Men Of North Country - This City - Acid jazz Rec. - LP/CD

Associating the Northern Soul to the city of Tel Aviv is certainly not an immediate mechanism but all there is remedy, must have thought Yashiv Cohen mind and propulsive engine of the MONC: "It is true that ours is not exactly what comes to mind when you think about Israeli music, but I had the privilege of growing up in Kibbutz Kfar Blum, whose founders came mainly from the United States and thanks to them I listened to American and English music from an early age.My mother's family emigrated from Brooklyn and growing up in my house was a bit like being in Woody Allen's Radio Days.You soon became the soul of my favorite music, deeper and deeper then I fell in love with the Northern Soul, the movement that emerged from the Mod scene in North of England in the late 1960s, from that moment I practically fell in love with the whole Mod genre. " It is with this background that the good Yashiv in 2008 begins to get noticed in the nightclubs of the Israeli capital (the reports refer to clandestine karaoke!) Where he will soon meet the other members of the future ensemble. Dagli Elettra, rock band very popular in city circuits, recruits guitarist Nitzan Horesh, drummer Boaz Wolf and bassist Doron Farhi. Complete the line-up with the trombonist Ido Kretchmer and the brothers Sizzling, Sefi to the trumpet and Ongy to the sax. It's Dylan Girl's piece from the North Country that inspired him for the band's name; Wilson Pickett, Gloria Jones and Booker T. are among the references for the musical address. Another cheerful Brigade of the Soul was born and if The Commitments have been the blackest band in Dublin in the film imagination, the MONC want to become the toughest Northern Soul band in the Middle East! The apprenticeship for them is the same: hours spent in the cellars to review the classic R'n'B and Soul of the '60s and' 70s that then re-propose in dozens of concerts, refining the instrumental practice and putting together a handful of original compositions with which they manage to attract the attention of Acid Jazz Records and debut in 2010 with the 7 '' Man Of North Country / Debut. Two years later, again with the London label (which over the years has become synonymous with musical elegance with Brand New Heavies and James Taylor Quartet artists in the catalog), the first long-term work, The North, will arrive. In the album in addition to the black, which we have already mentioned, the atmospheres of bands like Style Council and Dexy's Midnight Runners, exuberant songs with immediate grip, excellent arrangements and an ultra-vigorous approach. Now, after four years on tour for half of Europe, This City arrives and the MONC hit again. The album in fact starts very well, the warm voice of Cohen (very similar to that of Paul Weller) and the pasty sound, illuminated by the wind, make Running an exemplary piece to introduce us to the musical delicacies of the Israeli association. We are in the same emporium frequented by Weller, Talbot and Rowland in the early '80s: memorabilia Soul and R'n'B, proletarian elegance and unstoppable desire to dance. Wendy Rene, tribute to the color singer under the Stax in the early 60s is, without hesitation, the most beautiful piece of the lot, a real wonder from the catchy refrain and the linear melody that never tires, a small instant classic. They are still the brass and the sax that excel in the solar and foaming All In, Country Lost / Tobacco Road and Let's Get Away and if, Country Boy is the perfect soundtrack for cocktail parties and spy stories at the Bond, 77 is the slow that wait to dance tight close. Bella is also the version of I'm Comun Home (In The Morn'un), a Northern Soul masterpiece by Lou Pride. The seductive Kinksiniana ballad Permanent Vacation closes the record. This City is therefore an excellent record that conveys a feeling of freedom and joy that is at the very origin of this inebriating and unmistakable music. What then, on this tour, comes from Tel Aviv and not from the suburbs of Liverpool, it's just a detail.

Scasso  31/01/2018