26 October 2005 – Live Paul Weller – Alcatraz Milan

We begin telling that I didn't have as much I want because for the price 25€ and because I expected me see it in company therefore, I was not so much motivated mentally. I have presented myself however the same at 19 o'clock around since fairly near suit and there were Fabrizio and the Francesca there already from the 16 o'clock! I have reached you to the Mexicano, a near pub, where they were to the table with the bassist, the drummer, Capitano and other of the gang. Already the beginning opens new perspectives on the evening, they to the pub reach us other inclusive Pierre; after have thrown stupid two components of the band decide to enter to see the live at 21:30 o'clock around, we would have all preferred see them play to the pub! Inside there was Ray reaches and at 22 o'clock; they get on the stage in very definite way and they begin immediately with the new pieces of the album "As Now is", practically they made all one after the other; I in the half perceive two passages of the Jam also "Town Called Malice" and "In The Crowd." Paul continues to move guitar like a returned change, he go on to the piano, he greet, he begins to drink and he smoke it also, he knows that he is the head he stays evening. Toward the 23:30 goes out of scene but is only one pretense classical movement of the big groups returns and made still 5 passages for conclude in beauty. To this point there throws out but we wait confident that the partners with the pass go out for we also go behind in the backstage, and as we happens and I succeed also to rob an autograph on the ticket of entry! Concert really excellent two hours around of music well sort and good of the cd sound, so much present people also if they of my age were counted on two hands. Be a great there have stayed really and we at the end have verified that also Paul Weller squeezes the eye! To the next...

il Sergio  05/09/2005

23-24 September 2005- Cattolica

Then, I will see of be most concise possible, because it is a little bit that I don't do critiques, and I know that I often lose myself in varied thoughts therefore departs from the beginning. Arrival with Ginetto and Gazza from Milan Friday evening, correct in time for take possession of the room change us and arrive to the place toward the 24, I must tell that the environment and the atmosphere is been notably you reorganize in these last years, the place by now tested and for me very pleasant it didn't entertain that seventy people between mods and 60's, sight also the concomitance of the Seeds to venezia; with my endless like has seen Peppers and Montze of the Smart&clean of Barcellona and Syd of S.Francisco with attached engaged Madrileno. Disco is therefore a little bit empty as regards his disposition capacity, but I must tell that fortunately the djs have succeeded a toward the to do it decapitate, holding a footstep always flood, with a correct dose of white and black sounds. Naturally finished the all toward the 4.30 of the morning, all to the Pirate pub to dance or to eat until at 6 o'clock. The day of Saturday again to the Pirate, there has stayed the usual market, but also reorganized of when I remembered it, of facts there was only the tables of entrance with varied modstaff, they were missing the good Pier, Austrians and Claudio DNA. The atmosphere was however discreet it has been stayed all together to speak like of usual with people that is seen rarely, but that it is known from a life. The evening of Saturday has seen, music speaking, the same script of the preceding one, but with more than the double of the people this time, it has made me like that the organizers of the event 60's from Venice, they have however involved, through the they, presence of one of the few assemblies decent mod that becomes here from us. For me the best djs has stayed Frantz worth and Rob for the white to peer and for the black Andreino. Added has stayed a nice assembly, also if not more to the height of 5 years ago. to my notice should be made play Saturday evening, a group, between those emergent mole, (not the usual "old people") because much people, it sees live a stimulus in the concert in more.

Scasso  05/09/2005

2 April 2005 Zurigo"Winterthur a go go Mod Rally"

Hours 10: total calm, spend me my quotation , citation on the dogs. It begin the trip toward Milan for recover Valerie and the good Scasso and Henry in the opposite part of the city and then by! at a time of one of the tunnels longest of Europe. All within the scheduled times, "cheered" from endless chatters and strokes to laugh at Roberto. Winterthur is a town few kilometers to north of Zurigo. Orderly like they know how to be he the Swiss, it is really not big but to measure of man, full of life and of nighttime places, pubs and so much young people interested to each form of music. The hotel is a great deal comforting: open all night long, it is clean and silent, magnetic key, heater in room, hot hot and spacious shower (!!). Abundant sideboard to the morning, parlors for the delay, parks inside, big courtesy and even the lady of the cleanings speaks Italian! The all for less of 30 euro to night. The first evening unwinds to the Salzhaus, an ample place and, alas, smoky that shortly one complete. Meeting with like many of ours, known and less, all with style. They in console alternate different kinds, from the classics (also too) soul of Axel of Amburgo to the mod sound of the two Vasco organizers and Roger (that, with my enormous surprise, he has played "Made of sugar made of spice" of the Mice & Traps), from the psych rock of Henry until to the garage-beat of Bobby UK. Like to December, footstep almost always flood, ballet dancer without prejudices that know and they appreciate the sound of the sixties. Gotten tired from the trip and from the uncertain health, at 4.00 o'clock I surrender and I reenter to the base. Saturday afternoon appointment to the Liquid cafe of Zurigo, city to me more and more dear. The sun shines, the temperature is ideal and a sweet breeze caresses the face. I am contented because they today arrive the others of the happy brigade, Ivano and Gabriele from Milan, Sonia and Fabio from Alessandria. Mariangela and Mark from Piacenza are to bed with a terrible influence, also if they up to the hindmost hold the booking hoping to do us it. Walking in total relax, we for case are in a market of the fleas that is about to close and we are not able to see nothing. But a fast look discloses of all: vases, lamps and knickknacks years 60 and then, lps, so much. Sin! The pub is enchanting: in style 70 with white sluggard to egg, walls to colored lines, console, lamps vintage, tiny and very intimate. I have done any photo winning strength my idleness, goings to see it. Between a beer and a water, I could have known new people and people that they for different motives don't come of frequent in Italy. Axel for example, true gentleman of an exemplary elegance, and his girlfriend of Colony, Uti and Andrè from Berlin but that they live from these births, the boys of the crew from Berlin, indeed affable and curious from our presence in those moors. And other of which I make labor to remember the names but that there also was last time. With Bobby and Birgitte (it be written??), then, for hours to speak about music. I stayed a curl with the boys of the two band instead entertain. the my usual reluctance! The Kraftfeld, for the second evening, is little distant from the Salzhaus and to an only kilometer from the hotel; it is smaller and a so much complicated from track down, being to the inside of an only dedicated zone to nighttime places. They know something Sonia and Fabio that they must have taken a taxi of it! In remuneration the zone orchestrates / footstep from dance is suitable mostly, to my notice, to ours proverbial predilection for the club. Finally reached I don't sole from ours, excited and with cold (start of temperature!) but from many other that for matters work could enjoy Saturday only, behavior is begun to carousal. The atmosphere is intimate, hot, relaxed and accomplice. We are a one, without differences of age, style or origin. Waiting to the concerts, so much chatters, a photographer of a local newspaper for which we have done the stars and rivers of beer (for the others). They open the [live] the Brooms, band from Paris that performs cover of freakbeat/ garage and whose pin is beauty. My impression is that a recent formation is dealt with, they perhaps need better amalgam. In remuneration the drummer/ singer is a strength, well suit, dancing and nice good person. To accompany it, on the box and in the dances all evening long (boys, that lungs!) the Oriental guitarist with jacket from gang, the bassist Creation style and the organist indie-attitude. For the The Men Spectre from of Winterthur, instead, there is not need of big presentations, being well known for their cleverness and stage presence. All passages strumental, excellent organist, a precise garageboy to the guitar, total tuning between the varied tools. They perform be own passages that covers revisits in fanciful manner, also of pieces rather recent. Live- river, for the truth, we all we were impatient of open the dance. I djs they have given the good again the footstep up to the morning. The variation in the line up is a boy of oil lamp that has played a set of uproarious soul, all vinyl and all original. Impossible stand still. Also this time doesn't withstand until at the end and at 5 o'clock I beg Henry of accompany me home on his white horse;)) That sadness owe to depart to the morning! After be we stuffed to the sideboard and be we changed opinions on the evening, kisses and embraces, each puts on in trip under the beating sun of one crystalline day. A last mouthful of clean air. A weekend I proliferate and relaxed to the insignia of the friendship and of the new acquaintances. I have spent one of my birthdays more beauty.

Scasso  05/09/2005

An evening in that of Rimini. 26 March 2005

Ours small economy has pushed us to participate the inevitable appointment in Rimini (for me the first) for an only evening: that of Saturday. A sin, therefore, have not had the opportunity of enjoy of something more of the four programmed days, full of DJs, excellent music and a live band. The evening has beginning to the "Cheers Pub," point of meeting where different assistants to the assembly are to drink, laugh, speak, observe and (in any cases) to look at the kick, with a good Rhythm Blues that anticipates what, it later will reveal itself, to the less for what it concern the black sounds, an evening of good quality. You consume beers and, almost for miracle, meal, there attends disco where the 'nighter is held (that it will last until at 4 o'clock a.m.), a beautiful diaphanous place with a wide piano inferior, a superior piano a little bit smaller, and a cool terrace where go out to smoke and refresh after the frantic own dancing of these occasions. Not as soon as we descend the staircases that there carries to the piano of it under there greets the hot voice of "Roy Hamilton" and the his incomparable "The Panic On is," a pleasant classical, magic, offered from the by now known, cool "Doc". The footstep is left crowding while the quite "Doc," "Mark," "Lee," "Roccia and Andrew" they are happened to the consul. There is also a "interruptus" to base of revival proposed from Pisaniello, with so much of young devoted boys to dance, jump and howl. For the rest, the piano of under stay in hand to the "Soul" and to the "Rhythm Blues": Lonnie Lester, Mike Pedicin, Cajun Hart, Strange Neighborhood (creed that they are called as the authors of "Imagination." very handsome passage offered from Master "Roccia"). Of above, the white sounds seems to maintain the fairly busy footstep, also if the lack of public (good person part of which to London for you Beat Bespoké), one note. The night goes off the afterhours to the Cheers Pub, where, to a certain point, the own Doc I wonder me I could spend one of the his 45 turns, while he goes in bath, with the adversity that, quite when I make it depart, those of the place becomes angry, and they cut the current to half passage. I stay therefore practically firm, to fix the immovable turntable, while looks of hate and panic rushes with anger on of me. "No. .non is guilt my." I am able to mumble. Finally the thing stay them. like anecdote from tell to of the hypothetical nephews. I insist, a true sin could not have enjoyed more of a similar event. Embraces etc. to Sergio & Begoña, Lee, Doc & Karine, the incombustible Sebas, the good Roccia, the Milaneses present them, and the organization for obvious motives.

AlbertZZZ  05/09/2005

Mod end of the years 2004 + Soul. Pisa Italy 31/12/2004 – 01/01/2005

Ouch. it is past almost a month, but I have had time and few brain little for do some memory on like, the end of the years 04, it has revealed itself at least for me the best event to which It has happened me of be present from when I have moved in Italy. And also if I expected (and I believe be not the unique) less people; the three hundred and withered present people have been able to create, however, a big environment. The meeting to the Pub of Friday evening emanated a common big desire of enjoy and it presaged a very positive back development of a allnighter that, intelligently, it has opted for the formula of the two salt, formula to which, in Spain, we have accustomed us in events what Euro Ye-Yé and S.O.U.L. A formula that satisfies the tastes a little bit of all and it allows a detail in the styluses taken care of in the different salt For it as concern me are approved the evening of Friday practically closed in the Soul Ghetto, to taste the sets of the DJ invited of which, I must tell, nobody deserves less of a 9.9 periodical on 10. And I am hypercritical! Northern Soul (Exits, Seven Souls, Darrow Fletcher, Roy Hamilton.), Soulful Rhythm and Blues (Lonnie Lester, Mark Rice, Etta James,.) and any drops of 70s Soul and X-Over (ahhhh the classical Benny Troy, Dee-Dee Sharp, Jive Fyve.) they had spit from the amplifiers with real mastery. Therefore, a strong, strong applause for Rock (excellent amphitryon, between the other), Mary, Peter, Mark, Barbaric (we see us soon in that of Mezzago!!!), I Lead, Diego and ( "the found again friend") Dodo (shit!!!, I hope to don't forget nobody) for offer an entrance of year as immense. The other salt it I visit in occasion of the sets of Nancy and Michael. You, with an excellent set of Rhythm Blues and + Early Soul+ Boo-Ga-Looo; he, with a beautiful set of SoulJazz, Early Funk and Organ Grooves. The allnighter arrives to his end toward she you are in the morning, hour in which we shell out from the Indian's Club with the same expects the Zombie of the films of George A. Romero. The first dawn of the new year is able to see it from the window of the hotel, few seconds before enter coma. New year, new life? Shit! Saturday 1 January. Half Pisa is closed. Almost all the people that at night first it has stayed to the Indian's to crowd the footsteps from dance (at least that from Soul room), it has returned home. When it arrive at night we approach to the Pub. Mmmm. few people, few the Milaneses. Mark puts any disks of R& B and Soul, the beers open space through our viscus with the vigor with which of the acid that comes thrown in the water from bathroom, polishes up the pipings that connect the sewers it. The environment is decidedly calm. The promise like second allnighter begins toward the 23.30/ 24.00 and it sees, about a sixty of souls congregate to a footstep from dance around that, also if the quality of the music is excellent, he won't be able to receive an absolute height in all night long for more than three pieces of succession. The eclectic selection sees a mix of all the styluses touched during the weekend. From Terry Callier to Crabby Appleton; from Bobbie Smith to the Squire; from JJ Jackson to the Carnaby. it toward the 3am Pisaniello closes with any classical Motown, Revival 79 (for fortune nothing "britpop" neither indie pop corn), and any classical 6ts with an end with the, by now overplayed from beyond 10 years, "Bert's Apple Crumble." This, however, it seem to animate any of the younger assistants to throw in footstep to dance. But not even this image is moved the bastard I give birth of shit of the manager of the place (classical example of "I have done box, I send all in shit") and, toward the three and something, the cold Tuscan night there greets. Impossible don't thank for heart to all those people that has made possible a so beautiful weekender. Action and Leaning Tower crews, first, but also the unbelievable DJs of both rooms (between the experts of white I could have listened to FrantZ and Charles Espero, with respective excellent sets of Hard & Psych) and an environment decided to enjoy and more that well. Special embraces for the numerous Milanese, and for the "brothers" Genoeses met for the occasion. The trip of standing return in the corridor of two bleak trains intercity prefers don't tell we he, however, of observation, I there could tell that you are traveled more comfortable in the Brahmapur train- New Delhi (India) that in any carriages of the Italian railroads. Arghhhh.

AlbertZZZ  05/09/2005