Club's History  


We formed back in 1994 on a hot summer night, during a celebration of the late 60's in the center of documentaz. Alternatively Golgonooza. There were 3, but only for that night, the rest of the quota had been set back a bit 'on holiday and a bit' at a ska concert (if I remember correctly), the fact is that to me, Max (the dj man ) and Cristiano (aka the Tafa) we've come up with this insane idea to organize in the form of Mod Club, in order to better coordinate and give a mark of originality and guarantee the evenings Mod Milan. So was born The UomoRagno Club which immediately joined the other half or maybe 3/4 of the quota Milan with Paperino, the immoderate, GiPo of Saronno, which I do not know where he is now finished and now exiled in Madrid and Manchester, Matteo di Vigevano and Milo Codogno. Over time, there have been many initiatives such as our regularly hosts every Sunday night at the now late Container Lambrate, the Get Carter, where 1 once a month at the Linus Club before, the duty Cafè then took place (and I hope you continues to play, since we are always in the process of talking to 2 or 3 local managers in the area of ​​Milan) careful selection of beats, freaks, psych, northern, modern jazz and so on and so forth with the 3 resident djs, Doddo, Max and Moretti and one guest dj (almost all of the most popular in Italy were by us). Besides myself every Saturday afternoon from 16 onwards put your discs regularly (or better cd) to the Loco Bar (formerly Bistro) in of Porta Ticinese, now the task has passed every Friday from 10.30 in then, to our friend DJ Henry the Blind Alley mod org.che makes a good selection of all kinds of music dearest to us. We also had a newsletter that came out more or less when there was a fair number of fresh news and articles on festivals and discs prepared by me and Donald and Max first, then, again by me (that sucks!) And Miss "indiemodqueen" Helen of Radio Lone Wolf. The bulletin, was in milan reviews of parties, but also of everything that could and can gravitate to the European Mod scene in all its many facets. This in short is our club who has seen and been through all sorts of things and hopefully Vederna still many ... From 2000 to date has been made official a close collaboration with the Milan mods, we do a club called "Buzz with the fuzz" where the initial core of henry, for the soul and early r & b, Max for the beat and psychedelia and Trishia for the beat and freakbeat has had to change with the addition of Michele Pingitore that puts hammond grooves. Unfortunately, Trisha has left us not by his own will, but for family problems, but the club continues always great with the inclusion of a national caliber DJs from the rest of the peninsula, the young core of the club makes an evening indie/60 's the plastic (DJ Gazza) called London Loves in the room where the small local places from soul to psychedelia. We also work with the mods of Varese to the realization of Ticino mod rally, a small event, but that always enables us to propose high-level bands and otherwise is increasingly magnifying this with regard to our recent attivià. Our greatest friends are the Maximum Speed ​​of Genoa, the Leones Feri of Rome, the Smart Generation of Venice and Barcelona Mod society!

Roberto Scasso