17° All Saints Mod Holiday – 31/10 - 1/11 2008 – Lavarone

This year's 'was one of the most' beautiful editions of Lavarone I remember. Many young people, especially from Triveneto from Friuli and many, many foreigners! So did the collection and 'especially because' What dominates, as every year are all the boys / girls came from every corner of our beautiful Europe Mod The meeting was divided into 3 days of fun and relaxation (wine, food and quality 'of life among the best in the world!), but aime' I could do only two. I also still remember the wonderful trip (including food and chats on the fly a motorway) with DJ Lolo and his girlfriend that I recupertato Bergamo airport after a flight from La Coruna and that with our Brunamobile in 4 we headed to the Trentino, arriving at their destination after a trip to the 23, which define grueling and 'euphemistic enough!. Gia 'al venerdi' sera the presence of Mods and 60's were great, but the peak and it 'was on Saturday afternoon at the pub, where more' than 400 people including concerts, vintage Policy Terms and drinking at the bar, created a pouch infernal circle of Dante. Unfortunately I missed the concert on Friday 'evening of jazz group of Giuliano di Vicenza, but instead I saw the concerts and the Milanese duo Mike Viola, who had already' seen and which I think are very good, though to my mind the cover, After a bit 'bored and would try them in pieces, and the boys of Graz (Austria) Roadrunners who unsheathed a gritty 60's garage sometimes leading to a strange array of new 60's powerpop! E 'was also re-introduced after the Bright-on this summer, the book "Mods in the 21st century, made by photographer Horst and correlated by Rob Bailey and Paul Hewitt, very nice graphics and large format, would contain more' than 200 photos relating to more '10-year history of the New Untouchables scene Mod London. The evening and 'had a nice selection of sounds whites and blacks, well mixed and calibrated without leaving out any kind, and maybe' had more 'soul r'n'b that, but every year is not' evil vary a bit ' soup! .. Ultimately one of the rallies more 'beautiful and best represent the Italian mod scene in Europe!

Scasso  19/11/2009