18mo All Saints Mod Holidays Lavarone 28 ott/1 nov 2010

Also this year one of the best events, not just national, but now the European! No wonder more 'if besides the local Mods Italian, even English, Spanish, Austrians, Germans and French can be found in one of the most' beautiful and suggestive 'mountains of Italy to enjoy a meeting knows that' relaxing fun and style. Unfortunately I only made the evenings of Saturday and Sunday, but I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that there were between 300 and 350 appearances, with the majority of modernists and some 60's and original skin. Excellent concert, after the Danish band garagebeat, that I was not very enthusiastic about the concert from strpitoso Faithkeepers Zaragoza that has literally made the audience delirious and sweaty Marcus is a testament to the fact that she hugged me crying and shouting in a broken angloitaliano "more, more, more, more !!".... Markets in the afternoon I must say that I was not impressed, a few clothes from" man "a lot more 'to' woman 'and banquets record almost all focused on' purchase of 45 rare for DJs, no banquet for example, new clothes or new 'record within the Mod! It is just different, the exhibition of psychedelic / pop art by Max Gallo, with works that were really very beautiful. The DJs, have almost all focused in putting on the black and R'n'B freakbeat, psychedelia for the whites! Sometimes in black felt some piece of classic soul and the only one to break this dualism and 'Bazza was the dj who did a good set of rocksteady / skinheadreggae. Even the spectacular performance of the famous DJs popsike: FreakCarlos that with some girls and 3 in the morning, and 'was knocked out the back bar / kitchen from the owner of the hotel Garni. A still we have not understood what they were doing, maybe you wanted to make the sandwiches a free ride, maybe the cake with icing sugar .... to posterity will judge! Amazing female presence, a sea of German and girls ..... triveneto and then says there is no 'more' the 'weaker sex "at parties Mod .. Lavarone should come and see then! Until next time kids!

Scasso  02/11/2010

BRIGHT-ON - 27-28-29 AUGUST 2010

As you all well know, to Brighton and 'one of the most' famous and now proven Mod rallies in Europe. It has about the presence of a hundred scooters and 500 Mods, not counting the people around indie and 60's. The three days of the meeting were divided as follows: the markets and afternoon concerts at the Volks, the famous disco site on Madeira Drive, the promenade of the town, the evenings at the Komedia Theatre, set in central St. Gardiner, except that of Friday 'held back to Volks. The restaurant on Friday looked like this': upstairs, (ie the entrance to the disco) hall of soul and R'n'B, while there was room on level -1 of psychedelia and freakbeat. On Saturday afternoon, around 16 concerts were held in Zaragoza and Peppermint Faithkeepers Beat Brighton. We come then to where in the evenings at the Komedia on Saturday, and the great hall 'and was unified and' had a selection of white and black music with the best djs UK and Europe, while on Sunday, the great hall and 'become the Northern / Modern Soul room while a more 'staged small upstairs room with Mod was defined selections: soul, ska, boogaloo, RnB and freakbeat, psichedlia and British beat! Almost needless to reiterate that all kinds boasted the best DJ's selections with more 'in' the time in the field of modern trends! Note that the town is always filled and that this' one of the most 'famous and important "bank holidays" British, for which all the shops vendono0 makes us care, make further discounts, and as' the last weekend discounts. You can buy at market price from Italian: Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, Penguin, Lyle and Scott, Barac and Clarcks! So a bargain for everyone, including retailers, which are based stores with new stocks, selling off the old articles (for them) who now have no more 'market! Very good meeting, very quiet all'nsegna relaxation, more 'total attendance with British majority (especially those from the Midlands) for foreign we can quote from Spain a dozen people, most coming from the French and Germans now living in Nice land of Albion. For the Italians could safely say that we were almost all of Milan (including adopted because university).

Scasso  13/09/2010

The Riviera Affair VII Nizza 18/19/20 Giugno 2010

This year's' was a meeting under the French coast, or because 'it rained so much (for the truth' round the town '), because you' to coincide with the rally organized by the boys sul Trasimeno Perugia so few Italians in the French Riviera. The fact is that no more 'than a hundred appearances have busy evenings organized by the Green Hornet Association of Nice. Attendance known, from Barcelona, Rimini and Parpignan, thirty scooters and 4 60 Mini's (including mine). The meeting was divided on the afternoon to be passed to the baths of the beautiful Beau Rivage Promenade des Anglais, with DJ sets and lounge bar, really smart. The evening however, took place in the disco / cultural club located north of the city 'call: "The station." Of course there were two concerts: one on Friday by The Tikis, a local band our old Acquaintances nicknamed "Uncle Frank" (The same with Les Playboys for instance) dedicated to soul / northern and the other on Saturday of the talented Big Boss Man, who have a repertoire of songs from modern jazz and hammond grooves, taken from their 3 albums edited by Blow Up Records in London. As for DJ's, will not say 'the steps of everyone of them, but we summarize' all telling you that you and 'had the almost total absence of white noise excluded some classics brought by a Frenchman and has' put all soul imaginable, from the mid to modern time, passing through the northern, a bit 'of Latin boogaloo and absolute absence of r'n'b; percu for myself, nothing amazing. Summing up and then 'had a relaxing weekend anything exciting, but it' s always nice to visit Nice walk through the picturesque Old Town, as well as 'being a Mod who can rally internationalism' like this. A la fois PROCHEMI garcons!

Scasso  23/06/2010

The italian Job - International Mod meeting - Rimini 01/04 Aprile 2010

As of 10 Milanese present and no one 'bothered reviewed the event, as usual I have to sum up with a fairly late rally this time of Rimini. Should I start with you that day I attended were only those of Friday 'and Saturday until early concert by the Link Quartet Lord Nelson Pub on Sunday afternoon. In all honesty I can 'say that thanks to the new boys who came mainly from central Italy and is' saved a gathering that for now the choice of organizzaztori, be focused towards a single theme music to listen to sounds all blacks, thus excluding' Italian regional presences of many people even listen to other sounds of the 60's. Cheesy white only DJ music of Monaco whose sounds are brought to the undersigned haim 'dated and vaguely remember listening to the CD box Nugget vol. 2, namely 'devoted to the classics of British psychedelia freakbeat and before. Of course, my compliments for djs which select sounds blacks (who obviously have made a master) and for which you have an ear to move with the times or what you hear in most clubs Mod Soul or R 'n'B of our "old continent". Then there's the controversy Sunday evening, there being no I can not say anything about it, I just think that a meeting should be supported and not intergral spezzettoni and you have to do discussion, becomes' the next day on various forums " scene "and for whom (certainly) there will be extensive discussions on this, I do not think that participating in an event that involves us and covers" all "you 'the good of Modernism. For the rest nice environment and good presence of foreigners especially from north England!

Scasso  03/06/2010