Lost In Venice - Venice - 1-2-3 June 2006

Arrivals in four from Milan with the Magpie, Carlito's way and family, we are suffered to refresh us to the famous Camilleri hotel of mestre. To we at night make ourselves comfortable in a sympathetic nervous system as strange local restaurant for an italo-German supper. (of which the magpie will remember the maid surely). Arrivals to the place have stayed positive amazed for the flow of the people, more foreign than italic, the evening is initiated with the concert of the Roundabout, group of the England north that proposed a beat with veins soul, sincerely I have not liked so much and me I am one of those that of the assemblies appreciate the in general musical live of it also. The musical selection of the djs has stayed to a good level, we tell the correct equilibrium between white and black sonority like it should become to a MOD assembly in the 2006, and not black white or only only evenings. However Friday has left well until at 5.30 o'clock of the morning, hour in which the place has frequented from the tamarri or ravers places that have put the tecno or similar stuff after of us, unfortunately this is the fault of the they circulate, where they could not become selection to the entry, but where the evening is really economic. And hour streaks to the famous "small boat." Evening must tell perfect for sail, I conceal covered but not too much calm sea and as much, but so much people from all Italy and above all from the beloved Spain, the pianos are two the first for the black sonorities and the according to for those white and unfortunately only two baths for behavior "the bisognini" I sincerely don't know how to give a technical judgment on the quality of the djs, but I there can surely tell that the people has completed the footstep with unbridled dances and has been satisfied the belly of alcohol. You to the morning toward her are have gone again to the dock and it has gone off an other hour between conversation and salutes still, all added boat stays will be expensive, but is amusing. . .Oh does beh to me like then do you come to try no?

Scasso  05/09/2006

The Italian Job – International Mod Rally – Rimini – 15 – 16 April 2006

Departure from Milan in train in the first afternoon of Saturday. The composed square from me and David MZ to participate to the first mod rally to Rimini. We arrive for the 18: 00 and reach the Abay hotel (told also Barks of the dog) orderly a double with separate beds finds a matrimonial bed and a bed to castle; within in bath but where is it the shower? Ah here behind of me! Excellent you are been able to taking a shower sat on the latrine! WOW We reach the "Cheers Pub" toward the 19: 00 and together to the rest from Milan from drink composed from Fabrizio, Francy, Alberto, Joe, Ginetto, Palla, Gabriele and Captain go to the search of a place where eat. The evening arrives and goes to prepare us all for the evening of dj set to the "Life Disco" model Gangster I and David MZ present themselves chalked with a power suit; the location presents two salt a tiny of white and a big belle of black to the piano under. The place is not evil the opposite however of the drink leave much to desire is for quality that for price. therefore are begun very bad! The climate however makes suffered go up again the quality of the evening with an excellent above headed from an undisputed Carlo and under much more contended between the varied djs of black. Very rich evening of presences according to me would have stayed around 250 people with also a substantial presence of foreign mostly Austrians and German. Finished the evening decides to go in hotel and of don't conclude to the "CHEERS." Sunday departs immediately well at 15 o'clock with the meeting to the "VELVET" where between musical stand and of clothing the scooterists arrive then with of the fantastic means from fear! At 17 begin the concert live of the Modus Scottish group with a good sound and very good female voice with a fantastic yellow hemmond. The people participates much and the structure with the slope favors so much public. Palla falls in love immediately of the singer but could imagine like he has gone to finish. (beautiful Palla!) We are returned all we to the coast for the second evening to the restaurant dry all the bottles that there carries to the table after the supper and a little bit in hen goes to the "Life Disk." Also the second evening is Killer the music under one withered from sound black years '50 up to the modern sounds '79; above always excellent heavy pieces from fear... at three o'clock David of MZ rubber band the hit and he asks me to go in hotel but pretending to finish a beer that I really have stayed three beers we throw at least until at 4:30 o'clock:. The day after they feel the posthumous of the alcohol and in train the trip one withered in the deeper sleep thinking about the next year!

il Sergio  05/09/2006


Departure from Bergamo Orio to the serious, Thursday, hours 6 and 30 embarkation scheduled arrival 7 local hour, the group for hour is composed from the undersigned [lord] magpie [and] Skasso [aka] head of the [mods], the they next day would have arrived Paul of the Bergamo well and Mr.Henry [hooligan dj], we after different problems arrive to our [hotel] placed in the not quite very handsome zone of [seven sisters road]. Afternoon some [shopping] we then go the [elephant] pub I brood London [r'n'r] of the scene, they after few pints of [guinnes] begin to arrive ours, what Mr.Dante Fountain [from psychedelic] Bari, other boys of the scene 60s and London [mods]. .l'ambiente heats us well and arrives at the time finally to go to the [club]. The [band] doesn't do me particularly go mad and the adrenaline tells me that hour of [wild party]!. I despite the few flow am able to me amuse and to dance the [psychedelia] of the good [rob] and of [steve bauster]. The next day afternoon wakes up and goes [camden town] for wild [shopping]. .and [velvet illusion] and the [vintage shop], I am my ease with the [camden] 60s/ garage between which Attila, Fabman, [casper]. .etc. .e stops drink to the [elephant] where feels air of party really! we lose like always the concerts. the evening is not good evil the [dj set]. .il our Franz Fronzie [aka] shoot us of the pieces really killer spacing [rock] from the garage up to the [acid], room [brit] pop corn also if a hole I like and the selection and very refined. The it next day is the day where they play the new promises of the garage and that I honestly had much desire of see. the Horrors [the], [band] from London that tells me plays of afternoon. .per the 16!!. .arrivo with my Paul partner after a plentiful turn to [soho]. .e plays the Grasp already. English [band] from the sonorities typically Manchester, the [horrors] have already played!! That adversity. The evening arrives and like above we lose the first two concerts I see the Cyrculus that they play an excellent medieval [folk]. . the musical selection is a little bit too slow. .per fortune there is Tony [the tiger] that becomes an of my preferred [dj]!! Excellent his [sound] between American garage, [freakbeat] and [r'n'b], I conclude the evening doing friendship with the Horrors .tra the other we had dressed equal. Arrivals to the last day climb some melancholy and look at to [camden] thinking about who knows when I will see again that promised earth. that despite I spend the last [pounds] for beers and other iniquities. I return in hotel and I/they in instant am ready for the evening, we arrive to the [racket] and we lose the Victorians and the group of my Joey friend the [dollsquad] but we arrive in time for see the Remeins. .i what they give 60 minute of raw direct and expeditious garage really!, the musical selection to succession is the best of all three long day, the boys unsheathe the them I/you/he/she/it better single and there makes instigate. followed .in has a void. .l'unica thing that I remember is the [wanna be your dog] put from ours beloved Fronzie!. In conclusion an assembly really killer. sinned the hourly of the [band], so early, surely next year is returned!

Screamin'Lord Gazza  05/09/2006