the evening, play not even half disk. hours 01.30: After a rapid run against the time (all the rapidity that could expect to that hour), the boys of the organization are able to systematize the amplifier and, of hour and until at 5.00 o'clock (more or less), it start the allnighter. They are happened, during the evening, different styluses that space from the Psych Beat to the Northern Soul with inevitable excursions in the Jamaican music and any shots of Mod Revival and (ay!) Brit pop. It are also a small space for some X-Over and Modern Soul chosen from Marcone that, it don't seem to thrill to almost nobody (sin!). I Find to be missing more Soulful Rhythm & Blues, more Boogaloo and something of early & Funk deep (Latin Breed, James Brown, Lil' Ray. where are thou?). do Beers, smoke, an infernal heat and a mighty overbooking accompany the evening, that we conclude, Alvarito and me, does put to sleep us on the carpet of Piergiorgio between laughters and scenes of deep abnormality and crazy. Domenica 17 hours 12.30: After a sleep not too much repairer, we devour the pizza bread offered from Piergiorgio& Family and we go out for Genoa where we eat, we drink carajillos de ron and we gather for return, tired dead, toward Milan. Arrival home, I dine and I collapse! Salutes and embraces to Pier, Charles, Mario, and the Genoeses (and environs) known that evening. Other salutes to Frank "Les Playboys" of Nizza and, like no, to the Milaneses come to the party (Fabrizio Francesca, Scasso Valèrie, and. forgetful anybody?).

AlbertZZZ  05/09/2004

MODSTOCK - London 28-29-30 May 2004

Arrivals I and Pier to London for the Friday of the evenings, and after a jump to notting hill, we go to Covent Garden where Daniel from Venice where he waited us with two girls of the turn Spanish freak Rosa and Bea, that doesn't ever spoil. He after the classical suitable is added to the troop also Charles Sixth, that with his behavior from he eat up portorican he looks for a catch an of the two chicas, naturally he going in white. At night we toward the 8 arrive to the Rocket for take the ticket of the three evenings that there would allow (notice the conditional) of also enter to the afternoon, but we that are too superior snob the all sleeping us above literally, and losing the events afternoon, only visa, almost all not for will our, but concomitant because with the desire of buying to the banquets stayed is the concert of the apemen of saarbruchen, therefore no go go girls and parade of original clothes 60's, sigh sob. But we streak at three o'clock evenings, the before it counted around 800 people not all necessarily mods, this for the precision of chronicle, has seen the concert of the Pretty things, that apart from any classical of white R&B of the dawns has done the pieces of their psychedelic period, that of S.F.Sorrow, almost all for understand us, with logo of the New Untouchables and filmed pop corn art that rotated on the box, a true Medrano Circus from fear the evening then uniform in room of the concerts with selection of Mod came classic 60's hits it am white that black and in room small underlying early r&b and classic soul, we streak then to the beat or freakbeat room, that consists of a space to side of the little room therefore a rectangle with par and made dancefloor to L, here for all and three the nights one violent is the hell in earth, we three with the girls freak of Bilbao and Barcellona has done a delirium of the Lady scenes from film years '70 with the addition of alcoholic additives and we have not danced all until at 6 o'clock and half of the morning for all and three the evenings. We streak now to the concerts of the Creation with the by now unique leader that the guitarist is, must tell that I/they have stayed fantastic, they have done all the pieces that have practically composed playing more than an hour and half and broken with the composition of a picture pop corn fact with the spray on representative cloth two they redheads broadsides of black in a violet sun, but the fortune has been reached Sunday with the Action where Lee Miller in alcohol already rambled that they must come the Oasis and Paul Weller to see the concert, a big also because didn't already stand up standing at 9 o'clock at night, naturally of the big balls, however the roof has been reached of around 1100 people, a true chaos, a hell, fortunately the everything has finished after their concert, where much people has left the place, we have stayed however I a little bit disappointed from the acoustics that ring came to the inside of the Rocket, a big teatre, from all the parts, for fortune the last day stayed the tiredness, other belongingses will have stayed. The thing better than everything he/she/it/you has stayed however know new people like I always tell of behavior to the assemblies a big Felix and Novia, to the boys from Madrid and Saragozza, and a big bye bye to Eneida, Joaquin, Rosa of Barcellona and to Bea and Leire of Bilbao but resident to London and to Shon P.S. also to Bertie dirty and Francois and Jack that I have seen in splendid form above all the first with the handkerchief for collide with the nose it was splendid.

Scasso  05/09/2004

April 2004: - Rimini -

With still the mind a little bit clouded from the weekend, I try to put the memoirs together! Is Monday, it is 20.30 o'clock, I am in kitchen of the grandmother in pajamas, I'm completely without voice[ but don't worry you, the radio that I have eaten from small it has begun to recover already thank you to the antibiotic from the chemist Tuesday morning from the fact that I am not able to express me I sole to gestures. I been afraid of could not speak more!!] and I stay already do me the camomilla. I am destroyed and they probably were YEARS that I was not it as. One of the Rimini in which I have enjoyed more, also if it has stayed hard ascertain once more as all without the Dani is completely different. Always with us, always with you. Departure in train Saturday at 12.00 o'clock I and my angel custodian Ray, miki, peppe and gino with his serious and the his "stories" (pearls of wisdom that at the end are only shit!!) that colors the days of tones: big ginetto, you have made me to break! Punctual arrival in that of Rimini and, tempered from the 3 days home bunches of two weeks ago, arrival also in clean advance on the chart of march to the "travel informed" (for the not experienced the common Cheers, true Gino?!) Where I begin to feed one of those 3 "piadine" that they have kept the beer company in this 3 days! The beers instead arrive in hurry to 4 and my galloping alcoholism (eh eh Scasso like to the old times!) he becomes evidently feel and it already start to give the first signs of "logorrea"(like if I need drink for speak) he spoke of whoever am in the environs!! The afternoon flies away that it is a pleasure between discourses highly cultural (of the type white plushes buy from HM!!), the friends that I don't have and that I would owe present to who if no you tells that I don't serve to nothing, the usual delay of my best friend (I feel the lack of anybody that sends me in the ass!!), the delay instead of whoever is "all bla bla bla and badge," guinness, known faces and never sights so thick (eh Roman people!), shoppings of necessity of Ray that he has blamed me of not made carry the glasses alone (and it probably is guilt my that you 6 tuneless also the belt, true?? N.B. my angel custodian when and does park, I phone to me then he forgets where does he have put the car and must I tell it to him I!!). Dine in pizzeria does they have stayed as usual delirious thank you to the my frantic Martini and to the my combines troubles preferred (azz Elisa, didn't the white shirt owe quite stain him it since then has discovered that did he HAVE 2 Of ESCORT of it!!). And by toward the evening! Stop in hotel to insert me a shortened suit evidently a little bit too from don't allow me the clear stocking..always feels as to my ease with the dress and the boots that I almost could not put her the stockings!! Drunk at correct point I start to dance, and I tell DANCE to more I don't can, so much that indeed the legs hears again some, I speak speak to more I don't can (and the vocal ropes are hearing again some!!) and I would also tell that I ramble the so much one that enough (. .thanx Max for have me listened when the sadness has had the upper hand.) and I at the end make me convince from my teacher of Roman to go to the pub. As never! Not certain for the pub, but for him arrive us! A hour around in hotel between Scasso in complete delirium ( position numbers 5 of the Ray's top five) with the color pencils and I forced to find a bathe in other rooms because he must take a shower (. .bè, at the end left it was my hotel!) Eehh, the conditioned air of the Self club seems that has not had only deleterious effects on of me, dear my "ciccolini"!! To the pub at the end arrives and practically. I go me any! Arrival in room at 6.30 o'clock (do you understand elisa?! How much do times have asked me it??) and she that shares the suite of the Mirella hotel with me (a cold corridor and with the cold water. does .something bring again me with the mind to wafer.) doesn't she decide that is it time to do me an of his marathons of do you lead are able to doze. At the end I surrender and I want coffEE and coke! We for adversity meet them Amedeo and Renato that they won't succeed to free of us for all afternoon long! After some "kinder bueno" with the "cappuccino", we opt of eat at the country house, decision that begins to become feel (by car feeling of faint, disconnected phrases, lack of attention. or perhaps those is the effects of my rivers of words??!) already in plaza Kennedy between the scooter and the follies of the Eleonora for go in scooter to S.Marino. The weekend have had a common indelible and underlying denominator to all: the hunger! Oltretutto the "piada" to the C.H. it is indeed excellent, but it as is made attend!! At 6 o'clock we are begun to reason (perhaps thank you also to the first alcoholic dose of the day!) only that also the head the accusation, as after the Made (good!) and Merinda (exhilarating would I tell), after have explained my philosophy on the concept to Robertino of "cicciottello" (don't I like the boys too thin) do I decide to return me any in hotel with my companions by now exhausted from my stories and that they at the end don't do not even more pretense of listen to me, true Renato?? Therefore a little sleep and a "piada" at 10 o'clock with Miki and Ray, second little sleeping with the Elisa more and more broken balls (I am fond of dear!!) and by toward the second night of follies!! Having taken 2 "aulin", I decide before don't drink so much, then of don't drink immediately, then. to drink! Therefore immediately to the cafe because "son drio to morir de sè that I don't stay standing stand up"! The "butei" are worth Max and Piggi to the bar to sing the "sumbuca" for the joy of enthusiastic Gino and without words for have discovered a new group to carry to Milan and from propose to the captain!!! In the version "do you sing that do you spend you" would I make reenter to full title also the Mocasso that accompanied from me and sea does there show off pearls of Vasco like you do I cut the throat, an of the does my prefer, excellent!! Tried also the alcoholic street for clear a dark Laura (self that is always so solar, true?!) I'm again in footstep not without be present to epics scenes that will deserve the peak in the top 5 (hi hi) Is it more that to Rimini seem of again being to Rome: the footstep without the Romans would tell that not is stayed the same! Compliments to the Mocasso and to the tennist for the ballets that, for me, they try home because too in tuning!! Good and Beauty!! it is in the section "bale that spends you" instead there stays Piggi - dancing Frea - to which my compliments go, beyond that for the aforesaid choirs, the headings, pretenses for fotune my, and his revelations make me on the gentil sex. .Piggi, but go to WC!! Sweaty rotten once more, spending in continuation from the tropical zone of the footstep to the cold zone of the cafe/ table with conditioned air, after discourses with Mary in bath which Piter would have contributed surely "to way his" (!!), I once more make me convince to go to the pub! Being worried about an instant that my driver do blind half that quite is not able to put on the lenses (you at the end have done us Monday?!) do it get jammed behind the "Mirella" between scooter and cars (to me a worthy exhaustion of the Alessia would have departed!! Big Lodigiani!), bothered I for once from the discourses of others (eh the love, true Ciccolini?!), do it be arrived finally to the pub and here. here is maddish!! the light by now filters between the leafy branches, is there who you instead has found a new light of his eyes!!, does Giulio smoke thousand cigarettes and Max, do I tell Max!, does you do ballets type "las ketchup" on choirs of the "Verona"!! I doesn't Max have seen it ever in 8 years that I know behavior it a only short step of dance. .good and beautiful also you!! (position 4. .anche if in the my is perhaps in peak!). Is it time? Now it has finished... after a fast reenters and made still more sad from the rain, with some melancholy like indeed it didn't happen me from I don't remember not even more when, I can only wait impatient the next fest between friends and not...

Vale  05/09/2004