VV/AA - (that cat was clean!) The Mod side of Jazz - Not Now Music LTD - 2CD

Here are the facts behind some of the artists present this compilation that is essential for any self-respecting Mod: The compilation opens with IDR Horse which is the title of the set ... Dr. Horse was the stage name of Al Pittman (1917 - 2004), a singer of R'n'B and entertainer who performed between 1930 and 1960. Booker T. & the MG's is a band of R & B / Funk instrumental that was influential in shaping the sound of the soul of the South and Memphis soul. Gino and Geno Parks (born Gene Purifoy, 1933) is an American R & B singer who has recorded for several labels, including Tamla, in the years 1950 and 1960. Phil Upchurch (born 1941, Chicago, Illinois) is a guitarist and bassist R'n'B / Jazz. In 1961, his album "You Can not Sit Down", by Philip Upchurch Combo, has sold over a million copies, and was awarded a gold record. Calvin Robert "Bobby" Bland (1930 - 2013), also known professionally as Bobby "Blue" Bland, was an American blues singer. Bland developed a sound that mixed gospel with blues and R & B. It was described as "one of the great storytellers of blues and soul ... who created stormy arias of love, betrayal and resignation, along with dramatic orchestrations, and left the listener drained but intimidated. "E 'was sometimes referred to as the "Lion of the Blues", and as "Sinatra of the Blues"; his music was also influenced by Nat King Cole. Oscar James "Jimmy" Smith (1925 - 2005) was a jazz musician who has achieved the rare distinction of releasing a series of instrumental jazz album that often drew on Billboard. Smith helped popularize the electric organ Hammond B-3, creating an indelible link between the soul of the sixties and jazz improvisation. Ray Charles Robinson (1930 - 2004) was a singer-songwriter, musician and composer known as Ray Charles and sometimes referred to as "The Genius". He was a pioneer in the genre of soul music during the 1950s by the fusion of rhythm and blues, gospel, and blues in the early performances recorded by Atlantic Records. Herbert Jay Solomon (1930 - 2003), known by his stage name Herbie Mann, was a jazz flutist and important early practitioner of world music. Early in his career, he also played tenor sax and clarinet (including bass clarinet), but Mann was among the first jazz musicians to specialize on the flute. John Robert Smith (1933 - 1997), also known as Johnny "Hammond" Smith, was organist of jazz blues and bop. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, was a renowned player of the Hammond B-3 in order to earn "Hammond" as a nickname, which also prevented its being confused with jazz guitarist Johnny Smith. The Shirelles were an American group of girls who achieved popularity in the early 1960s, they were formed at the school of Shirley Owens (later Shirley Alston-Reeves), Doris Coley (later Doris Kenner-Jackson), Addie "Micki" Harris (then Addie Harris McPherson), and Beverly Lee. Have been described both as the first group of African-American girls on top of the Billboard Hot 100, and the first group of girls globally, with the song "Will You Love Me Tomorrow". John Mose Allison, Jr. (born 1927) is an American jazz blues pianist and singer. Oscar Brown, Jr. (1926 - 2005) was a singer, songwriter, playwright, poet, activist for civil rights, and actor. Collaborated unsuccessfully for the office is the state legislature of Illinois that the United States Congress. Brown has written at least 1,000 songs (only 125 were published) twelve albums and more than a dozen musical comedies. Sarah Lois Vaughan (1924 - 1990) was an American jazz singer, described by music critic Scott Yanow as having "one of the most beautiful of the 20th century." Nicknamed "Sassy," "The Divine One" and "Sailor" (for his intervention salty), Sarah Vaughan was the winner of the Grammy Award. The National Endowment for the Arts bestowed upon her its "highest honor in jazz," the NEA Jazz Masters Award, in 1989. Autry DeWalt Mixon, Jr. (1931-1995), known by the stage name of Junior Walker, was an American musician. His group, Junior Walker and the All Stars, were signed the Motown label in 1960, and became one of the signatures of the brand. Lou Donaldson (born in 1926) is a jazz saxophonist. He was born in Badin, North Carolina. He is best known for his soul, blues approach to playing the alto saxophone, although in his formative years was, as were many of bebop era, strongly influenced by Charlie Parker. Paul Bryant ... Organist and pianist who has made some good soul, jazz and blues recordings in the early 60s for the Pacific Jazz and Fantasy. It was very much under the influence of Jimmy Smith and Jack McDuff; an album characterized by the appearance Gatemouth Brown. The Mar-Keys, formed in 1958, were a band studio session for the American label Stax in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1960. As the first house band for the label, the background music was the basis for the 1960 Stax sound. Ramsey Emmanuel Lewis, Jr. (born 1935) is a jazz composer, pianist and radio personalities American. Ramsey Lewis has recorded over 80 albums and has received seven gold records and three Grammy Awards so far in his career. Nina Simone / niːnə sɨmoʊn / (born Eunice Kathleen Waymon; 1933-2003) was a singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, and civil rights activist widely associated with jazz music. He worked in a variety of styles including classical, jazz, blues, folk, R & B, gospel and pop. Curtis Ousley (1934 - 1971), who performed with the stage name King Curtis, was an American saxophone virtuoso known for rhythm and blues, rock and roll, soul, blues, funk and soul jazz. Variously a musician bandleader, band member, and the session was also musical director and record producer. James Harrell McGriff (1936 - 2008) was a bop and soul-jazz organist and organ trio bandleader hard that he developed a distinctive style of playing the Hammond B-3 organ. Mark Murphy (born 1932) is a jazz singer based in New York. He is known for his vocalese definitive and unique vocal improvisations with both melody and lyrics. He is the recipient of the 1996, 1997, 2000 and 2001 Down Beat magazine readers poll for Best Male Jazz Vocalist of the Year and is also the recipient of six Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Vocal Performance. He is also known for his original texts jazz classics "Stolen Moments" and "Red Clay" for. From his Meet Mark Murphy (1956) to the present a beautiful friendship: Remembering Shirley Horn (2013), Murphy has an extensive discography. The Triumphs, a precursor group instrumental by Booker T & The MGs were assembled in 1961 by producer / composer Chips Moman in Memphis T N. Rafael Leon "Googie" René (1927-2007) was an American singer-songwriter and musician. Roosevelt "Baby Face" Willette (1933 - 1971) was a bop and soul-jazz musician hard, best known for playing Hammond organ. It is unclear whether he was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and New Orleans, Louisiana. Arnold Richard "Groove" Holmes (1931 - 1991) was an American jazz organist who has performed in the bop and soul jazz generally difficult. He is best known for his 1965 recording of "Misty", and is considered a precursor to acid jazz. Antonio Ernesto "Tito" Puente, (1923 - 2000), was an American musician and composer of vsalsa and latin jazz. Son of native Puerto Ricans Ernest and Ercilia Puente, who lived in the community of Spanish Harlem in New York City, Puente is often credited as "The Musical Pope", "El Rey de los Timbales" (The King of the timbales) and "The King of Latin Music ". He is best known for dance-oriented mambo and Latin jazz compositions that they gave him a 50-year career.

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Big Boss Man - Last man on earth - BlowUp Rec. - CD/LP

Listen Modernist: funk-soul-jazz-RnB-psych-fuzz perfectly cut and packaged as a bespoke suit from the United Kingdom. The Big Boss Man are back with their fourth LP recently and decided to go into orbit with an entire concept album - er - yes, yes, true ..... a matter of concept. In this case, the apocalyptic 'last man on earth' might be a good idea. It 's probably why they run with the title The Last Man On Earth one of the key points of the sixties, that was a decade in which everything that hedonism of the image projected through the television screens and glossy magazines, was balanced from the very real threat of imminent or nightmare prospect of having to wander alone through an atomic desert in your dress with three buttons, without the slightest chance of finding a decent tailor that I'll call into order (ie the elusive Cold War, or to put it in short the conflict USAURSS). Well, dear Big Boss Man, we listen to this album your concept and raising the notion of a concept review !!! Let's pretend that your album is a compilation (the first compact cassette Phillips) made ​​by the last man on earth in a day of atomic radiation to stave off the misery of a landscape surrounded by endless zombies or hordes of vampires and having no place in haven. Percu guys this mysterious compilation is waiting to be discovered for what it tasted like to be listening to the last of the last ....... great, fundamental, essential disk !!!

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Ocean Colour Scene - Soul Driver - Countdown Books - Book

Great photo book that completely covers the period of time that began when these 4 boys entered fully into the British Mod scene with the album recording, "Moseley Shoals", until their peak record with another great masterpiece that was "Marchin 'Already' . More than 300 photos of their work, many unpublished, and many with Paul Weller and Oasis will rejoice that their fans (including you put yours). All this has been possible to do so by another one which remains one of the icons of Modernism that is the Countdown Records, who with his books section is starting to also promote projects of this kind (do not forget the book report on the Mod Revival made ​​by Garry Bushell). In short, a "must" for those who want to complete his collezzione on the fantastic quartet Mod Birmingham !!

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The Blues Pills - omonimo - Nuclear Blast Rec. - CD digipack/LP

Tip a lot on Blues Pills, Nuclear Blast Records, the label that offers adventure rock and metal (?? then why would a label such ??). A debut constructed with two EP (one studio and one live) they have created a sense of expectation around this remarkable multinational hard blues of the 70's. The result meets the expectations in the sense that goes on stylistic coordinates already drawn, and it does so with the right intensity, even on the production of Don Alsterberg. The tracklist of "Blues Pills" are the already known "Devil Man" (eponymous EP), "Black Smoke" and "Little Sun" (from the EP "Live At Rockpalast). What's new? Nothing, to tell the truth, or rather, seven tracks (one of which, "Gypsy" is a cover of Chubby Checker) that are confirmation of a clear direction in the head of the band, and technical / interpretative to undertake it. Some doubt remains about the compositional quality of the combo, but the arrembante opening with "High Class Woman", with the thumping bass of Zack Anderson and the passionate performance of Elin Larsson to the item prove - contrary to what one might legitimately have expected views the premise - that we are not faced with a product built around a table. Overflowing "Is not No Change", a song that shows the most talented of the young French guitarist Dorian Sorriaux, rival of Hendrix, who also leads us in medias res with a fiendish opening riff of "Jupiter". The poignant "River" is another of the highlights of the album, and liquid LSD, which is matched by the unleashed "Devil Man": both already known, but which are within the album as a more precise and more strong efficacy. In "Astralplane" stands a Sorriaux particularly inspired, before the sizzling cover of "Gypsy", other pieces of work inconsistent and imperfect, and because of this even more believable. Missing, perhaps, some element of surprise, but overall it is a very positive debut. Maybe someone was waiting and expects the Blues Pills could split the world. For the moment, take a nice breath of fresh air, let us realize that nowadays bands that make notable for their retro sound and which step the peaks of the record charts, there are very few ... then .. anyway good work record that is recommended for a white audience that loves music especially that of the late 60 !!

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The stone Foundation - To find the spirit - The Tursing Point Rec. - CD/LP

We are the fifth album for this soul / funk band with influences in 60's pop and say that the imprint of Marvin Gaye feels overbearing in their last job and this gives the right balance for their soulful groove. To be honest, listening deeply feel even smaller and more varied influences of Paul Weller, the Dexis Midnight Runners and the fact that before doing some soul components were in a ska band. Obviously, the influences of the sounds of Memphis, Detroit and Philadelphia are always present and are the constant sound of the Foundation Stone which describes practically as a tribute to the pioneers of these sounds. Let's say that their latest work is much more mature due to the fact that they did by backin 'band at the legendary Nolan Porter and seeing all'EuroYeYè Gijon seem already veterans of soul music and no one would think that only began six years ago and muted !! Well what to say, surely one of the most popular soul bands from mods and this work is of course a good buy !!

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The Moons - Mindwaves - Schnitzel Rec. - CD digipack/LP

This band has done more than once to support Paul Weller and was discovered by Eddie Piller, is on his third album. It must be said that the sound became more refined with revisitazioni 60's psychedelic (and we knew that for their previous Lavoi), but surprisingly also in the 70's British glam rock. There are 10 tracks with an intro (Moon) and a outtro (On the Moon), which run fast connected to one another through waveform distortions moog and mellotron for a total of 43 minutes and creating an enjoyable and classic british sound. It is definitely a band that is destined to grow artistically, though, I do not understand why, NME has nipped giving it a 4 out of 10! Probably today if you do not produce the electronics for these shitty comics coated built by alleged experts are not avant-garde music, but I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that their third work is beautiful and worthy of any self-respecting contemporary band IndieMod ! .. Buy them because they are truly a sight and have a sound that never fails ... long live to the show ... The Moons then musto go on!

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VV/AA - ModJazz and then some! - Kent Rec. - CD

The Kent Records has another potential winner coming with the release of this CD series Mod Jazz. Yes, another volume in the series Mod Jazz, it's always nice to listen to and this time there is still no known relative in particular to detect in this work of this particular series. This volume contains 24 tracks compiled by Ady Croasdell and Dean Rudland and broadly described as "jazz, blues, groove and Latin", mixing classics with the usual selection of obscure songs that could become potential classics of tomorrow. Specifically, the compilation includes "45s in-demand" such as those of Reuben Wilson and Billy Larkin on Flodavieur, along with Frenchy and rare productions of Dave Hamilton of Chess Records, as well as some lesser-known songs of the brand Prestige and the new field of Nightbeats call leavin 'Town. In short we can say repeating to another disk must for all lovers of the genre .... or the Mods!

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Walk On The Wild Side - The Jazz Side Of Mod – VA - Not Now Music - CD

Double CD compilation of new music label "Not Now Music," presents a clone-like in all respects of the famous compilation MOD JAZZ Ace Records, from the cover to the musical inspiration of the collection. The graphics and music genre look the same but the 34 songs do not appear in the collections of ACE, it seems a battle to the sound of MOD JAZZ between the ACE and the Not Now, perhaps a war between manufacturers do not agree on the sound? or a challenge of knowledge? This will tell only their destiny! The price is definitely competition about 5 pounds on makes it an affordable purchase for all those who want to approach this kind. Clearly collections of ACE are more sophisticated and sought after because they are taken from a larger archive, but this does not detract from the work done in this compilation. Happy listening!

il Sergio  11/06/2014

VV/AA - Rare Mod Vol. 5 - Acid Jazz Rec. - LP/CD

And 'out for a while' time even this volume 5th volume of the series "Rare Mod" that collects as many as 20 rarities, including a piece by Sharon Tandy made ​​with a different alias (Debrah Aire), a song that is rumored have been made ​​by the "King of Soul", and a couple of songs from two bands, the Troop (Track taken from what is thought to be the only surviving acetate) and The Army, which included two members (Brian Connolly and Steve Priest), which then would form one of the biggest bands of the seventies glam, the Sweet. Leave you the pleasure of discovering the other leccordine the tracklist. Usually the collections of this series are special because of the difficulty in finding the individual, but not for the originality of sound, almost all British R'n'B, Freakbeat or Ble Eyed Soul!

Scasso  15/05/2014

VV/AA - Modsctock 21st century club classics - Detour Rec. - CD

' Modstock ' is the international event which was held in London in Easter weekend to celebrate 50 years of music and DJ Culture Mod The promoter of the city's famous New Untouchables ; Rob Bailey brought out a limited edition CD format , where he selected the future successes that will play in Mod European clubs . The 45 are related in some cases the classics heard in the clubs of the scene, but in many cases have never been compiled before , and most of the songs included in this collection were discovered by small , dark and sometimes collezzioni of private labels too of master tapes . Restored and mastered to the highest standards in both formats in which the pieces were found , these were sequenced as if you were in a rapid movement of a DJ sets. The CD is a very good news with both parts of that soul R'n'B / beat or british beat really appealing. There are also five bonus tracks in the studio ( including several exclusive ) of bands who performed live at Modstock . Presented in a beautiful color booklet with images and information of the artist and the song, you also have comments on measure of the Rapporteur of the compilation. The graphics and pagination are in care of the usual mods : "Pip ! Pips ! Artworks " , ie those that are more or less all the flyers of the New Untouchables London .... great disc highly recommended to all !

Scasso  06/05/2014

Jane J's Clan - Enough is Enough - Ammonia Rec. - CDr digipack

From Milan , led by our "Mod evergreen" Gino DeAngelis on bass ; which united the members of this band led by the voice of Jane Jeresa very black , has produced the debut album of this great soul / R & B band (formerly BEST) between classical dignity revisited as " Can I get a witness " by Marvin Gaye , " If I could only be sure " Nolan Porter, " Rocksteady "by Aretha Franklin and the immortal " I just wanna make love to you " by Willie Dixon in the version of Etta James , the minor hit" Leaving here " by Eddie Holland (Reprise by bands like the Who, Birds , Pearl Jam , Motorhead and Strypes ) in a sweeping interpretation and a handful of songs autographs of great stature among which the title track and the northern soul of " Everyday , Everywhere , Every Hour " . Jane's voice is enthroned on a flawless drum , piano and bass that leaves no respite for ten tasty tunes. This is a hard to say because the presentation and potential goes far beyond JJ 's Clan lends itself to become one of the best "Mod Followed " bands of the scene Italic ... their repertoire is currently directing sight to the more pure R'n ' B and see some beautiful ..... highly recommended purchase !

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Svengali: life, love and a band. Can he manage it? - Universal movies - DVD

The actors Martin Freeman , Vicky McClure and Michael Smiley have been confirmed as leading actors in the play Svengali to the Root Films. The film tells the story of a Welsh (Johnny Owen) who loves indie / pop cha and has a look popMod who travels to London with his girlfriend to realize the dream of becoming the manager of the biggest bands in the world . The film is the film adaptation of the series web , written by Owen and Dean Cavanagh . In the series have appeared in major rock star of stage and some British actors such as Jodie Whittaker , Sean Harris and Matt Berry as well as the famous talent scout: Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records and discoverer of numerous bands including Oasis. Freeman has appeared previously in other short films online and will reprise his role in a cameo that will fit in his filming of The Hobbit in New Zealand. John Hardwick makes his directorial debut on the project for a period of six weeks of filming in London. The film is a cute comedy that slips away like a glass of good wine and the scenes are hilarious . Recommended for everyone , great entertainment !

Scasso  15/04/2014

Paul "Smiler" Anderson - Mods: the new religion - Omnibus Press - Book

Modernism may have been born in the dance halls and discos near London in the late 50 's, but soon swept across the country . Young boys found a passion for fine clothes , music and dancing well defined , but others were also: pills , thrills and violence. The Mod Generation Original racconatata exactly as it was, by their own words. First hand accounts of events that happened in those times to people who were really into the " scene " . Top Faces , scooterboys , DJs , promoters and musicians build a vivid and exciting snapshot of what has been and really make you feel like you were there too, with them, " in the crowd ." Packed with rare pictures , flyers ephemeral pop art and graphics of the time. Featuring interviews with Eddie Floyd, Martha Reeves, Ian McLagan , Chris Farlowe and many others. What Paul Smailer is not a book is the exact account of what it was , with unpublished photos and a detailed research that only a mod that is also " dj" , but also a "face " as he has been able to accomplish. A masterpiece of Modernism , a book that can not ' explain how the events took place in those days ! - ESSENTIAL !

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Kaiser Chiefs - Education, Education, Education & War - Fiction Rec. - LP/CD

Although it is very difficult, I think we should at least consider the admirable attempt Kaiser Chiefs try to keep your head above water . Fifth studio album - their first without Nick Hodgson, drummer and lyricist of the band first - Education , Education , Education & War navigates in the ocean indie-pop / rock British structures and proposing solutions very classic . Nothing new, then , with respect to The Future Is Medieval , contrary to that of the authoritative ( but not always) NME magazine has made ​​" a step backwards especially in terms of composition , a field in which, in the past , especially with regard to Hodsgon , the band had to see something praiseworthy . " Some jerk in the " flatness " total will only be in The Factory Gates ( clear attempt to return to the origins of that sound that he had fired in the standings) , a song that offers some insights curious and interesting idea , and one that Coming Home the end is a good ballad radio . Personally, I like very much readapt sounds of the 90s trying to make them current , sometimes we can not others , but ' in the sea of ​​mediocrity that is coming out now, I'm one of the few bastions of the collective must be supported , and Mod ... full Review .. I leave it to you after listening to them , personally I think this record is a shade above the second-last , but not other gambling further comments !

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Temples - Sun Structures - Heavenly Recordings 2014

Band Pop-Psych Kettering, Northamptonshire, was founded in 2012 and produces his first album on Heavenly Recordings. The band is made ​​up of two former members of the Moons, then take their sound from this past experience, fishing always the sounds from the old glorious British psychedelic band. The album features 12 songs that you listen to and not get tired very easily and the sound remains. Very melodic songs with light and uncommitted stood at the top of the bands of the sixties scene. Some songs also tend to folk and electronics do not take over keeping the sound pure and clean. Even the bill's double LP is a sign of quality that the record company wanted to invest in the group. I highly recommend to those who love her whites.

il Sergio  21/03/2014

Twisted Wheel - Do it Again - Townsend Music Limited - LP/CD (digipack)

' Do It Again ' is the second album by Twisted Wheel . It's been almost four years since the band signed for Columbia and more than three years since their debut album. In the current climate , where the bands will burn rapidly , it is quite a lot ' of time, especially for the market and be able to do concerts and produce new music. It 'clear that : ' get-go ' to ' Poppi Love ', has spent a lot of time getting rid of the machine where the past dated and cumbersome music marketing , it is gone in favor of a better music. There are three songs in the depths of this new job where you can recognize the piercing voice of the singer Jonny Brown, but the scope of sound, as the instruments are definitely new . The ' self-titled debut album Twisted Wheel was marketed as a punk rock band and there was the supervision of a label that has damaged the band in more ways than one. It is then passed from the anger of Jonny to the loss of creative control, scontratosi more compliant with the members who lead to the implosion of the band in 2010. Resurrected from the ashes with a new line-up ( Eoghan Clifford - stepson Johnny Squire - Stephen Evans and Jonny ) emerge as the most musically intelligent and explosive unit , where the voice and the lyrics of Brown can finally be heard in their fullness without rearrangements sterile and self-financed album was produced by Tim Hampton at Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire. Evans and Brown were united in a labor of guitars that is more art than technique where it becomes impossible to choose whether it is one or two. Brown 's voice is a growl between Strummer and Bowie and fits like a beast in the piece : ' UK Blues ' , which is not only a call to revolt, but also an old song written two years ago, " painfully " elegant and well arranged . ' Postman ' is a song that talks about how you can still break the small and mediocre " conservatism " of a parish institution , exploding into something much more beautiful and harmonious . In fact , this is what they seem at their best Twisted Wheel : lighter waving ballad incredible that they are still pure poetry of observation and spirit as in the text : ' double yellow line ' . The Twisted Wheel seem to be a slim band with nothing superfluous or placed at random who has had a good production rather than a retro -acoustic sound . This is the sound you are producing and you can see with the song : ' Bored ' , where there is a bouncy pop sounds that end up in the following : ' Merry- go-round ' and here you create the surreal metaphor of : pleasuredom at its worst . The powerful guitars create a sound that is like a bottomless pit of feeling that there was a risuonana as Britain recognizable in all his pre- apocalyptic pain . The pleasure of this album is given mainly by the evident exaltation in being able to resurrect a car from concerts like this band. Likewise witness to the sound of the Twisted Wheel , wild as ever, but this time more intelligently. It is pure joy , like a rush of deep melody and sound that you only get when it flows naturally from the artist. The Twisted Wheel are a band that has worked to rebuild the tomb of this resurrection of the sound before smashing until the sound becomes the tomb itself .

Scasso  20/03/2014

William Claxton & Joachim E. Berendt - Jazz Life - Taschen - Libro

In early October of 1959 - remember the photographer in the introduction - he received a phone call from a German critic who in perfect English , he introduced himself as Joachim Berendt . They offered him a partnership in order to illustrate a book that would have documented the multifarious fields of jazz in the United States . The offer was generous ( seven thousand U.S. dollars ) and Claxton despite having to leave for a few months his young wife , he decided to accept. The two rented a Chevrolet Impala and left. The critic with his tape recorder Nagra and photographer with his camera : the new ( for the time) Nikon F SLR , the classic Leica M3 and the old Rolleiflex camera given to him by Richard Avedon . The itinerary planned to leave from Manhattan , go to Philadelphia and Washington, down in New Orleans and then go to Memphis, Chicago , St. Louis , Detroit , Kansas City. So stop in California ( with a stop at the Monterey Festival ) , go to Boston , Newport and return to New York. The book can be approached in two ways: those unfamiliar with the language may rely on the hundreds of photos, beautiful and evocative , they deserve more than a cursory glance . Many of them fix their psychological specificity of an artist, highlighting aspects of his musical journey or existential : an example is the famous snapshot taken from above of young Ornette saxophone with plastic or that of Art Pepper on top in Fargo Street - Los Angeles - in a break from prison , with the cliff behind him ready to swallow it . Or the lesser known Joe Albany, Sam Jones and Charles Mingus in Newport, of rare intensity. Unlike what he thought Claxton ( " photo books about jazz are sad " ) images of this volume are often extroverted and solar . See the serene setting of Scott La Faro in Monterey, the joyous Charlie Mariano and Toshiko Akiyoshi , posing in the booth for passport photos , the quintet Cannonball Adderely on the beach in Santa Monica, Thelonious Monk smiling at a table in a bar having a drink ....

Scasso  07/03/2014

Screamin' Jay Hawkins - What That Is! - Philips Rec. - CD/LP

What you see is not a real LP , but one of the many collections vinilche (containing 12 classic songs from his repertoire ) outputs between 60 's and 70 's ( and more specifically in 1969) by American artist devoted to the blues and the R ' n'B ! But let's start by giving you a brief glimpse of that this was one of the most beloved artists from Teds and Mods : Hawkins began his musical career in 1951 as a jazz pianist in accompaniment to the more well-known guitarist Tiny Grimes . He made his debut the following year with instead Why did you waste my time , along with Grimes and his Rockin ' Highlanders , a song that precedes by a few years the great success I Put a Spell on You The later songs - including one reminiscent of Hong Kong, yellow coat and Alligator wine - also have a good response , but without reaching the glories of Why did you waste my time . After the completion of I put a spell on you , a DJ gives Hawkins $ 300 to emerge from a coffin during a show: the artist and accepts every performance begins with Hawkins just coming out of the coffin . In his shows , as Hawkins eccentric costumes and gold leopard print . Followed by other hits like Constipation Blues, Orange colored sky and Feast of the Mau Mau . Among the sixties and seventies - particularly in Europe - becomes very popular , much to participate in films like Stranger Than Paradise (1983) Jim Jarmusch and Perdita Durango in 1997 , with Javier Bardem , directed by Álex de la Iglesia . In 1985 he collaborated with the Fuzztones , while in 1991 he made the hard Black Music For White People and then cooperates with the Dread Zeppelin for their album , It's Not Unusual . At the same time goes on tour with The Clash and Nick Cave , as well as participate in many festivals blues. He died February 12, 2000 , after an operation for an aneurysm.

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The Rifles - None is the wiser - Cooking Vinyl Rec. - CD/LP

With the original line-up in its place , after bassist Robert Pyne and drummer Grant Marsh has returned to the fold , alongside Joel Stoker and Lucas Crowther , Chingford where he hopes to break the status of cult band to a more ' wide ball fans. Since their formation in 2004, three albums have seen the light of day : the debut of " No Love Lost " in 2006, which introduced the quartet as mod (especially The Jam ) where there is no influence ' portrayers ' exciting rockpop . As with " The Great Escape " , is followed in the same way , in 2011 the album " Freedom Run" saw them in evolution, with a movement towards a more grandiose orchestral pop destined to evolve into places such as acid rock and psychedelia , where the rhythm section has been completely replaced for financial reasons , by the likes of Garda Lee Burgess and Kenton Shinn. The changes are likely to have disappointed some hardcore fans , but also the artist wiser to know that with the same melody you can not just win again on the music market . Now the band is seen most optimistic, with incisive melodies and abundant , where once again the band probably reflects on where their strengths going full steam ahead in their previous direction . In fact, with the confident approach and comfort in their own identity returns to shine through the whole new range of sound on this album, where it seems that the only thing that caused hesitation or doubt to have been the title of the album himself, apparently the name was born after a conversation about how it should be called , but no one deemed it " the wiser " to decide and thus was born : "none the wiser" . The first single from the album " Minute Mile " opens the collection of ' high fashion of the time ' , his incessant and persistent guitar riff leads into a catchy chorus is not too different from those used by bands such as The Strokes , while the bouncy and almost rockabilly " Heebie Jeebies " is the second single and is very fast, has an injection of pace and brilliant indie power pop that will send the followers of the band to remember an album called Mayhem composed by the Irish rocker Imelda May . " Go Lucky " continues the momentum with influence Jam opening premiere of " All I Need" which is another catchy song where it's hard not to appreciate his bouncy percussion and harmonica guitarpop . Descendant of a line of three guitar notes, chords and organ tribal drums combine to produce the addictive " You win some ," which will certainly not be out of place before a TV drama like Waterloo Road, where the song reflective scores for English fiction of the TV as " Yesterdays is over and wont be back again ." The atmosphere saucy album continues with "Catch her ​​In The Rye " where it follows the style of The Kooks bouncy and exuberant , while " The hardest place to find me" and "Shoot from the lips" recalls the sound slower and rhythm of the Arctic Monkeys . The penultimate track "Electric eccentric" is another piece of powerpop guitar that wants to become a staple of the new sound of the band, where the closing occurs with " Under and over" that rounds the sounds making them timeless . "None is the wiser" is a highly entertaining work with a sound upbeat indie rock . While enjoying considerable support from a solid : ' fanbase ' , The Rifles have never really gotten the recognition that bands like The Kooks or The Enemy have enjoyed in the past. But this disc may be the ticket to turn this status , namely that of ' cultband ' into something much bigger.

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Graham Marsh - Michael Caine 1960's - Reel Art Press - book

In England I was an actor in London , but in America I was just an actor. From its humble beginnings from the south of London, Michael Caine grew to define a decade of confidence on the London style: safe and gentle in his British style. With its no-nonsense, terse output on the scene : tortoiseshell glasses and clothes tailoring perfect to embody a new class of elegance and from then assiociato iconography of the swinging sixties . His commitment on the film scene was for total character and has perfectly embodied the movie icons such as Harry Palmer, Alfie Elkins and Charlie Croker putting one seal in the public consciousness that within a few years he built the all'estabilishment anti - British hero . Collected in this wonderful book have a wealth of rare photographs and never -before-seen captured on the set with the preparations of Michael Caine and life off-screen , as well as stills taken while he was working on many of his greatest films, including : Zulu , The Ipcress File , Alfie and The Italian Job. The photos have captured moments and situations in which she posed for publicity shots and inside of this beautiful compilation you see a Michael Caine comfortably side by side with the likes of: Terence Stamp , Roman Polanski , Shelley Winters, Shirley Bassey and Mia Farrow or while she was taking her mother to a premiere of a movie or enjoy lunch with his brother. Michael Caine could be seen to be one of the few actors to have fully embraced the iconoclastic his fame while remaining firmly rooted in his working class roots . These 128 pages of this hardcover book and attractive contain more than a hundred awesome pictures where you catch the mood, manner and method of a man at ease among movie stars like him. Revel in the 60 's, always with a cigarette in hand , cool in elegant clothes and sex appeal of the original hero of the British working class , which in this new volume : Michael Caine 1960 by a sophisticated edition reproductions of rare and images that tell of a true titan of British cinema . A few British actors were the myth of an entire generation of Mods and ... well, he was one of them !

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Nick Waterhouse - Time's all Gone - Innovative Leisure Rec. - LP/CD

A white figure with sunglasses in 2012 wields a Gibson 50 335 years ago a certain effect. It 'sa bit like to reiterate that the good times are gone and that we just have to cry over spilled milk by others. Nick Waterhouse from Los Angeles, CA is not a nostalgic child of 80 ( born in 1986 ), expressed in music, swimming in the ocean of an America that was and that someone, probably near side of the great waters , would like to come back. An America from the thoughts in white bodies blacks , where a saxophone and a guitar dirtied the air with the first R & B and boogie to the Little Willie John or to Fats Domino . Derived from toxic jazz and then by the lamentations of the fields, the r'n'b Nick Waterhouse does not want to go for a stark revival of what has been , as a contemporary reinterpretation of the myth. So the album winds through the dynamic and vibrant " Some Place " and " (If) You Want Trouble " on the line of a John Lee Hooker whatever. The voice , always very well paid by the baritone sax , is Aryan , not sings lullabies black because it makes use of a female duo , choral and mulatto . The beginning of "Time 's All Gone" - debut album for Waterhouse , who also produced , among others, Allah Las - it's a climb , " Say I Wanna Know " trudging pace , which is tired and faithful to a master owner of fields cotton and sugar cane as well as the tears of " Teardrop Will Follow You" fall on the same line . To find the space are also raids centratamente fifties , " Do not You Forget It" and accents of " I Can Only Give You Everything" at The Silhouettes are an example . But perhaps , empathy stronger, more romantically linked to the first half of the apples , we listen to " Raina " , a declaration of love salivary charged with feeling, with the Morphine lived in some ways . Nick Waterhouse thinks now , in the here and now , thinking about the past and broken in the closure of "Time 's All Gone," the explosion of sound and concept have a happy ending for the debut of the white voice of Zero boogie weblog years .

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The Excitements - Sometimes too much ain't enough - Penniman Rec. - CD/LP

"Sometimes too much Is not Enough " is the second album for Penniman Records, this band has supported the Catalan repertoire unlike "The excitements " (2011 ), their first album composed exclusively of "covers" , and both produced by Mike Mariconda . The core of the band is guitarist Adrià Gual and bassist Daniel Segura , in addition to the aforementioned Koko Jean Davis, whose stage presence powerfully recalls Tina Turner in his younger years and his electrifying performance with her ​​husband Ike and the Ikettes . At the level of analysis, Koko Jean Davis is like a fine wine with a lot of nuances and flavors. Remember Tina Turner, yes, but also to Etta James , Big Mama Thornton, Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone . All these influences are used to tackle a song based on the first -soul of the sixties of the last century , and which ' sound was the son of the torrid R & B and gospel from the late fifties . The LP has a dozen powerful songs like: " Ah , ah, ah " or " I belive " ( composed by Enric Bosser , the soul of Penniman Records) that do not allow the listener to remain still for a minute. Each of their releases energy in spurts : "Sometimes too much Is not Enough " , has the great advantage of not giving a second of respite. It is a massive explosion of classical methods and rhythms recorded with tricks of the time, as did the great artists of the genre at the time . This second album does not disappoint those seeking reconciliation with the black music and / or tired of trying to reinvent the wheel with each new listening music . It ' an album that oozes authenticity and a musical offering honest and will be an excellent letter in the numerous concerts that the band has planned for Spain and Europe in the coming weeks .

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The Pepper Pots - We must fight - Double back Rec. - LP/CD

The Pepper Pots have released their new album on November 12 , entitled : "We must fight ." They have an asset life of 10 years and 6 albums , several world tours with stops in the United States , Japan, England , France, Russia and Germany and partnerships with some of the most important artists of the past and the recent history of Soul music ( Binky Griptite , Eli ' Paperboy ' Reed) ( Impressions, Maxine Brown). 10 years which have served to mature their idea of ​​soul music and that made school to get their best album , a leap forward in terms of lyrics and sound of the band . "We must fight" is an album with many changes , most obviously you will find the entry for the first time in the history of the group consists of a duet : Adriana Sima Prunell and Aya, who are responsible for the items , multiplying their effect emotional throughout the album to great heights. Maybe it helped in some of the most personal lyrics that reflect the social problems and their need for change against social injustice , without neglecting the group through : fun, joy , vitality and love letters that today are the other major side of inspiration for the album. Just like the lyrics and vocals, the band's sound has continued to evolve , combining the Motown sound that made ​​them one of the fundamental groups of the "new Soul scene " European , with roots deep in the soul of the late '60s / early 70s , and spectacular arrangements such as: string , percussion , keyboards and guitars, where their sound by providing an already great music is emphasized with the previous album : "Train to your lover" to record the new album however, the Pepper Pots are back to work in his studio , equipped with analog material from the golden age of soul, and returned to count, for the co- production , with Binky Griptite voice of the Dap Kings , one of the biggest names of the new wave Soul who has worked among others with the likes of Amy Winehouse , Janet Jackson , Sharon Jones, Lee Fields , Lily Allen, Ghostface Killah , Nas or Robbie Williams. On this long list of names, Pepper pots have the honor to have coincided with these artists on countless occasions over the past five years, establishing links from Girona to New York that can be considered almost a " biglieto card ' more' that prestigious .

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