Here we are here to review the second appointment with an evening organized by Carnaby Street and Northern Mathmos Mods to Pepper Cafe in the Comabbio. In this case, alongside the resident dj sponge, Mathmos and Brian was called Marco Moretti, a name a guarantee for those who want to do some 'of gymnastics "after supper heavily on Saturday night and wants to dispose of the whole moving legs, feet and arms (what else?) at the rate of early soul sounds and 50s and 60s rhythm'n'blues so dear to the mods but not all. The first evening certainly had a good success and was therefore hoped that we could get a reply, in fact, this second event went even better, in fact just entered the local note suffered a massive presence of mods and the like (Milan, Varese , Como, Torino etc.). And you understand immediately that dance in the "right space" will prove difficult undertaking: the world of Quark short, as the saying Sergio. As for the musical selections, set Mathmos certainly proves to be more classic than the first Carnaby, but no less appreciated by people, dancing to great gusto on "Beggin", "Emergency 999" and other pieces or less known british beat the mid sixties, while sponge delight us with his selection of jamaican sound and Brian is now a drug of which I am not happy unless, and in particular "Travellin 'stranger,' 'I'm a lovin 'Man' and 'I'm movin' on "have the same effect on the dancefloor of a match lit in a room full of gas (yes be 'maybe it's actually a metaphor somewhat' forced!). How right that is the largest minutaggio behind the dishes it is for the guest Marco Moretti, who alternates in September based on sounds more soulful r & b to other more properly r & b and rockin 'r & b, getting the same appreciation that in terms of the response of "runners the dancefloor "(no I am not writing under effect of spirits), in particular sciorinando several versions of" You never miss your water "and popular pieces (at least by me) as" Unlucky girl "Patience of Valentine and" Hey little woman " Johnny Till. The evening concludes around 3 between songs, drink the last minute hugs and disconnected phrases, and the problem of a speaker stubbornly firm in not wanting to work well has proved to end a small neo absolutely negligible. Almost always in reviews tend to highlight the positive aspects and minimize the negative ones, but I assure you that this is objectively a great evening. Worse for you if you lose the third round!

Peppe  10/11/2008

16° All Saints Mod Holiday – 31/10 - 2/11 2008 – Lavarone

Start from 31 in Milan on Friday afternoon I first, Sergio and Sonia & Peppe with the famous Golf rhythm'n'blues of Peppe and wishes are not the best: Milan is a monsoon rain from Ecuador, there is a queue delirious on the Milan - Brescia because of the usual accident and spielgberiano Peppe is already almost Afon (note: finish the event and spoke practically using the "Pizzini" Provenzano of Saturday evening for dinner) ... ignoring the risk of staying with a walk Golf "That is almost adult"! In short we want acclimated to the regenerating pm10 breathed in highway (one parcel for Milan) and Sergio & Sonia forgiveness and understanding while I Peppe begin to comment on price and quality of 45 laps r & b and early soul compilation distributed by passing nell'autoradio: a discussion that will go from Dalmine to Rovereto North virtually! Chatter between two and a half-stroke forgotten about alleged portfolios in Milan ( "If I left home back and then come back here !!!!") seasoned with paranoia about possible folds that can take a full 3 buttons when folded model origami poppy and stuck in a trunk, now come close to the plateau of Lavarone. While Kevin is busy with the issue bends and curves dishes from the runway Micromachines (with one lap of death where the cars actually fell) and Sergio I notice with concern solidified blocks of snow along roads and waste bars: the most popular, "Really is not snow!", Will accompany us throughout the weekend. But now we are in Lavarone! Hotel, dinner, shower fast and now we find the rest of the quota: Gazza and Raissa, Roberto with Vanessa, Thomas, Mark and Mariangela Piacenza, The Filippi's Lodigiani + and that of TeoFuzz Badoglio traitor! (a dinner discover that Luke Mathmos and Simona arrived there for the facts with their teleportation) enter at the disco-Triangle while Andrew Parolin is playing a set of mod jazz and r & b to tell the truth not very well because everyone danced arrive Always the latest on the festivities, but personally I was very (Chile Turner - Crap Shootin Sinner ... that piece!). Thomas tells me of a Thursday evening practically motivated only by foreigners and on Friday we Italians are completely in the minority: a Milanese & allied party, center-mods of Australia and a few others the festival is dominated by a mix of Swedish, Spanish, French, British and indeed many Germans want to geographical proximity! At the dancefloor music is dominated by white music: Rob Bailey and Henry are the masters with passages from that - not passionate - I found really high quality between classical and rarities (un po 'most anonymous two German dj white sincerely confuse one another throughout the weekend) while on the black large selection of Andy Pollard, with Mocky poised between a first set of classics and a second passage of "monsters" as Little Joe Hinton - Let's start a romance ... French Damien great, really great with a mix of latin, rare soul and funk sound with more of rarities! At 5.35 am exhausted and I Peppe molliamo sling shot to sleep while a chubby kid known di Legnano back room at 8! On Saturday after a shower we decide to merge breakfast & lunch at Monteverde in the company of some boys Roman, a choice that I will prove detrimental (breakfast + lunch I mean, not the Romans ...) I realize some 'off and paranoid for the rest of the afternoon: however the afternoon session at the Triangle is very funny between the projection of dvd dell'edizione last year, countless talk and laughter, played by 45 good Ale, Philip and Gazza and really so many people! Many in fact failing to leave and not having the bridge this year there were only for the day on Saturday, making the pub pleasantly strapieno of mods and'60s people! Really wonderful Chicca & intrigue in concert from the point of view of technical skill that the choice of songs performed, not my gender instead I followed his little the Fortune Tellers ... but you know that I am no great fan of concerts ( Who has seen them in full, however, remained very satisfied)! The time for a dinner regenerating (Thomas true?) And enter the mood by Saturday evening: the disco offers a glance that certainly does not happen every day, with a crowd of mods and "'60s people" (as Burglary) of any age and especially among facet style scarf, complete double-breasted tailoring, brogues, boots, shirts tab collar and who has more will put more (I have not seen a pair of jeans in two evenings)! Also on Saturday evening despite the large amount of people (400 people said someone?) The Italians are in clear minority, so much so that I have counted just over a hundred ... confirming that Lavarone is not an event "Italian" but "European" for quality music / aesthetic that comes to the participants. Arriving late, I lose the first 3 steps music got an injection instead of white sounds until the salt in Andy Pollard console (dj of the best for me: large selections, elegant, simpaticissimo ... to face those that if Menano from the superstar) with a set of r & b Smashers, followed by Mocky time in formissima mixing r & b and ska (piece of Saturday for me: Tommy McCook - Mr.Goldfinger), while Rob Bailey and Henry make a new delirium on the dancefloor with the white music (+ "Down in the subway" by Jack Henry Hammer .. thanks for the dedication to the microphone) and Bazzi is a confirmation of the best djs of Jamaican music that I never had occasion to hear! I lose in talk with Claudio DNA, Giulio Bresina, Filippo Tommaso Filippi'se of salt until Damien ... when Gino falls on the track means that they are playing soul music! Indeed, his was the best step in terms of originality Saturday evening, as the latin and now also the soul / funk seem to have become among the most neglected genre festivals unfortunately. I look again alternating white / black chatting with Cristina Barcelona and in men who do not tell seems to have arrived morning outside the disco on the notes of "Never learned to dance" (Harvey dozen have) to find out what are the 7 past and is now out on the morning of Sunday! Just two chat ( "tomorrow morning will stay at this stamped card cock") and Rob Bailey will be greeted with air complacent and we slingshot to bed for a couple of hours, because the return home from holidays we know is always devastating! In conclusion: a great weekend of relaxation, good music and entertainment with real quality, the first time for me to Lavarone sure many will follow! See you next year!

Brian NorthernMods  10/11/2008

Bright-On - 22/23/24 august 2008

As usual, the same sea beach, same script last year we'll be desperate to Goteborg, but to go in just 2 days in Sheffield to find one of my euroamiche (and who wants to understand understands), return to " Flash Gordon "after only one day and a half, with a train Sheffield and London brighton arrival at 18.30 pm with the mods of Manchester (one thousand thanks Steve) who help me find the hotel, crossing a" sonnambulo "Speed that speaks for itself in search of an ATM. The hotel managed by Andorra classic Pakistani in office, not 'bad, as usual to save bathroom in the corridor and super small room, but in the end is fine so' because 'the plan where accommodation and' occupied only by the crew of New Untouchables! On Friday ', this time, the location changes than the previous year. located on the first floor of a jazz cafe 'has a parquet dancefloor, square and a long and wide corridor at the beginning, where you delineao tables and bar: very cool! Nothing to plead for music, everything freakbeat, soulful r & b and jazz mod, where Mary (forever) Boogaloo sfoderato has a set of modjazz using only original lp; incredible, you could not dance, "all on track" as amyl say someone! On Saturday Komeadia back to the theater, located in the central Gardiner St, a few yards from the shop mod for excellence: Jump the Gun! Here they played the Dirty Social London, sfoderando a grintoso indie garagerock, along the lines of White Stripes, but much more '60's !!... At the end of the new 100% mod sound, with the prevalence of black, as befits' at a rally like that of brighton, where the majority of mods comes from the north and the midlands, and are all part of the soul scene and also "quite dated" prefer the first sounds mod!. nevertheless I was pleased to see that brighton north and there are many young mods, very elegant and scooters, which never hurts, I have to say! Ah, I forgot to underline that on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, there 'd been the # meeting with flea markets and bars attached to the Volks madeira drive, remember, the place of the meeting of the Quadrophenia mods? Sunday .. Fortunately, the same script on Saturday, and like 'scavallando the far (and boring to be achieved) Concorde, proposing the Komedia with 2 room where with a great soul, in all its kinds, and above smallest of Mod sounds With the soulful r & b and freakbeat! All in all I still enjoy, if only to revisit old friends from all over England, in a cool and relaxed, and obviously so, but a lot of quality music'!!!!!.. recommended to all kidz on the streez!

Scasso  22/09/2008

MOD SESSION – Sabato 26 Luglio Bassano del grappa

Start Saturday morning at 11.30 with time zone legnanese me and a visibly Teofuzz already tried the chicken from the night before near the time of the Opera, where we reach after 50 minutes of intense holiday traffic Lombard and we welcomed by burglary, Sergio and Carlo version in the summer with towel instead of patiently scarf that lends itself to the point for the travel and the leadership of Roberto mode burglary & Furious. In men who do not tell between shots of sweaty towel against Teo and cassettes self nell'autoradio us in Vicenza in St. Lucia where Contrà burglary leads us to cibarci of typical Venetian specialties "probably produced through a recipe for appetizers but brushed Parthenopean time zero and water from two liters of red. In the meantime we discover that Claudio has opened the shop and we broke trying shirts seven and fifteen hipsters head while burglary attempt to buy a parka-measure but is dissuaded by myself now that convinces not to make purchases and save for a beautiful full red tonic Sherrys of 99% polyester 1% depleted uranium (value for money, as they say). The gentilissimo Claudio at the end to drive but decided to offer tours to spritz giving without wanting to start one for at least 3 of us will be a parable alcoholic descendant. Another set of wandering through the streets of Vicenza and arrive all'Osteria Montecrocetta, location where you keep the Mod Session: an opportunity for the djs play outdoors allowing Sollazzo present in the garden of the park that surrounds the room. The time for a dinner in the center of Bassano at which address issues like the Middle East crisis or the situation in Darfur and return to the "Montecruz" to find it already full of people and a local dj intent to play northern and modern soul. Some spritz now fully acclimated after we appreciate the excellent selection of jazz and of Renato rhythm'n'blues to succeed even as a few hard blow "with the mere imposition of hands" and when Henry salt can enter all the stage top killer for the joy of Sergio aka "the magician delete": Charles Sheffield, the Tan Geers, John Lee Hooker and several others accompany my memories with a hint of spritz with campari. Findings on the evening fully positive, with a party atmosphere that does not happen to see me so often (unfortunately) and really not too many people mod but with a lot want to have fun. Numbers made by myself and Teofuzz on the way back is not the case of writing here, but you can find all the details in an article by Teo DooWop and Peppe in the next edition of the weekly "Chi" attached with a couple of glasses bullet-proof. From Kabul's it! P.S. Just now ilSergio connecting from Montecitorio I announced that I was passed in the list of the Worst from TeoFuzz, elected in first place for popular acclamation.

Brian NorthernMods  22/09/2008


It starts from Milan in post Lazio-Inter, burdened by 4000 calories in order of the fixed menu of Sabrina, to burn which would be desirable to go to a destination on foot, but given the 50 km away puts you easily agree on 'Opportunity of enjoying the comfort and safety of a Golf 1.8 of'92. The trip seems to last less than expected and approximately 23 open the door of Pepper: the atmosphere is now very pleasant and quiet, there matmos dishes that beat Spinne pieces more or less known and is noted, in addition to presence of mods and the like, a fairly high number of "regular" however welcome, as far as I am concerned, when they take a non-ruling against a situation for them maybe a little 'desueta, as in this case. The place is beautiful and appropriate to the context, although some too small table here and there and the music is appreciated easily view the variety of genres played by DJs, sufficient to meet the personal tastes of all lovers of sounds ranging from late '50 To'60 late: SpongeBob gives us a selection of original ska sounds of great taste (and ska, although it is not my favorite genre, if they feel unjustly and too often lack the evenings mod, at least in Milan and surroundings ), Today delight all lovers of northern alternating pieces known to Esther Phillips, Ben E. King etc. others more obscure and, if I remember correctly, "allow" even a substantial shift of R & B in September, a matmos the task of making dance lovers of sixties beat sound more cool while Brian touches feed the lovers of R & B and sound of popcorn through a large selection based on John Lee Hooker, Joe Simon and Little Johnny Taylor (and that a large piece "Lookout Mountain" by Chuck Miller). Drink some beer, we note with pleasure the presence of some crisp and stuzzicante girl and a boy staggers visibly tipsy fortunately causing only laughter and no nuisance to people engaged on the dancefloor. Sin just for the coincidence of the evening with the move to summer, which in fact makes it necessary for local anticipate closing dances. In conclusion I think we all have fun and no one can complain and you can easily predict a replica of the evening in the not too distant future, we lovers of a certain type of music, style and simplicity (the judge, in dress and in ' label) will certainly be. Thanks for your attention, cheersentiamo to the next.

Peppe  22/09/2008

10° Maximum Weekend – Sestri – 7/8 Marzo 2008

Here to an other critique, time stays much felt sees the unexpected epilogue of the weekend! But we go for footsteps. You part after the work at a time of Sestri, the trip proceeds rapid without obstacles, pizza and therefore to the place, sees the trip and a little bit the tiredness, it appear an evening to the insignia of the alcool and of a perfect relax. Yes the share is least but, being Friday is also normal, evening would tell all added nice with good music more orient on the black but of quality. it like start is not of the best since the owner begins to put the hands ahead on the following day changing much the papers in table but the tiredness advances and fights in retreat. Saturday opens at 17 o'clock a little bit soon for the tastes of all and, not being we banquet and live the share is very scarce, inferior straight to Friday evening, however, it is known the arrivals from a little bit all Italy begins to become to feel. After a supper with stuff, djs and friends in zone decamps the place fast change and one part! Here to the people finally begins to arrive and being to the entry to make enters stands out tickets to handle, also the music of mixed sonority begins to feel, pieces killer that, they instigate a little bit all also the local people. Toward the a the evening could tell that has decapitated and they enjoy all, the passages of all the dj heat much the climate but the danger is imminent! The owner that had organized the evening regular in the second room calculating our presences with his brain from mono-neuron and the others decides for a change it salt. the rambles to begin! Choirs of the casual come for the evening of confrontation depart, the music stops making believe that the evening it have finished since, on not being we the dishes need climb on all. A fall free themselves from all it recovers but the minds are red hot, in room not there is stayed!, chairs that fly, pure table, lamps in surplus, gotten off clima and pruning to different plants. ah forgot crash test for the glasses! A true party with the final stroke that was not seen from memorable times! Negative notes: exaggeration with the chous . from part my and I excuse me any! But do we have stayed treatises really bad or mistake? Conclusions & future Developments: I to Pier vote: 0, but where do you have thrown out do I stay local?!?, the genius of the owner, "want consummations to 8 euro. not to stimulate the alcoolism" (delirious! A perfect imbecile!), does Djs have given the maximum in situation critical play-stop-play from manual!, excellent the contingent arrival from Teramo, of the Torino and Terracina, share 80 the tickets torn to the face of whom there has moved us in a small room I hate him! N.B.: Without Pier nothing could not have become therefore. .THANX Pier! An assistant to the critique. here finished the place 2 weekend after. we there had told to don't leave alight cigarettes! we have her pull quite.

il Sergio  01/09/2008

Buzz with the Fuzz 02/02/2008 - Corsico (MI)

With the beginning of the new year Buzz with the Fuzz is begun, a party ahead from the club from quite a lot years orient on her delays season winter and spring. This year has been opted for realize this event with the fundamental hand of Henry Milanomods and the Northern Mods so that do an event in common between the realities lombard. Everything has departed to the big from the myspace, to the flayer, to the same organization of the event. but... arrives to the same day! EVERYTHING JUMPS the place result use out: do it cause out of order electric problem (???) is it unbelievable is the blow strong that Henry when do I feel it on the telephone do he seem to go out from an egizian sarcophagus! But possible that understood quite that day? after a hour of panic, the wish of try to do it it equally is strong that, Scasso from Sweden calls to the of the local alternative clubs and, finally after Brian has done all the macumbas are found a location to Pavia! thank you also to the Sarah. To this point does be tried to hijack all the guests or possible participants of which we have the contact toward the new location mission impossible... or no? try us you! Now does everything seem resolved or almost but don't we be forgetting us of anybody? but Mark Raison??? is in hotel! less evil... but where is it the hotel Henry? eh eh! At 23 o'clock everything has beginning with touched balls for lucky of all! and it set out an evening like there you expected rich of excellent music, passages to the Cliffhanger and an alternation of excellent sonority expressed from haughties djs! The arrived participants also from the Liguria, Piacenza and Lombardy seem to enjoy and the footstep any from confirmation and their number satisfies us that have organized also all to the last moment (not for guilt our)! At the end evening not there is been able to quite complain, have believed in the party in if same, and have believed in the prone job ahead from all, has given his fruits not hoped sight distorts departure! everybody has enjoyed and also Mark Raison understanding the situation he has given more loaded to all with his powerful persons pieces! belongingses to remember: party we will buy a Neapolitan horn, that you tell? for Henry: don't confuse the way of the Hotel with the name!!! ah to don't forget the double effort of all for the realization of the evening! together is been quite broken! and but at the end three police squads have arrived also! I forgot it! .... All Good! Mark Raison said about the party: Thanks to everyone I met at the re-arranged Buzz With The Fuzz on Saturday. Everyone was very friendly and we had a good time. Shame about the police! And special thanks for the Spiderman sticker that is now on my record box. Mark Raison This is the the next!

il Sergio  01/09/2008