Bright-On 24-25-26/08/07 Brighton

Arrived Thursday evening with a flight tells "to the desperate" (unbelievable 1,20h of delay) from Goteborg, I approach from the fogs I model: "Milan to November," of Stansted to the house of the Bailey consorts, where at one o'clock and half in the morning, in "vestaglia of flannel," he attended me the "supreme head" of the "notorious" London Mod organization. We depart of first afternoon after have waited Carolina from the job with the undersigned to the guide of the NewUntouchableVan, the Bailey Miss and the mythical Paul SexMachine to the road navigation. Mr Bailey instead, cultured from an attack of youngness, one taut is out one of the his 2 scooters (wasp and lambretta) and one is put in head to the band, with other 2 London mods driving his GS 150. However dear boys, what I there want to underline is that: London Brighton is 60 miles or good 90 km and not the 300 and withered from Milan to Rimini (. .che the undersigned considers a scooterboyata). Friday evening the location was room orchestrate Hotel there has entertained: Sussex Arts Club, nice round and with a fairly capacious parquet that will have entertained an in hundreds of people. Rigorously mod, anything else other than psicho freaks like could be thought. Saturday afternoon around a 70ina of scooters, all in style 60's (no details cut) I have met to the Volks discopub that are quite to the Madeira Drive, the famous place where I have found the mods of the film in Quadrophenia (aaah as anybody will have stayed contented at least!!!). To the inside stands of rare disks (the 45 like their prices) and of clothes 60's and mod. The evening we instead have gone on to the Komedia Theatre, very handsome situated place in the central Gardiner st., with a beautiful rectangular footstep and a discreet box that has entertained the concert of the Little Barrie, that they have literally involved the public with their rockfunk. To "onor of chronicle and of the truth" I have felt any taking for the ass from the more purists and "Peteriani" mods of the England north. There we will have stayed 400 at least and also this time almost all mod, with a middle fairly tall age, we tell on the 30. Sunday, for the afternoon, usual script and for at night to the gigantic In agreement, with 2 situated salt at the end of the Madeira Drive where in the first, where there had set the pub of the cafe also, they alternated dj of r& b and freak and in the second, really big, all 60's soul from that more r& b to that more northern. Ah has forgotten me to tell that for the first evening is been made the 3 but for the others 2 the 5 and the 6, to the face of the English schedules. Sommatoria of the facts: around a 500 mods with a small percentage of freaks, I have liked see again much people from London, above all Birgit and Claudio, quality of the indisputable music, are enough to think about: Lee Thousand, Mark Raison, Pid, Warren Boogaloo and James Trouble, for the black and Speed, Rob and Chris "Horrors" for the white. Even the costs of the life a little bit tall, but is it England that you want to do us???

Scasso  05/09/2007

Soulastatic Anniverary 18/08/07 Goteborg

Stayed only like a "italic dog" in foreign earth, visa that the "dear" Alessando has decided well of leave me for a gallant appointment, in that of Copenaghen, I decide to bring me to the by now famous evening soul that is held to goteborg from some time to this part. Arrival to the JazzHusset (JazzHouse for the profane) toward the 23. The location, that is in KarlGustavsgatan, crossroad of most famous central, Vasagatan is placed to the first piano of a palace of the 800. The place must be used state for small theatrical representations in beginning, but now devoted is to events jazz (for the note), finished up all in parquet with two cafe, and a beautiful dancefloor. I must tell that has me amazed not little see the mods of Stoccolma of the Uppers be present to the event, in as a normal evening northern, modern and crossover. Broken the ice (and wants us with one Swede any I don't get drunk) with the what is suitable, they have made me know that not is a beautiful period for the scene mod of the capital city and that one shoot these 500 km that separates the two city they would not have done nothing. But we streak to the evening, apart from the "sottoindicato" and the "stoccolmesi" other two mods of Goteborg (or Jotebori like one pronunciation from those equal). Ann and the young man but Nicklas supercool, with which I have spoken overall the evening. The music not I (or good would be tell, not we.) has thrilled more than so much almost all of the period 70's, with an English dj like guest of which I don't remember the name (but is not worth it some). I Owe however underline the big flow of regular and of as many beautiful girls (any young) however, that the people to "north of Zurigo" has an ampler musical perspective, and who understand it it understand!!!

Scasso  05/09/2007

Hot mod summer on the lake - 07

Also this year almost an in hundreds between regular lovers of the 60's, mods and [original skins], they have danced on the shores of the Trasimeno, lake to 20 km from Perugia. Mattatore of the evening has stayed the good Massimo that with Mr. Lele has known how to reconcile is the lovers of the black music, that those of the white, creating an atmosphere of calm, fun and relax. The all on a situated own place in shore to the lake that has cheered with his evening breeze, the excitements of all the more excited ballet dancer. The genius alcoolico, it has also roused like lodgings for all the participants, an excellent camping with cottages and areas meadow for possible campers, the all to only 500 mt from the place. The camping has a beautiful swimming pool that there has helped besides cool the scorching heat of this summer afro-italic. But we streak to the evening: excellent the passages of Danielino with his british r & b and freackbeat and of the Spanish with his R& black B, also The catalano-trentino Good luck has given us of the ska-rocksteady that has made dance like crazy all the skins and the mods lovers of the rhythm in raise. In short an assembly that, also if not quite "interantional" you could place between the best of our italic scene. Lake good food and so much so much relax!!!!!!

Scasso  05/09/2007

9th Maximum Weekend- 2/ 3 March 07- Sestri

Still all for a new occasion!. This time gambles away at home to this splendid assembly organized from Maximum Speed Mod Society from Genoa and we UOMO RAGNO Milan. It was from so much that we like club didn't get organized an assembly but, having found a place killer thank you to the raid of the GAZZA, Genoese behavior was not been able to something with the support of the places of important. Everything was ready already from months but we have for varied problems with the owner was about to jump all and, with hurry and fury, we have then due send invitations and call people; in short the premises were not of the best! also if the kidz and girls like they have answered the call always arriving Saturday in 120. But we depart from the beginning. Friday: We arrive a little bit late because of the job but the Genoeses had already prepared all in efficiency and the car of the assembly was departing. Friday in fact was tells more a day than testing also because, the place of the evening indie that there is usually in the local one. Our presence in fact, we arouse to the abituè immediately some embarrassment but thank you to of the dj set from fear mixes immediately in the footstep with us brutes. The passages musical mix white and black sounds perhaps the first more appreciated from the abituè that they take more foot when Pier begins to put "trash" Beat (don't take you it eh!ok?). you evening all added ok and for don't unload the batteries toward the two immediately decamps to rest making covers forced from a delirious GAZZA to the baker with the result of a kilo of pizza bread!!!! Saturday with comfortable departure of the desperados and arrival to the rent after, a brief turn to Chiavari, everything is ready for the [live] of the Field, this group of the Lombardy north presents itself be to the ear is the eye like a group super mod! the sound recalls the old men glorious groups and the sung English confirm the roots of it also if much is all of inspiration of house. The live carries appetizer in zone but, we decided to go immediately to dine for then do the entries to the waited evening eagerly. The people presents itself immediately very numerous and I plaster it with a disk in parallel it don't create problems to ours sparkling look retrò!. Toward half night the footstep is swollen and the portion of local to us dedicated is already flood, everybody begins as to dance the dj they intersect and damage passages from fear between a public that it bring upon all the 45 good of the handbags. At four o'clock it is closed with the obligation of the throw out and we exit reveal a pickup truck of the greasy sandwiches! Manna from the sky models Africa for of the starving crazy person! Assaulted also the owner of the pickup truck must give the white flag. All OUT OF ORDER! And like would tell Henry party: "mask anti-gas"!. To the next are hoped soon. Only fault have made play the foreign DJ before the resident could grant schedules more killer for them but we are been able to make up for the next always.

il Sergio  05/09/2007