P.P.Arnold The firsth cut SanctuaryRec. CD

This one of the most 'beautiful anthologies of this Anglo-American artist. There are 28 songs here including the two albums, individual and a period of unprecedented cpmpreso between'66 and'68. It 'was undoubtedly the "firsth lady" of the Immediate, label Log Andrew Oldham, the first MENAGER the Stones, who after having left for the note in'66, decided to found this record, where gl others were also writing the Small Faces Nice and the Amen Corner! E 'was also one of the Ikettes But right after the tour to England decided to stay permanently, living in London, where he became too great friend of Steve Marriot and members. He knew the Mod scene through Euro Ye Ye impressive 3 annim ago and has also recorded a pezo with the Ocean Color Scene. So a great artist, not just for the sa by soulsinger powerful voice, but also because 'with his versatility', has coverizzato songs of the Beatles and Stones and has brought out large individual soulpop british! Excellent work for me!

Scasso  20/11/2008

Little Man Tate Nothing worth having comes easy SkintRec. CD

This new band of Sheffield gives us the joy of giving the emotions of the first britpop / powerpop the mid 90's! 13 songs are well balanced between ballads and most powerful pieces, reflect a somewhat 'first mod revival of'79 and this not bad at all! are fresh and well structured, a quartet that shows up well in line with all mod bands that do this kind! recommended to the lovers of powerpop, whatever it is!

Scasso  07/11/2008

Kaiser Chiefs - Tour Date - Milan - Italy

The Kaiser Chiefs, one of the most exciting live bands English, celebrate the release of its new album with the announcement of one Italian agreement on February 5 in Milan. The concert is scheduled all'Alcatraz.

il Sergio  24/10/2008

Oasis Western European tour

Oasis have announced their biggest ever tour of Italy. The band will be playing 5 dates across the country as part of an extensive Western European tour from January to March 2009 in support of their new album 'Dig Out Your Soul'. The Western European tour starts January 12 and continues until the 3rd of March. This marks the next phase of Oasis' 2008/9 world tour and follows on from tour dates in Canada, the UK, Mexico and the US. The Italian tour dates are: 2nd February 2009 MILAN - Datchforum 20th February 2009 ROME - Palalottomatica 21st February 2009 TREVISO - Palaverde 23rd February 2009 BOLZANO - Palaonda 24th February 2009 FLORENCE - Mandela Forum

il Sergio  17/10/2008

The Folkswingers RagaRock FalloutRec: CD/LP

That label has another center reprinting this California band, composed of well over 8 instrumentalists the great sitar to harih Rao, a disciple of Ravi Shankar. I began as Folkswinger bluegrass band, then going to beat arrangements and affecting more in'66, one of the most beautiful discs ragarock (or beat that is to say) where raga means all those sprcati sounds from the Indian sitar ! The word raga has adopted for the first time a clever publicist of Columbia, label the Byrds, to advertise their single: "Eight miles high"! D'apprima they were shocked to use sacrilegious, but then became in those years of usage, it is enough just to think of bands like: Lord Sitar; Rajput and the Sepoy Mutiny or The Nirvana Sitar, to name a few where the sitar made by the master in almost all the pieces! However this' one of the most beautiful albums of sitarbeat where they are processed and coverizzate songs such as "Paint it black, time will not let me, and shapes of things norwegian wood." Excellent as hard to relax, recommended a tuti fans of Indian sounds!

Scasso  17/10/2008

the Bishops - the bishops - CD

the disc of 2008? There he is here! Londoners are young and playing that 'a pleasure. the trend and 'one followed by many groups lately (to make the 60's then pulls eh?) see last shadow puppets but here and' music entirely. References are other means the situation Kinks, the beatles and I personally would add echoes the clash (in the beautiful "THE ONLY PLACE CAN LOOK THIS TOWN") and a draft power pop, but never assume indeed! It comes as duration is around 2 to three minutes over the fuzz ever pulled a thousand! milan have played recently (me obvious that they lost son!) and son on the lips of all those who love both the indie scene that the old lovers of a certain garage beat. Your handle this disc and see that you will not regret it (two days not listening more). we are already 'second disc of a new group in 2008 that music is changing perhaps? or perhaps someone has' woken up! mah .....

Matteo  10/10/2008

Takin' a detour vol.4 VV/AA Detour Rec. CD

Excluding the beautiful packaging, that is good for 6 pages booklet that explains all 9 bands compilation, Mr. Holmes Dizzy, and not 'went to dila' product enough! Where to sufficient, I mean the continued passion for powerpop part of the record, but that 'you forget that the Mod scene, especially in the United Kingdom, and' continuous turmoil and changes, you notice how bands such as 5 or Aces The Figure 5 in Glasgow and still the Modus Edinburgh were not even mentioned in a song. So here are 'linked to mod band that has very little third of Japanese origin, which says all sales and the target product! Now we come to the cd, after the Russians and East End britannicissimi The Itch, all the other bands are not only not mod, but in the worst cases even garagepunk! THE sound and 'therefore almost all poppunk'77!. Nothing too transcendental for fans of the genre!

Scasso  09/10/2008

Ananda Shankar 2001 Fallout-Rec. CD

Therapy reprint of this art Indian and other non 'that the nephew of the more' famous sitar player of all time, Ravi Shankar. Ananda, unlike his uncle, svecchiare loves the sound of the instrument, in this disc has stirred the sitar with an orchestra, creating a hypothetical soundtrack of a film that is the "space". With its disc released in'84, has indeed paid tribute to the more 'famous 2001 Space Odissey! .. Work and' godibilissimo like his first album dated'70 or that of Lord Sitar dated'68! All sitar, in fact, interspersed with 20 instruments that will give the fullness and versatility 'sound, never boring but always modern and current, even for a mod party home, say so!

Scasso  09/10/2008

Afternoon all, Here is the latest nutty news for October!

CROSSFIRE 12 allnighter- Sat 11 October Now in our sixth year and proud to announce our first all night dance at the Venue. To launch the new concept we gone completely overboard and booked three great live artists. Direct from NYC, Northern Soul and Wigan Casino legend Dean Parrish, with full live band + Karime Kendra & The Killer Meters + the Staggers. We got 5+ hours of quality Northern Soul, Freakbeat/Garage/Psych and Rhythm & Blues/Ska respectively. DJs from about a dozen London clubs. SEE FLIER BELOW! NEW UNTOUCHABLES 11th Anniversary Party- Sat 29 November. After last years belter we have gone one better with an amazing new venue on two floors for this years anniversary party for an allnighter of epic proportions @ Gramaphone 60-62 Commercial St, London E1 6LT. In the Beat basement we have debut gig for a cool new band featuring scene members Claudio & Dario from Italy + Marcus + Claes from Sweden and Martin on Drums called The Caper Story! + DJ’s Dr Robert & Speed & special guests Coffin Joe (The Horrors) + Miguel Ygarza (Mushroom Machine- Madrid). In the Soul loft NUTS DJ’s Pid, Lee Miller, Mark Raison, Chris Dale & special guests Roger Banks & Roberta (UndergroundBlues-Teramo) A NUTTY NEW YEAR- 31 Dec 08 One of the most anticipated parties of the year at the superb VENUE in Great Portland Street (Opp Regents Park, London W1. Home of Crossfire and Le Beat Bespoke events. The Venue will host 3 rooms with a superb DJ-line-up from across Europe covering the best new discoveries & party sounds for an all night dance starting 9pm. Tickets go on sale 1st November and will be £15 in advance and £20 otd. MOUSETRAP NEWS Next Fuzz for Freaks is Sat 25 Oct- superb DJ line-up Ben Jones (Hip Cat Club) Graham (Frat Cave) & Uygar + residents Dr Robert & Speed. Next R&B all-nighter is 8 November with DJ’s Mik Parry, Jim Cox & Andrea Mattioni Joining residents Lee Miller, Chris Dale & Rob Bailey BO DIDDLEY NIGHT- Sat 15th November 2008 @ THE Venue 229, Great Portland Street. London W1 1AB Time to pay homage to one of the greatest Rock'n'Roll / Blues artists to ever strut his stuff, the mighty Bo Diddley !! For a one off special in the heart of London Town. Well know London spin doctors Rob Bailey ( New Untouchables ) and Cosmic Keith ( Boston Arms Rockabilly Club ) are joined by Brighton's chief wax spinners Dave 'Diablo' Crozier and El Hammondo ( Mojo-2-Go-Go Club). Expect to hear the finest Rock'n'Roll , Blues , R&B , Garage & Beat ever laid down on 45rpm ! Live music is provided by a one off special from the 'Diddley Daddies' (AKA: Louie & The Louies , Sir Bald Diddley ) laying down their own unique brand of Bo Diddley bedlam ! R&B RECORDS Brand new collection of rare 45’s and LP’s just in. 20% discount on all orders over £100 All set sale no auctions including many rare item like these: Clubs Sounds (R'n'B, Soul Jazz, Latin, Boogaloo, Blues and Funk) Freakbeat/ Garage/ Psych/ Funky Rock/ Blue Eyed Soul Northern & Rare Soul Mod Revival & Punk Go:

il Sergio  03/10/2008

New Untouchables Italian Crew

The 2 milan mod societys: milanomod organization and the spiderman mod society milan, in occasion of possible euro 60's/mod meetings to organize into the Lombard Capital, did decide to reorganize themselves into the new Untouchables italian Crew!! for support and be supported by the london brothers!!! cheers and many many ciao, kisses, hugs to everybodys!!!!


Timebox The sound of London's MOD/club scene RPM Rec. CD

Beautiful reprinted from the British label that has the slogan: "by collectors, for collectors." This is the collection of all songoli more 'masters and acetates, of this great band led by Mike Pact (later famous for his rock band progrssivo Pact), leaving sottoDeram and Piccadilly, two subsidiaries of the famous Decca label where they also recorded the first Small faces! These 27 songs divided into two periods, where the first 13 dedicated to modjazz and blue eyed soul, containing the classic "soul sauce, beggin 'and do not make promises" and were marked with the now classic british target, while the second 14 with the classics: "gone is the sad man and you've got the chance," where he feels most 'a grain of psycho beat or adirittura 60's pop, have been marked by sunflower (for sunflower intended)! Practically there is a retrospective of the entire career of this band that was the shoulder to countless concerts of Small Faces and nights of the Scene club in london!. For myself to have undoubtedly fundamental group mod!

Scasso  29/09/2008

The Cazals What of our future Kitsune'Rec. CD

This review I want to do a little 'why' and 'a band of friends, some' because almost all the components have been changed or are still! However begin by saying that after the successful start of his career, when formed by the shoulder baby Shambles, having the same record producer, started with a powerpop taste vaguely retro ', early 80's for instance! After the scndalo we all know we Doherty were moved to other directions, abandoning the old producer to go to that and that 'their current sound, we could say much or postpunk new wave, where these kinds mean a poprock influenced by' e! However Luke and "sticky" Phil created these 11 songs, combi label and landing at the French Kitsune '(label of Daft Punk) inspired the current wave neo electronics that is' (or was, because' I do not know exactly all 2000 trends towns) raging for London! The sound is not 'bad at all the original texts, is to accept all the sound and that' still powerpop, but not canon!

Scasso  22/09/2008

Lord Sutch and heavy Friends WoundedBird Rec CD

After many years now, dead re-print vinyl in the American soundhazed; this label in New York we once again a classic british rockblues. Screamin 'Lord Sutch, so named in honor of one of his idols rhitm'n'blues of Screamin' Jay Hawkins. He always had a great musical culture, having a strong and subhuman attitude to dress as Jack the ripper and love horror movies, and by listening to blues to rock'n'roll rhitm'n'blues, always attending the jet set in now Lamentation "Swingin 'London." It was so 'dawn of 1969 that created' a band, that more 'what else was a group of friends such as Jeff Beck of the Yardbirds / Faces and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppeiln / Yardbirds creating that classic sound of the early 70's that others do not was that rockblues or britishrock, some call it 'as there seems !!!.. Recommended only to fans of the genre!

Scasso  19/09/2008

Melvin Sparks Sparks!/Akilah BGP Rec. 2LP/CD

This label devoted to jazz reprints, we delight with this format 2 lp in a CD (or 2 respective vinyl reprinted), giving the first 2 albums of this jazz guitarist, and that 'state coverizzato by James taylor Quartet! This is the Prstige lp 2, respectively,'70 and'72 where the sounds funk mixed with those jazz groove, with skillful craftsmanship, creating what we commonly call it acid jazz! But we are in the work of Melvin: the first and 'much more soft with a discreet hammond never too pronounced and a beautiful guitar that mixes the sounds in the second feels a little' plus the influence of new wave of funk, which imperversava in the United States in those years, our guitarist is not un'eccezzione, with guitar and bass very stomper! a good CD or vinyl 2, depends on you, advice to them all!

Scasso  10/09/2008

The Twilights The way they played RavenRec. CD

This group of Sidney, along with Purple Hearts (not the'79 of course) were among the few mod Australian band! In this compilation, there are 28 tracks including 2 of the first albums recorded in London in style Who, where the first of'66, shows powerful guitars and rhythmic beat / britishR & B, the second of'67 with most distortive 'freakbeat and ballads psichpop. The remaining individuals are instead, by Terry Britten, guitarist and composer of the band that towards the'68 has embarked on a solo career and also creating the pearl of single-and ': "2000 weeks / Bargain day", also put in some evenings 60's / mod scene English! All in all, not bad for coming from the "colonies", sound very English style of components ineccepipile!

Scasso  08/09/2008

AA.VV. - “The Further Adventures of Mod Jazz” – KENT CD

Sixth volume series devoted to sound mod / dancefloor jazz and the like by the excellent Kent / Ace Records and compiled as always by Ady Croasdell and Dean Rudland (also known for its excellent compilation on another subsidiary of Ace, BGP ). I must say that the various volumes of the series "Mod Jazz" this seems the most musically diverse with a mix of hammond grooves, R & B and latin jazz. There are few "classiconi" this time: "COD" by Albert King, the great "Hot Barbeque" by Jack McDuff and "Soul Zone'65" Googie Rene. Excellent as always instead the canon work of Kent in the discovery of new songs, especially here, "Around the world" by Chuck Higgins and "Daddy's blues" by Ike Turner, two real gems! Beautiful three or four pieces latin jazz inserted including the rare "Listen to Louie" by Richard & The PS 54 School Yard and two pearls rhythm'n'blues as Dale Cunningham "Too Young" (the best version of this piece in my opinion) and Richard Berry "Crazy Lover." I find it a little 'anonymous some of the other pieces voice (Dee Clark, Jerry Butler) and perhaps there are a few too many filler inserted in the deck to 24 pieces ( "Arabian Jerk" and "Hung Over"? Could do without ..). Fortunately are offset by Merced Blue Notes, Hank Jacobs and Mac Rebennack. Essentially a good compilation certainly appreciated by those who have already the rest of the series, but that leaves open the problem pointed out by several reviewers: whether it is just the label of "Mod Jazz" for a CD sounds so diverse and heterogeneous.

Brian NorthernMods  04/09/2008

Statuto – Elegantemente Rudi – Sony

For 25 years the birth of the group could not be hoped that in a beautiful "Best Of" racchiudesse that all the songs loved by our fans. 40 classic songs that have accompanied the "old mods" and who continue to accompany us "young". The disc includes a novel, "Some from the sea" that wants to be a classic that accompany our hot summers. Personally, I found a defect, as I have found many other fans. Missing the first pieces taken from Demo Tape, now being introvabile, we would have liked to be able to have in our collection. That said, it is impossible not to buy it (many, such as myself, have bought both vinyl that double disc) by good lovers because we have everything. I conclude with: Staff Greetings! And we hope that much more time we can continue to hear new pieces.

Angelino  01/09/2008

The Emotionz – Here we are – Monster Records

We are here to review the first disc of Cagliari Emotionz. The disc (which can be found in both vinyl cd) shows 10 tracks of pure "Mod sound", ranging all sounds so loved by us. I am a nice mix of sonorities Powerpop, Psichedelia and Rythm'n'Blues. Let's go back to the tracks, eight are written and arranged by the group, while two are famous cover such as "Zoot suit" and "Why i cry." The graphics are very simple but well-defined and curated then presents also very pleasant. Council everyone to buy this disc not only because it really is true punishment, but also to help the new band scene mod Italian, so that a return tomorrow to be like a time.

Angelino  01/09/2008

The Black Hollies Casting Shadows ErnestJenningRec. CD/LP

Featured, the only adjective to describe these five mods of New Jersey! This their second work, after the first dated 2005 are influenced by the sound of tamla and stax and a mix of British bands pop beat or psychbeat which Creation and Tomorrow. In 10 songs of this disc whole grit and the Office of freakbeat period of'66 /'68. Style, powerful guitars, Hammond and sitar, in short everything to make an aesthetic impact-sound really cool! AND 'true that the Americans are in New York, but you know, these big cities leaves the U.S. less American you can imagine, they seem to south side of London, both are sharp, refined and dark sounds, and little garagerock, as usually teach us the foreign bands overseas. Recommended for all!

Scasso  05/08/2008


I see by-case basis in this group watching a music channel in Italy. I hear this piece carefully and watch the video with discreet wonder. Two boys in smart dress super mod that seems to exit from the session of "forever changes" of love and a face that is not new. Well we are facing the parallel project of signorino alex turner (singer of the artic monkeys), but toglietevi from head the rhythms and punk T-shirts with stripes because here we talk about music high thickness. As I said very individual recalls the love and the full album moves on that strand. Take the English psychedelic, same as zombies, fuzz guitars and add spray some more verve of psychedelics and the first of coral here have this disc. 12 tracks you leave listen with ease but also with a non indifferent amazement (at least I speak as I am concerned). Good really from start to finish to have a pig in a poke.

TeoFuzz  05/08/2008


Excellent compilation edited by emigration on the psychedelic 60's .25 traces of pure psychedelic classsici with many names are known to those of that kind will mastica lot. There are names known (tomorrow, paul jones, hollies, ...) and others less, but not necessarily be forgotten ... indeed. The compilation passes between pleasant pieces "killer" and ballads lisergiche truly remarkable, in my opinion one on all "is all love" jon one of the pearls of the disc. There are some classics that both felt during the evenings, even here I quote it all one on the much beloved by me "mr commuter" mike proctor. It also point out the presence of bonzo dogg with "equestrian statues" genuine parody of the beatles. The finish is really thrill with syd barret and his "delirious" no good tryng. "Compilation which deals psichedelic English could not finish better say. In conclusion I would say that is a compilation to have for all lovers of psychedelic not stop at various nuggets. There are 25 tracks that, as always happens for this kind, open a world from which it is impossible to get out.

TeoFuzz  05/08/2008

James Hunter – “The Hard Way” (HearMusic/GO Records/Concord) – CD

Back this excellent singer and guitarist directly from Colchester (UK) for us for his fourth CD, this time for a major distribution which belongs to the chain Starbucks (yes that of American coffee, because the CD is also distributed in their stores) . For those who have not known James Hunter has always been dedicated to a mix of sonorities rhythm'n'blues, soul and blues and in recent years with a nomination for the Grammy and two hits in Billboard Blues Chart (still in first place with this CD out June 10) has gained the attention of the English music press and many of mods oltremanica and beyond. I was already a fan of his previous work but in this CD, produced by Liam Watson (The white stripes) and with the extraordinary participation of Allen Toussaint in three tracks, I must say that mr.Hunter gave her best. There are beautiful pieces of rolled r & b old school (but with the production "clean" of our day) as the title-track, "Do not do me no favour", "She's got way" or "Believe me baby" , Alternating with blues ballads and pieces of sweet soul music to Sam Cooke. A purchase in my opinion better than the scialba Duffy Rockferry or other cagate who seek to ride the "strand Winehouse," and with the experience of a musician who for 20 years bazzica tour r & b / soul British. For my part so far is the best disc "Current" of 2008 (as the Five Aces for 2007).

Brian NorthernMods  05/08/2008

Aa.Vv. - “Music to get smart by…Right Now!” – (Jury Rec.) CD/LP

Finally can review this collection found by chance on the site of RecordShack and printed by unknown to me Jury Records (American?): 14 tracks of "mod sounds", between mod classic jazz, soul and funk as Herbie Mann "Right Now" and LaBrendaBen "Chaperone" and some chicca rhythm'n'blues very pleasant as Nina Simone "Come on back, Jack" or the recent biggie Jessie Mae "Do not freeze on me" and a couple of cheapies funk quality. So a very pleasant compilation of black grooves and the particularities of containing songs for once not monsters containing a thousand pounds but 45 different original and quality within the reach of many pockets. The found on ebay and several mailorders as RecordShack, Copasetic or DustyGroove. The only defect, a compilation clearly aimed at an audience Mod / Sixties I would have expected more care and creativity graphics and not a self cover of Dexter Gordon "One Man in Paris" (fantastic disc of jazz standards of 1963). It may be true that almost everything has already been said and done before'71?

Brian NorthernMods  05/08/2008

Kaleidoscope Faintly Blowing TapestryRec. LimLP

This is the second album of this band of the Surrey, that after a handful of years from the first, dated '67, this second masterpiece of psichedelia pop. It's 12 traces of pure british sound, played in magistral manner with much hammond and powerful guitars. It had gone out limited in the kingdom United in those years (1969) already, and hour this record label of the devoted Lichtenstein to reprints of rarity in a format LP limited to 500 copies with "cover gatefold." The sound is iper harder and in many occasions seem similar to that of many indiepsych actual band. Recommended to the lovers of the british pop!!!

Scasso  05/08/2008

Paul Weller 22 Dreans Island Rec. CD/2LP

This new job, or I should tell "masterpiece" it contains 21 traces, for the best of which psych could be spoken about folk pop. Surely it feels the influence of artists what Terry Callier and Neil Young, but and above all of the excellent, also if little classical: "mod weller sound"!! You part with nods of sitar and of distorsions that there carries to a period understood between the '66 and the '68 then with pieces more than soul. Sure its an of the more complex work for the "modfather" because, after well 3 years of absence from the classifications, has make this disk in more resumptions. More and more convinced of be one of him complete "Mod addicted," it is in the sounds that in the philosophy of life, has tried to give this his new creature an imprint more folk, dirtied from the black sound of funk and soul, leaving therefore, less space to the britrock of his last disk!!! Very complex not is easy impact, recommended mainly to his fans and then to all the others!!!

Scasso  05/08/2008

Blossom Toes - If only for a moment - Akarma Rec. CD/LP

This album of the '69 there comes reprinted from this label of you Spezia with a format digipac or vinyl 180 gr., the that is not quite not bad, for the impassioned of the kind. It's the second album of this band and naturally, given the period, where more or less all the British band are experimenting the use of the drugs through the music, also ours 4 friends don't do exceptions, drawn aside therefore of psych-rock. They am 8 passages, any lenses, other much more, but nothing of transcendental. It's a classical britrock band of end 60's, with a powerful hammond and of the sharp and sour guitars, they to me are not sorry, but the only counsel to the lovers of the white music!!!

Scasso  05/08/2008

Duffy Rockferry AM/Rough Trade Rec. CD/Lim. LP

This young woman English singer that one of Bernard Butler for write the music, after the hit single "Mercy" there proposes this album that deals with 10 songs of soulpop, any fast, other very melodic in style Dusty Springfield. It is not evil, also if there is not nothing of transcendental, but it there is a position and a grim in the voice that to the day of today, in the myriad of banality, they should make us it choose like novelty for the Mods!!!

Scasso  05/08/2008

Jarvis Humby Assume the position AcidJazz Rec. CD

This quartet gives us to Stockton make to long distance from the individual for the Rec Detour. (almost 4 years) this album that is a mix of garagehammondgroove much, but much MOD!!! Of facts after the first 3 pieces with a powerful hammond and a sound garagebeat, one withered to other like the cover of Brian Auger: "Black cat," to a very refined beatjazz and articulated good, for a total of 14 passages. The boys are naturally 4 mods and the sound that they go to create, door all of that "white" beloved in the "our" scene. If found the cd, I have taken it for save up in the United States, with different cover, take it to the flight because of sure it there won't disappoint!!!!

Scasso  05/08/2008

New Orleans funk vol.2 - vv/aa -SoulJazz Rec. - 3lp/cd

Once more London label there delights with pearls and rarity of the scene soul and funk of this enchanting town of French situated origins in the American south. they are 21 pieces of artists that go from the '63 at '73 with very handsome booklet (or illustrative sheet for the version lp) enclosed. Undeniable is that also this time one made is centers in full, delivering us a work that for the more too much over will result 60's a little bit, but that listening to it well, you will be very pleasant in succession, increasing of your acquaintances in subject of "black sounds"!! I Sincerely don't know a disk of the souljazz (what a drawn of soul or funk naturally) that have not stayed correlated with taste and professionalism. Unfortunately to the more will result a little bit dear, but for the quantity of material treatise and there tells that it is worth the punishment of it always!!! Suggest to all, there won't disappoint!!

Scasso  05/08/2008

AA.VV. – New Breed R&B (with Added Popcorn) – Kent CD

Third volume of the dedicated series from Kent to the best of the Rhythm'n'Blues (after the fortunate Mod series Jazz) and I must tell that the quality of these compilation has been bettering to sight of eye: this time Ady Croasdell and partners devote themselves to the side "dark" of the R& B gathering to full hands from the best of the scene Belgian Popcorn (after have operated, like one precise also in the booklet, a selection for separate the pieces adjust to a R&B from the slowies and the sonorities "teen" that always in the same scene rings come indiscriminately). "New breed with added popcorn" it picks up any of the best R&B rarities that I have happened of feel lately, and like they like (or they should like) to the modernists: gritty, dancing and fast as enough! They are not missing any unreleased like Luther Ingram- "Oh baby don't you weep" (fantastic) that it soon will come printed in single on Kent Select, different "biggies" like Banny Price- "You love I pretty baby" or the future Terry in-demander& Jerry- "Mama Julie," mix with any classical always pleasant (Nappy Brown "Coal Miner," Billy Bland "Doin' the Mules"). You better part of these 24 traces presents itself however like rare and little known (at least in Italy) but absolutely appreciable it from part of whoever love the sonorities early: I think about songs like Vernon Green- "To lovers prayer" or Harold Atkins "Big Well." In conclusion a harvest of tall quality, recommended to who love the R & B but also to whoever wants to become an idea of thing I am "the good" of the so-called "Popcorn" Belgian.

Brian NorthernMods  05/08/2008

VA - Le Beat Bespoké vol.3 - CD

Fantastic! here at 4 Beat Bespoké the exit of the volume 3, after two years Rob delay didn't can make of good! 20 pieces killer of white very variegated solo in each his sonority well mixed the passage from a piece to the other. Unbelievable and ultra-rare pieces to find, the my preferred: Flashback, it's off-it's on, Mirrors, Hold-up inusite, Music man, Strange magic, Frozen Sunshine, for then don't diminish the others! Discreet graphics, with a notepad much parish priest as usual, sin there is not the custody in cardboard. Acquisition recommended like for the preceding jobs... to HAVE IT! info:

il Sergio  04/08/2008

The Modus - Sound from the Kitten Casino - Demo CD

It is me as soon as arrival from Scotland this new CD sending from my friend, dj of r & b, famous also from us in Italy: Trisha McConnell. It has ten pieces super groove and soulfulbeat of this R & B of Edimburgo. The voice of the very handsome Miss Modus one good mixture with all the groove caused from the band, a voice that remembers much that of Julie Driscoll or of Linda Hoyle of the Affinity. The cd recorded is very well and fact in professional manner. Together at 5 Aces and to the New Mastersound, Modus is an of the band more cool and 100% MOD of the musical British panorama. The counsel to purchase to the flight. impossible forgot it!!!

Scasso  04/08/2008

Get Ready (UK floor fillers vol 3) PsychicCircleRec. CD

Still a compilation of blue eyed soul from part of this newborn labels of psichedelia and 60's pop. There are 20 pieces that go from the '66 at '71 of soul mixed the british beat and to the rock, where it are compared: much hammond, much groove and really much much soul. I am almost all pieces where a Mod would not stop dance and I exclude that, also those that they love more the white sounds, any can doing without. Bevis Frond, the creator of this work, (like after all of the others 2) despite it is a relentless garage, has a discreet culture in subject 60's and there has not disappointed his third volume with this. Recommended to all!!

Scasso  04/08/2008

Alan Trajan Firm Roots Fallout Rec. CD

This album of the '69 contains 12 passages of hammond folksoul conceived from this genial Scottish pianist that, on the style of Brian Auger, there delights with this pearl of groove. Alan, been able to is dose experiment the Scottish folk and the American soulgroove using his organ creating as this unique sound that also spends from the psychpop. It is a very rare album to find in original and this new devoted label to reprints anglo-american has exhumed it in a wrapping enough simple (scarce booklet), but that otherwise mail in the forgotten album would have stayed. I must tell that the sounds are absolutely on the MOD style. Valid!!

Scasso  04/08/2008

The Five Aces – “Shout & Shimmy!” (Saagaloo Records) - CD

Finally I am able to put the hands on "Shout & Shimmy", the first cd of the ex Boogaloo Investigators that by now from time has changed name in The Five Aces spending from a Funk repertoire (excellent, see sell from the alive two years ago) to what Mark Lamarr of the BBC has defined a mix of Small Faces, The Poets, Chuck Berry, John Lee Hooker "jamming at to in general night 60s blues session"! After a note of worth for the graphic appearance of the cd, designed from the good Steve "Hisknibs" and that it winks some LP of the first half of the 60s, I proceed to the I listen to: Buy you it, you won't stay disappointed! And if you are lovers of the vinyl, I signal the exit of the individual "Kick the Bucket " for the Dyn-o-mite Records of the Belgian Thierry Steuve, distributed from Copasetic.

Brian NorthernMods  04/08/2008

THE URGES - - ScreamingApple Rec. LP

Finally it has gone out, a very expected disk from whom it has discovered them. .after have them see them in live exceptional show!! the quality of the sound is excellent, you recognizes itself the excellent job of Jorge explosion immediately and of the his new circus perotti, one hundred analogical per cent, sharp and marshy sounds. These boys of Dublino are really one of the best modern groups that they embody the essence of the spirit 60's punk!. .heard it you dont look knows good (fourth grade trace of the side To) it seem of listen to the zombie of Link Wray while he scream and he play fearless his vox. dirtied ... all (in good sense) from an organ continental!! there I leave the pleasure of the I listen to and I stop write... recommended to all the lovers of garagepunk, surf and wild R'n'B.

Screamin'Lord Gazza  04/08/2008

Super Breaks: essential funk,soul,jazz VV/AA BGP Rec. CD

You don't make be mistaken from the title of the disk, they are all 45 turns of pieces that go from the '66 at '75 o'clock. Practically you wants to make sense of the history of the "breakbeat" through the base of what, according to the editing of the CD, it should be a sting of departure. Of made it is dealt with all pieces of soulfunk or souljazz, much wonderfull of easy impact and good sound; I am enough think that they are compiled here: "Iike's mood," of Isaac Hayes or "Eva" of Jean Jaques Perry, or "Light my fire" cover from Jackie Wilson. Recommended to all the lovers of the black sound!!!

Scasso  04/08/2008

Hank Mobley The Flip BlueNote Rec. CD

This cd has stayed realized for the necklace: "Conoisseurs" and I must tell there are 5 traces of jazz strumental uptempo super danceing. From the cover long before, it is deduced that the work is of end 60's, more precisely of the '69, but it play like if we are in the '66. I am all long pieces, but never tiresome. Our saxophonist, beyond that of the formations classical jazz also of a good pianist italo-american: it wins Benedicts. Nothing to object, from have suffered, visa also the super economic price (7 euro)!!!

Scasso  04/08/2008

Jamaica funk VV/AA SoulJazzRec. CD/LP

This is an of the last exits of this label, there are 18 traces that go from the reggaefunk to the rocksteadysoul, in short an admixture of sonority of artists of the first 70's. Here bands is had like: the Upsetters, the Heptones and artists like: Earl Brown and Derrick harriott, that in sonority more mixate make a very amusing oneness. I doesn't find it transcendental also if, the very handsome booklet, it present the photos of all the individuals with their original labels well in sight. recommended only to the fanatics of the kind!!

Scasso  04/08/2008

Giljoteens Out of our hands CopaseDisques LP

This is the second job of this band of Stoccolma, to my notice an of the more cool in the interpret the original sound of the british beat. There it is not any nod to the garage years '80 or '90. It is eleven passages of pure 60's sound, I think that it is one of the disks that more they draw near to the tastes of the mods, beyond that to that of the lovers of the beat. Mr Braun & Co has developed a sound really very elegant and sharp, given also from the experience matured on the boxes of half Europe. Nothing to tell beyond, there is only from purchase the disk and listen it!!!

Scasso  04/08/2008

Trummor & Orgel Reflections from a watery world Cosmos Rec. CD

This plan, party like parallel to most famous Second Glance, Mod band of Uppsala, you sees it now like an of the more alive novelties in the panorama Swedish indie. The brothers: Andres and Staffan Ljunggren, with the help of Frederik Eikander of the Uppers of Stoccolma, they have stamped this second I work that other are not that a duo of hammond battery (battery and organ are the Italian equivalent) that following sonority very elegant popjazz and that there recalls the mind an other duo that has caused a handful of albums between the '67 and the '69 that they are Hansson&Karlsson. It is nine passages that vary from the 3 at 9 o'clock minutes of groovepopjazz much good and refined.

Scasso  04/08/2008

The UK Sue label story vv/aa Vol. 1/3 ACE/Kent Rec. CD

I have here between the hands the first and the third volume of the history of this English label that departing 60 from the first years have stayed the first devoted label to reprints of: soul, r&b and modjazz. The creator, dj of greater talent has stayed one of the most famous mods of London: Guy Stevens. Departing like dj of the Scene, he has carried it to be, to the dawn of the '64, more famous disco and cool from London, where bands like: Hig Numbers, Animals and artists like Gerorgie Hunger, they have moved the first footsteps in the world of the music. The first volume is a little bit all that he has loved more from the rockin'r&blues to the jazz, the third is a little bit more r soulful&blues. In the notes of cover of the cds, it is not failed to underline, like this label is an of the more you follow from the swingers and from the English mods.

Scasso  04/08/2008

The Bongolian A psychedelic trip to OUTER BONGOLIA BlowUpRec. CD/LP

Once more the genius, the mod from always , the mythical Nasser Bouzida, leader of the Big Boss Hand, as well as hammondista and drummer of exceptional talent, there delights his third work of his plan parallel called Bongolian note with the. There are 14 pieces where, the tools, all played from him and assembled to the Ramshackle Studios from London, there gives a sound much space-jazz a little bit modern if we want with moog and synth in big quantity. The percussions, and the bonghos particularly to do it from master, but it had an organ that is always inserted also in correct doses in almost all the songs. Nothing to object a masterpiece!!!

Scasso  04/08/2008

Georgie Fame The 2 faces of fame/the 3rd face of fame BGO Rec. CD

This work proposes us in an only caused the 2 albums of one of the more beloved jazz players from the mods. The albums that recorded 1967 in the period 68. Naturally all sung modjazz and not, where in the first we are the subdivision of a part live, to the Royal Hall, for a festival and the tall completed in study. The second album, not other is that the goes on of the style of the first, but this time all and 11 the passages are in study. It has a total of 22 pieces therefore, even not all transcendental, but not even from throw by, seeing added the fact that, also enclosing a booklet correlated good of notions, a discreet product is had, fact from this English devoted label to reprints and from some time delight us with the formula of the 2 in one.

Scasso  04/08/2008

George Benson Quartet It's uptown ColumbiaRec. CD

This album of the '66 has stayed reprinted in correlated cd of a beautiful booklet with photo of the artist in that period, during the recordings and the concerts, in more, beyond to the known characteristics of the original album, there additions have stayed the notes of the same guitarist jazz, that there tells what they were his ideas and interpretations of the music in that period. The wanted album doesn't sole from him, but also from the good Jhon "hammond" Smith, there gives in this version restored in Cd, also 5 bonus traks, where beyond to 3 versions of the songs in the original work, there is enclosed also the very handsome individual: "Sideman" a latinjazz, from shivers. All this a jazz results much groove where there is she day-dream song: "Summertime" that we also find again in ModJazz Vol.5 in conclusion a good album partly sung also that there won't disappoint at all.

Scasso  04/08/2008

Carlos Malcolm - Boustin' outta the ghetto - BGP Rec. CD

This reprint deals with a disk gone out in the '70 where our trombonist tries, after varied experiences in the field of the ska, with a sound more jazz-funk. 10 pieces are had in this disk that they go from the funk to the R& more accented B. The work results good and of good impact, nothing of mincing, but a beautiful catchy disk from all. I must underline like they in any pieces feel any [riffs] with influences ska still, but I am only shade, by now the artist turns to sounds more deep; with grooves of jazz and R note& B, all much dancing. Not evil also if not transcendental!

Scasso  04/08/2008

The ordinary Boys B-Unique Rec. CD

After have stayed last year to the English version of the "The big brother," Billy "boy" Preston has received a discreet fame and the label discography it has sell well of exploit the billow of success receipt from the television program, this third album of the "his band," what an other is not that the harvest of the 3 individuals gone out in almost two years, more than the new conceived and thrown pieces all of a breath for finish the work. Sincerely the musical criticism has not given to him big importance and stayed gone out album a little bit in mute, and it has not gotten a big success in the sales. I retains a good neoMOd sound, also if not there are much imagination in the product; ska is had '80 and any of the pieces a little bit rapper with of the powerpop, going on to the final sound that it is sharpens indiepoprock!! Not evil to me is not sorry, but the cd, you won't find it in Italy and you will matter it from the situated Amazon!

Scasso  04/08/2008

The New Mastersounds 102% OneNote Rec. LP/CD

This is the fourth album for this band that to said it of their manager is the more follows from "soulboys&modettes". The 4 boys from London have done an other center; they are 14 pieces of funkyjazzgroove, where you detach him of the lower part of Pete Shand, they mix to duty with the sound of the hammond Bob Birch. Of made is sure, that is an of the bands from the sound more cool together at 5 o'clock Aces from Glasgow, and it has a thick succession between the people of the "our scene". Bands like these should play thicker to the assemblies for give an idea of like the sound "mod" it is been evolved and of like the direction from take is still that of the taste; of the so-called "rare groove" or of the "cool underground" you Unfortunately won't ever see bands like these in the pages of N.M.E., apart from any paragraph perhaps, but of sure once more the London MOD scene we from certain indications on where address our tastes for the new shoppings!! to all, MASTERPIECE!!

Scasso  04/08/2008

Hipsters VV/AA AcidJazz Rec. CD/LP

By now we know it, this label, past the fastis of the first years 90, where to "hold bench" most famous artists were of: "contemporary jazz," it is trying to recycle in label pop Eddie Piller, he has given white paper to numerous his collaborators, between which this Russ Taylor that there packages this wrapping in which 13 mod is mod/ garage American and European bands. The recordings of the pieces go from the '03 at '06 years and I must tell that in many cases have taken albums of the groups from the homonyms. As unfortunately, the risk is run, like in my case, of have double songs; at least the good taste of put of the unpublished passages it would have stayed nice!! All added the job is not wicked, it for whoever wants to discover the actual sonorities of the "our" musical panorama!! Only for the impassioned of pop!!

Scasso  04/08/2008