Le clean Cut - 15 e 16 Novembre 2013 - Barcellona

By now you should already be accustomed to my reviews and see why now are years that I get bored a lot to let you all , my idea is that we should go there and experience them personally " evenings " , partly because each of us has a different perception in both receive information forwarded to the other : there are those who dwell more on musical passages , who on the number and style of the participants , but those who , skillfully documents the party with personal anecdotes . Well I will not give you any of this information , you istigherò instead and for the umpteenth time to make you feel out of this world ! Yes, because who does not move , do not compare and interrelates with others is out of this world , and you feel like then call hippyes the guys who dress more or less 60's psychedelic , real hippyes are all those mods who live their modernism from " backyard home" not realizing that the "scene" evolves, is ever changing and constantly goes toward different directions ! Which one ? .. Well my dear this is for you , your lifestyle and your conscience . To Albert and Sara is one of the best rallies Mod Latin side of our beloved continent where there is a mix of: good music, nice ambience , good food and bevante , but mostly nice people , so it only you can be the speakers of this evening , moving the ass and coming to see for yourself , all the others say, " blessed are you who you settle , probabiulmente who has satisfied " .... I do not!

Scasso  02/12/2013

21st All Saints Mod Holidays - 30 ott/3 nov. 2013 - Lavarone (TN)

In order not to lose the foot, such as handwheel , this year I decided to participate to the best international rally which takes place in Italy, or All Saints Mod Holidays. We leave on Friday to make the classic holiday two days on Friday and Saturday , the tail of going very agitated the driver Scasso which as you can imagine coming out of his head in no time. We arrive in the afternoon at the pub where there is already a beautiful climate and a good number of people , excellent opportunity to review the people who occasionally meet in the evenings in Italy and abroad. Participate as every year a good number of foreigners making the climate is very diverse in terms of both human style and is always a good opportunity to inquire or share impressions with the rest of the world. The evening of Friday, part of the great musically appealing to every change of dj most of the people on the track, weather 's always nice running and dancing even if you tend to keep a little ' batteries for Saturday :-) Saturday afternoon in the pub with live band The Triangle two Orthodox (Italy ) and The Kaams (Italy) accompany the aperitif playing flawlessly. The evening is always a lion and attracts more people filling the local limit , a good result for the organizers and Alexander Bazza who always managed to make these special three days. Even the final evening with the foreign exchange music and DJs brings a lot of variety and covers all the mod sounds , participants are delirious when it turns off the lights in the morning of the last day ... For those who were there and for those who were not let this motto ... We say : " Silence is Gold! " the next one!

il Sergio  22/11/2013

Riviera Affair - 15th anniversary- Nice - 6/07/2013

Transfer the French riviera for this gathering also well more than run-in in the city of Nice, we decided to leave us alone and on Saturday evening, after reflecting, wrong big time! We arrive in time for lunch in Nice and we decided to relax a bit before the scooter rally afternoon. Here we come with a little 'late at the start of the rally but everyone had already left, so we will inform you to understand if there was a drink and where to take place but no major results. So we decide to check out the place of the evening it is not practical and not having the space in the center, we are approaching the local Opus. Here, too, we encounter difficulties in locating a Biot village in the hills outside Nice. So we decide to go and get ready for the evening and eat something for dinner, morale was not very high given the unexpected in the afternoon but we could not improve on that evening. We arrive at 22:30 local net in advance, but we enjoy the arrival of dozens of people in the short begin to crowd the room. The atmosphere is very cozy even for people who cordially greet each other and are very happy to see people foreign to their gathering something a bit 'lost in our house. Tell soon begin on the band's live GENTLEMEN'S AGREEMENT, psych pop band churning out the well done cover of killer psychedelic pieces, the audience appreciates starting to dance satisfying the group that saw the heat resists pulling for more than an hour! Straight afterwards the tour of the DJ, his alternate between white and black ranging more or less everyone, participants are involved on all fronts, even if the heat attacks the atmosphere does not give way. Alternate Susanne Greengrass, Greg Boogaloo, Guillaume, Alain, Syl all, Poly-son, Laurent Vidal and Fred'adelic. From my point of view, the evening was a success, a good variety of audiences, large and quality, the place was entirely occupied by the people of the gathering and climate has created a good mix that will continue to give life to this rally in the coming years.

il Sergio  22/07/2013

The Boiler 10th Anniversary - Barcelona 12-13/07/2013

That of the Boiler, not 'just the anniversary more' important for kids to Barcelona, ​​but 'the event more' important for all the Mods of the slope of the Latin "old continent", 'cause no club has ever equaled the style, sophistication and quality 'of sounds offered to inside but above all, no club had the strength of being able to renew without losing the "savoir faire" that this event and' managed to carve in our scene over the years. In my deliberately concise ('cause words are now already' been spent galore) review, I'm not even tell the DJs who participated or quality 'of the sounds or even tweak the proposed global coverage' of the participants who go every time, 'cause I would drop in and assumed trivial, I'll tell' rather than after the departure of our beloved Albert (amen) and 'saw the entry of Jiulia' known by all as Jules Winnfield Barsoulona, ​​which gave a technical side more 'especially on the side and this scooter and you have' had also run the scooter, which was 'done under a blazing African sun, and that really did make all the participants all the sightseeing tour of the city' by east to west in about an hour and a half! At the end of the classic-style dining Catalan to Barceloneta (the Old Port), for all the survivors of the scooterata. Here, I'll tell you 'only who have seen some of my attendance Italic addition to the usual, that of Bazza and Claudio, such as: the brothers starri (London / Trieste) and from Maine, well of course Julius Bresin from Pordenone, but the young was one of the DJs invited to the event! So if someone wanted to organize a club Mod then only mod is not ', well he should move his fantastic culotto, come up to here' and see how these guys, with a simplicity 'now disarming, how to organize one of the clubs' "cool" in Europe, which stands among the best, in proposing sounds blacks of course, assim those of the Midlands, such as: Pow Wow, No Way Out and the Mousetrap London. I call for the millionth time people to participate and understand what it means "modernist spirit", being able to renew while retaining the refinement, discretion and elegance! To the next step folks!

Scasso  21/07/2013

Summertime Mod weekend - L'Ampolla (Tarragona) - 7/8/9 Giugno 2013

The ampoule and 'a fishing village 40 km after direction Tarragona Valencia whose peculiarities' are good fish and beautiful sea; instead its flaws: the excessive construction of urbanization for tourism purposes (now, with the crisis, let semi-desert) and the strong wind that always pulls in those parts. But let's get the party itself which was divided in the days of Friday 'on Saturday and Sunday, we'll start by saying that and' a feast for recreation or relaxation, where the DJs who suonanao (which are very many) do more 'than other 'cause friends Paoloma and Carlos, this pair of "old mods" Catalan residents in Tarragona well known in the Spanish Modernist landscape and began to set up this weekend at the purposes of the present to enjoy the good sea and good food that you have there. Percutaneous anyone expect people in full or sophisticated music, and 'all done for the mere fun and simple. The evenings are made in a beach bar or Xiringuito (as they say) on the site of the town and headland overlooking the bay fishing with the marina in the country that stands out everything below, beer and 'super cheap as the sandwiches and the party hard to Friday 'until 3 am and on Saturdays until 5 am, since it's' pool and times are given by the municipality to not disturb too much the residents who live on the side of the room. On Saturday afternoon there is the door to the "social dining" all seafood with a little variation on meat for those who (like me) does not like the smell of food in the sea, to another that Xiringuito and 'near a beach a bit 'out of the country but attached to the wonderful hotel / resort (the Cap Roig) 4-star boys of Tarragona reserve for the Mods arriving for the meeting and that it' super cheap since the Spaniards still consider that "off-season". Council meeting to those who want to take a relaxing holiday and you can 'afford to pernottaqre them' a bit 'more' than 3 days, otherwise we would be a little Italic a vacation model "tour de force" 'cause you have to get to 'Barcelona Airport and then take the train that goes' in town' and it stops at the train station of Sants and recover them from a local to Valencia and shoot the beauty of 140 km for the arivare paesiello! For everything else we can say that the place is' really very beautiful and fantastically hospitable people, so it at the next review folks!

Scasso  14/06/2013

Milano Mods Night Club - Sabato 6 Aprile 2013 - Batik Pub V.le Umbria, 64 Milano

As you have been able to ascertain, by a little 'time in this part of the evenings they have arisen with the name of Milan Mods (even if the title to the undersigned not like as a synonym for simplicity that poorly suited to the detail and sophistication of 'subtlety' a Mod club should have), they are having some success in the landscape Mod Lombard. In fact, even this evening and 'managed great with a presence of about a 80ina of people who have completely paralyzed the Batik pub. The Pub 'located in a central area of ??the city' and is' set on two levels, the ground floor there 'a real English pub and at least one you and' the dancefloor with a minibar, very much welcoming, always in British style. Let's say that in less than one level, already '50 people are more' than enough to fill it completely, that 'for an evening that vule consider mod 100% is more than good. Specifically, again and 'had the presence of guest djs: one and' was Guillaume of Paris, which helped to revive the scene in the French capital by establishing a Mod club called "Les Minets" and has proposed dishes to a selection that ranged from the British R'n'B beat, and the other our old conoscienza as well as 'dear friend: Piergiorgio of Genoa, "promoter" of events in the capital of Liguria, as well as' good dj beat Italian, northern soul and ska. It must be said that this time the presence of mod Milan and 'was really 100%, and with our presence (for the first time we were fully booked) and that of the "Mods Milan", a new organization Milanese, consisting mostly' child young people who are giving new vitality 'to the Lombard capital. Returning to the sounds offered in this edition of the club, you can 'say that DJs have focused more' blacks see on the sounds: soul, R & B and ska, that of the white ones see: british beat, freakbeat and psychedelia , though some pieces fairly classic freakbeat have heard and I have to say that people also loved this selection (although in my humble opinion a bit 'too classical). I hope the club continues, perhaps with a name more 'elegant, however, and' be noted that the response to this type of nights is increasing dramatically, which means that people (especially the more 'young people) felt the need to identify still a club dedicated only to sounds' Mod! ... then the next night ....

Scasso  09/04/2013

The Italian Job Mod rally - Rimini 28/31-03-2013

This year when they have little money and few days off we decided (that myself and Magpie) to do one day, one on Saturday, starting and ending at the afternoon in the pub next morning to Life Club located in central Viale Regina Margherita di Rimini, where he 'had a presence of about 250 people. The music played has touched more 'or less all sides of black music, from ska to soul passing from latin and R'n'B. The best Djs on Saturday were Roberta di Teramo and Dave Edwards of London, Niam has not convinced me in some passages of soul (see Gost in my house). All in all, the friendly and relaxed environment of the pub and the club did the rest and at the end and 'a gathering that, although reduced by choice of the organizers (who want to offer only black music), does not cease to be one of the few points reference to the now small Mod scene Italica. Although some organizations Mod do not want to take part, the people who choose to come to the Italian Job you can 'at least a taste' of Europe, both with djs such as: Niam Lynch, Dave Edwards, Hans Eiglsperger, with the presence many mods of the channel. All washed down with good beer or wine and typical dishes of the Riviera, and for sure this is 'better than staying at home, so it can not tell you that, "the next Italian Job", which will be' even the 30th, and that will give him 'rally Mod more' old Europe!

Scasso  03/04/2013

Mojo Working - 1/2 marzo - Donostia (San Sebastian) - Euskadi

What Donostia is a gathering place for lovers of the sounds blacks, where the prevalence of soul and RnB makes her master. Lets start by saying that the team Catalan from Barcelona was playing along with Madrilena, the most numerous. Arrived on the Friday morning with a domestic flight, we immediately wonder how incredibly not rain (since it rains a day no three of them) in the Basque land, and how he could not swim for once going from one place to atro . Friday we were all in a typical pinchos (or tapas) bars, tasting the best "snacks" that can be found in Spain. Donostia is a town of rich holiday for surfers and its premises are diaciamo "hand", but the organizers have tried to take us to places where you can eat well and spend relatively little. But lets get to the local Friday night, one of the best ballrooms ever seen, where you go down 10 steps and you enter a room, the Victoria Eugenia, (which is run by the municipality), where, in a semicircle, model amphitheater, there are the bar and the dancefloor. the evening went on up at 5 am with about 150 people. On Saturday instead, to Gatzeszena there were about 500 people in a new place, but that is usually a place where the bands are playing, there is a little off-center from the area of ??the old quarter and you have to get there by taxi. In my humble opinion, this place serves only to make money, and is completely unsuitable for the dance, it is almost a square with an anteroom where there is stalled in the bar and the concrete ground, does not allow to slip shoes for dancing , the stage very high professional allows you, to see the concerts well anywhere in the room, but negative for use as a disco. Addition of about 500 people, were left after you and no 200 concerts, in a sea of ??plastic beer glasses scattered all over the ground (or dancefloor, if you can call it that). Concerts I have to say that they were the most interesting thing on Saturday along with the selection of Dani Erranz of Valencia, which has proposed a soul / northern truly original, but especially ever heard, while the second African-American artists: Lazy Lester and Melvin Davis, proposed the first rhithm and a very dark blues and 50s and the second a Detroit soul sound scary, interspersed with them, there was the return of the legendary Allnighters, the mod band from Vitoria (Basque Country always), who proposed a british RnB , m drawn from their two albums really addictive. I will not dwell on the selection of DJs because in the end is known and is equal to the one that you can listen to any Boiler Club in Barcelona short Donostia 100% ok to eat and spend a nice holiday, but too expensive if you want to get there only for music and listen to something new. I think that this Mojo Working is a good diversion for local promoters to spend a great weekend and meet new people or see old friends are hard to reach in the rest of Spain, given their geographical location, very secluded and almost bordering with France north. This is the thing that I aprrezzato the rally, not to mention that these Basques are very friendly people and very helpful.

Scasso  06/03/2013