Alex Cooper - Club 45 Again - Chelsea edicciones - book

It 'was in 2010, when the appearance of CLUB 45, that magical book pop rejoiced sensations the existence of mods and jetsetters from all over Spain, and marked the beginning of the publishing company Chelsea. Its author, Alex Cooper, has been waiting more than six years before publishing its sequel, hoping to make disappear the myth that sequels are never good. Club 45 Again is another exciting collection of instant hitting at 45 revolutions per minute, ninety songs Age Pop will delight mods, beatnik, collectors and fans of music and style. With the passion of "absolute begginer" and expertise from librarian, Alex has tracked its impressive original archival memorabilia to choose from hundreds of forgotten images, hidden in pop magazines from five continents, notes, postcards and promotional photos, spreadsheets and press kits, cards recordings and editions around the world. This catalog Technicolor is accompanied by a text which, far from being exhaustive, is trying to capture the attention of the reader on the basis of anecdotes and adventures that until now have remained preserved in the old paper publications in the memory of its protagonists. CLUB 45 portrays the life again and the beat opera, the real protagonists who are the musicians of the early galaxy sixties, but on their pages there are a lot of producers' stories, television presenters, radio DJ pirate, models and photographers, managers, advertising and fan clubs secretaries. A fascinating journey, with zero km, located in the heart of Soho in London: the Carnaby Street exit to visit first, the clubs "in" in England and the path followed for the planet beat, trans-shipment to destinations as far away as Australia, Kenya and Uruguay. At the end of each chapter you have the same feeling when your single favorite is finished, the dense of necessity that forces you to place the needle in the beginning to hear it again. This is what you have with a "floorfiller", sounds that are as addictive for the beat sound. Percu: "put on your dancing shoes" and celebrates with Alex Cooper 30 years cha lived in was Pop.

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The Allnighters - Everything is Changing - Gaztelupeko Hotsak Rec. - LP

The magnificent career although irregular one of the largest organized group Mod scene in the Spanish as well as European R'n'B brand deserves a quick review. They formed almost three decades ago in Vitoria Gasteiz, Basque Country and has since made three discs and more than three hundred concerts with a sound that went from pub rock of the 70's, to the boogie blues and rock'n'roll of the 50's. Just as they have shared the stage with artists and bands of the caliber of: Wilko Johnson, Barrence Whitfield, Eli Paperboy Reed, Swamp Dogg, The Blues Brothers Band, Ian Dury, Kenny Neal, Bill Thomas, Lazy Lester and Melvin Davis. That curriculum !! They broke up in '98, but it seems that a few years later came back 'the demon soul' and reiniziarono to try one more time together by sharing festival stages in the genre Soul / R'n'B as: Black is Back or Mojo Working in San Sebastian, and now for this Basque local label: 'Gaztelupeko Hotsak' produced again the fruit of their passion for these sounds in this 'vinyl pearl' of eight tracks with the best sound i ever heard and it was produced by this band. Joined by analogy to the famous: 'Circo Perotti' Gijon by what kind of teacher can only be Jorge Explosion for the quality of the sounds and arrangements, and have chosen for the cover of the disc the graphic design of another master of pop Article what José M. Lledó "Mardi" who represented through the various monuments of their hometown punctuated by exotic animals, half a dozen of the best soul / R & B artists that inspired them. the best of their eight new songs is that they are signed by their more skilled composer who is Iñigo. Their work begins with: "Tell us the truth", where through the powerful winds that change are interspersed swampy blues guitars throughout sang, then change to: "I'm your slave" where a powerful organ is king Dr Feelgood type, in short, is a succession of plots among chitarree dirty blues, hammond groove and soulful horns. The moment of calm comes along with the piece: "I'm gonna miss you" with riffs reminiscent of Van Morrison's Them, and then continue with the instrumental "Midnight Boogie" whose powerful harmonics and guitars seem a mixture of ZZ Top and DR Feelgood (yet); in short, one of the best records of the year must-have.

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Smart Dress - Ácido Azul - Brindis al Soul Rec. - CD

Six tracks mark the return, almost twenty-five years after their breakup, Smart Dress, or the legendary Mod band disbanded madrileña just the most beautiful, in the early 90s, when the sounds Funk and Jazz carried by currents ephemeral Acid Jazz it They evolved sound. Six songs that in addition to the return in the form of Spanish mod supergroup-in fact, to pedro Ramos, guitarist and leader, alongside members of prominent bands such as the Basque Allnighters (even though their return after 20 years of silence), the Andalusians or Refoundations Valencian Vibe Creators (recently recycled Up for it) - it has returned the musical path. To make de master, the tittle track with lots of flute, Hammond and a perfect funk rhythm, followed closely by "El día que a dios por existir the god", a song that takes the title from the novel by Dani Llabrés, another famous Spanish modernist. "Diversoul" was the horse of battle of the band in 1990 and this, like the rest of songs, refer to Pop Soul expedited sounds that, so to speak, and to name a band Milanese same age, could remind me of Mike Investigators, Ginetto and Geppo . A self-produced album that you can apply by writing to

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Nick Waterhouse - Never Twice - Innovative Leasure Rec. - LP/CD

The disc is an elegant cocktail of r & b, jazz clubs, soul, surf and boogaloo, in which the author has focused the best to rework a mixed staff of influences from the music 50s' and 60s. Ten are the traces of this third album weblog Waterhouse ten pills with which the artist Californian r & b reunited with producer Michael McHugh, living legend of the music scene of Orange County, and with great favorite musicians like Bob Kenmotsu on flute, Ralph Carney on saxophone and Will Blades organ. In the pieces of this extraordinary work entitled 'Never Twice' you go back over the whole vintage magic to shots of jazz, old school r & b, blues presence and Californian Nick Waterhouse surf attitude prefers. The opening is vibrant and has been entrusted to a song like 'It's Time' and is still immersed in another age listening '' I Had Some '', as is the case in 'Straight Love' and in ' elegant 'Stanyan Street'. It 's almost rock'n'roll old style in' Old Place ', there is romance in' Baby i'm in the mood for you 'while one surrenders all'incedere from wild party of' Katchi ', until closing night 'LA Turnaround' with which we are faced with the work of maturity of Nick Waterhouse, this beautiful '' Never Twice ''. Originality is the first thing that jumps to the attention of the listener, which today are less and less able to meet so brave and talented musicians to devote themselves to the level of artists and unforgettable names like those who have designed and indelibly marked the history the music of the '50s and' 60s worldwide. Nick Waterhouse soul no coincidence seems to be due to a purely soul imbued with a passion for ritmh and blues out of the ordinary and his rhythm actualization becomes the ultimate expression of an uncontrollable desire to play with class. And on this record, Waterhouse has accompanied catchy and dense rhythms suitable texts and overlapped, creating a product truly worthy of nota..e listening!

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