Le Clean Cut goes weekender BCN 16/17-11-2012

Once again, an central part of our successful event organizers Mod Barcelona s Sara and Alberto, there have been two nights with a total of 120 participants per night, in one of the most central and cool clubs of Barcelona. Needless to say, the music was great and who has ranged in all kinds of sounds blacks, starting from ska and reaching the soul. You djs and a jazz band for a total of two nights of hell in a club whose fans conditioning still works with chrome hanging on the edge of the track (if we were not inundated with people who spoke Castilian and Catalan, I vowed to find me at the Scene London in 63). Warm welcome from the organizers who have deployed the first who came to the club the CD event of the meeting and, as usual with their evenings, organized the lunch meeting on Saturday at the legendary bar Ramon, the blues of the whole of Spain! I will not dwell on the quality of music offered, because it was all of the highest level, nor to tell the stylistic level of the participants or how friendly the people of these parts, I just try to move a little and let you make your coscenze realize that we in Italy we need events like this, always scarce in our major cities. Should move more and see what life is like modernism in other countries and not turn to Italian which is ridiculous and outdated, rather try to uniformarvi with the rest of Europe and you will see that people will come to us from abroad, because as "places" we we do not have anything to envy anyone. Clean Cut then to the next, hoping that there are more Italians!

Scasso  27/11/2012

Le Clean Cut - Barcellona - 19/05/2012

And now 'officially consolidated, 100% Mod a club with a presence of almost 90% of people in our scene and dressed in a very smart (no small thing)! Also this time there were the usual 120 appearances (many I can 'contain local mil), with Mods mainly from Barcelona and more Perpignian' adding some Madrileno and Valenciano and typically Milanese to complete the whole. Of course, the inevitable presence of DNA and Claudio Bazza now resident in Catalan earth and founding member of the legendary Paul Newman Clique (and now in Blues Flames of Claudius), but he also lives in London Perpinian several years, but here are the DJs, as well our Peppe, there were Felix Dominguez of Gijon, Therry Steady Go in Brussels, Roch Vidal Perpinian and residents Sara and Alberto. The evening 'was focused almost entirely on the R'n'B sound, even if you did not' despised the intrusion on the plates of the british beat and soul, a high number of girls (it seems incredible that there is a female audience so 'wide who love these sounds, but luckily them, there '), environment more' than friendly or "comfort" as some might say. So a club that is organized every 4 months which gives you 'the opportunity' to be with people with your same background and takes place in a festive atmosphere absolute Venedi to warm up with 'in a bar with a dancefloor by Albert and the guys in the crew Barsoulona soul and Saturday lunch the now legendary Bar Ramon (fully furnished by lovers of the blues), both the premises are located in the Sant Antoni neighborhood a short walk from Las Ramblas. This and the Clean Cut 'experience that I recommend to mtutti young Italian and mods! See you then the next party in November!

Scasso  29/05/2012

The italian Job - International Rimini Mod Rally 05/08 Aprile 2012

I arrived on Thursday 'afternoon and diopo a good meal, I almost opened the pub with Rimini and 30 mods from almost all the English midlands and arrived late at the airport because of bologna French air traffic controllers strike. the evening and passed away in tranquility 'Look for the familiar environment of the pub, you want to put good music in the background by the managers of the Cheers! The Friday 'afternoon already' faces could be seen to reach the first notes of the areas most italic 'near the town on the Adriatic coast and to the club, about 23 began to dance around a 90ina of people, a music selection focuses almost entirely on the R' n'B and soul. The Sabbath is almost 5 years now as this side has havuto ml'afflusso increased with about 300 participants that congestion is the pub of the afternoon meeting (the now famous Cheers), and the dance floor of the room. Undoubtedly the best DJs were Bresin Julius and Thomas McGrath of London with their soul / funk and a bit 'of R'n'B, as always anticipating the trends that are undermining the craze to put only the R'n'B nights , aligning the rally-style events Londoners! .. As usual you can see who and 'dj really, and implement a detailed scopertta of new songs and doing a trend, and those who scopiazza best! The Sunday after the boring concert Fay Hallam Trinity (very copy of Makin 'Time and Prime Movers) I'm gone! All in all a decent rally held in harmony and trranquillita 'no more' levels of early 2000, but it goes so well, 'quality' of DJs Mod and aesthetics of these still very high! ... The prox Italian Job then? .. mah who will live 'will see'!

Scasso  16/04/2012

Shanty Town Club - Milano circolo ARCI Bitte - 21/01/2012

This time you want for the quality 'of the concert, the One Droppers that were never exhibited in Milan, both for the quality' of the DJ? S (Torino want Alex to put a Monster or a Phil Henry is ?!!), 'the fact that there were about 600 people inside the circle ARCI cleats, of our city'! After the concert there are roughly 400 remaining, the fact is that the evening and 'very well come with the participation of all the mods in Milan, old and young and skins, as well as local, from Genoa, Savona and Turin. Henry has given us the excellent norther and classic soul, while the other 2 ska and rocksteady very sought after, so much so that I do applaud them 'cause they put a lot of songs that did not know and the quality of ska and' revealed and far superior to that soul, much more 'c Lassic and danceable, as direr from floorfiller ... unfortunately the "scene" lacked a little' people want to peer unfortunate coincidence of a soulful night in Parma. The 1Droppers, are one of the best ska / rocksteady band Italian, from Milan, with original skins and Rudeboys that make up the core of the training and through their back ground creates songs unique and very similar to those that jamaicano comporrebbe in the 60's ! Good night and good concert, consigliatisimo the purchase of their single CD!

Scasso  02/02/2012

The Boiler Club - Barcelona - 14/01/2012

Once again the boiler, once again one of the cities 'most' intriguing and European cultural underground scene .... this and the Boiler 'was an evening full of people, but a little' below par in terms of attendance regarding the Catalan modernist scene, 'cause at the same time in Madrid was going to open a new mod club called "Forum"! So our "fearless heroes" have fired the beauty of 6700 km to be present this evening and support the new Madrid-based Mod scene! However, we do not lose heart and with CIAM mods to Perpignan and Tarragona, Barcelona and the rest we have also done quite a number this evening, which as usual was attended predominantly of R'n'B all other kinds of music ..... at the end, the club, the usual 250 people made ??them this time and you can not 'say that there have been important moments with Damian danceable Lapiere La Rochelle as a guest DJ consoles. Boiler and now 'so' and that the famous 'was also placed in the magazine Time Out Barcelona and so do not be surprised if it is taken as a meeting point for all lovers of black music in the city', and which then has a massive presence of lovers "regular" of this music together also a fair amount of teds, always local! Great club it is always worth andrarci and recommend it to all young Italians Mods!

Scasso  20/01/2012