Velvet Opera - Ride a hustler's dream - Repertoire Rec. - CD

This 'second job at the beginning of what we call' Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera, practically since the beginning of 1967 psichrock, with this new work dated 1969, after the passing of Elmer Gantry and Colin Forster, changed the name of shortening band Velvet Opera and gave a turn more 'folk blues to their songs, not forgetting why some English psychedelia in the late intrusions, which had meanwhile become much more' soft and pop. It 'definitely a band made ​​up of great artists: Paul Brett has played guitar with Tintern Abbey and the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Johnny Joyce was a legend of British folk music and has collaborated with artists such as Paul Simon, Roy Harper and American blues legends such as Howlin 'Wolf, Reverend Gary Davis and Sonny Terry. The band all key staff also proposes a reinterpretation of the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby". We must not say that 'an album very immediate, but it' certainly a good album that loves the sounds of folk and psychedelia of the late English. This excellent CD will relate the eleven tracks on the album more 'of which 3 singles, 2 outputs and one after the first LP! Good job to those who recommended a great English collectors of psychedelia!

Scasso  28/11/2011

VV/AA - Hipsters Vol. 2 (A 2nd collection of contemporary mod & garage bands)- AcidJazz Rec. LP/CD

And 'out what should be the second collection of contemporary Mod and Garage Bands of the Anglo-American music scene, nothing spectacular, will be' that this type of collection after a while 'bore me, but apart from a dozen songs, the full 17 collected, the rest I'm pretty mediocre. And those who 'passion for new sounds, but with a retro', maybe it will 'most definitely' excited me. We must, however, break a lance in favor of this record label that despite everything, from 'a chance' to more 'or less young ensembles to emerge and make themselves known to the general public. The songs here 'products pass from the 60's garage, to the Mod powerpop, up to the groovy soul / funk. I suggest buying only to fans of new sounds in the 60's Mod scene!

Scasso  09/11/2011

The Rifles - Freedon run - Right Hook Records CD

And here they are in the form more 'than ever, our five heroes Mod, not overwhelmed by the fashions are made of NME, they have lost their nerve in what are new trends in the landscape, say indie, UK. They return to us with their 3rd work under the wing of "modfather" that helped them playing for each other and produce parts of the album that, in this case, which contains 13 pieces warhorses are: psichpop "Dreamer "soulpop and" Tangled up in Love ". What about an entire repertoire has its roots in the most 'pure sounds British, and' that of the British pop with hints of the soul and the 60's British, not by chance are, together with the Moons, the group that Paul Weller holds a more '... does not make them by hand and thank him a secret inside of the booklet, I have to say, and' well cared for and introspective romantic style! Purchase neoMod recommended to connoisseurs of sounds.

Scasso  08/11/2011

Gareth Brown - Mods & Rockers - Indipendent Music Press

During the spring of '64 a non-conforming syndrome, panic spread among the people in the United Kingdom, 'cause two types of national factions came out into the open with a violence that the people had never known before: Mods and Rockers. Grown in number in the years before and never tolloeratisi towards each other, saw the culmination of their prominence in society 'British civil through the articles in the press about the clashes of the Easter weekend on the shores of Brighton in the same year. their differences were so many and such that the two groups could not ignore again. The incredible thing, and 'that the first signs of unrest were give yourself throughout the year both in the capital, London, before Easter weekend on the coast of southern England, but it' the police, it 'if the local institutions until he realized 'it was too late. This book directly analyzes the genesis of the two movements, their roots and their connections with today's pop scene in the United Kingdom. Excellent book, related to unpublished photos.

Scasso  07/11/2011

Noel Gallagher's high flyng Birds - omonimo - Sour Mash Rec. LP/CD

A cough, a noise that you settle scores. Then a battery opens the way for a full symphony orchestra conducted by Ennio Morricone that seems. Thus begins, in a tone a little 'epic and dramatic, the solo debut of Noel Gallagher. It's been three years since the dissolution of Oasis, the band that he left after yet another fight with Liam. The younger brother has since decided to continue with the Beady Eye, while "The Chief" now runs on its own. Despite this strange pseudonym used to post the album, "Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds"! To understand it better to start from that very cough, by the noise of scores. Why was the first song "Everybody's on the run" is a sumptuous opening song, maybe the best of the disc. Something has changed a few guitars, lots of arches and especially expressive urgency that was a bit 'lost in recent discs watered down Oasis. And then Noel's voice is as fit as ever, that makes you very envious of his brother. As in the second track "Dream On", a number blatantly allaKinks with a battery-style march that recalls "The Importance of Being Idle", where his throat is up and down between a falsetto and the other. The solo debut of Noel Gallagher will not please everyone. The echoes are dell'ingombrante the past and how, in almost every song. But you can not fail to recognize the qualities of a pop composer like him, able to pull off with this simple yet charming melodies easily. After the end of his group, "The Chief" looks back to a form that was missing for some time. "Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds" is the beginning of a solo career that, we bet, will give him great satisfaction. Given that these first ten songs are enough for now. And advance.

Scasso  21/10/2011

Albert Ayler - New grass - Impulse Rec. CD/LP

This sassofonosta and 'for me was' a real discovery, histrionic, original, never a song with the same metric of the other! While returning from the artists of soul / jazz, R & B has made ​​an impression, that at times borders on free jazz. 7 where the first pieces are not 'nothing but the sound of his sax that goes' to "freewheel", with his voice that starts in the middle' of the song and presses a "speech alone" brotherhood among the people, peace and love, well you had to guess since we're talking about a disc released in 1968! All other songs are contaminated by insertions girls voice singing in key or gospel soulful and at times feels the use of Hammond organ and piano. It is not 'an artist town, but if you like jazz, let's say "non-conforming" or one that has a footprint more' soul, this work and 'perfect for your ears. I recommend it only to those who love this kind of artists, the work is not essential.

Scasso  19/10/2011

Pete Terrace - King of the boogaloo - A/S Rec. LP/CD

Reprint of this "classic" boogaloo where you have 12 songs, 3 of which are covers: "El Pito" and "Bang Bang" by Joe Cuba and "At the party," Hector Rivera. The record 'became one of the "posters sound" of the "Spanish Harlem" sound that exploded in the late winter of 1966 in New York and Pete recorded this terrace has his "work" directly or rather "live" at Cez Jose 'Club of that city.' Needless to any comments, all Latin soul / jazz dance and catchy to the point that the vinyl could be continuously played on your plate for a whole week! To have at all costs, a masterpiece of its kind!

Scasso  18/10/2011

The Moons - Life on Earth - AcidJazz Rec. LP/CD

This new record out, and 'I was a little' snubbed, 'cause I thought it was just another garage band, the label of Eddie Piller, was about to produce. Nothing more 'wrong! These indeed are the new members and the new sound of one of the emerging Indie / Mod bands of the British music scene. Discioltisi born from On-Offs, the Moons have acquired their guitarist leader, as well as' composer, Andy Crofts in the spring of 2009 and after having participated in almost all the Mod Club with live bands, such as the Brighton Beach Leeds, had the lucky enough to be noticed by the staff of the Acid Jazz and the "Modfather" (yes, yes, he, Paul Weller) was playing for them not just in some lives, but also in the recording of the last 2 of the 12 tracks on the album, which in my humble opinion, has a good sound of British pop neopsichedelico! I can see their videos on youtube though, and I like a lot, of course, the album only recommend it to those who love modern sounds, neoMod so to speak!

Scasso  21/09/2011

Tee-Set - Emotion - Pseudonym Rec. LP

This output record surprises me because the Dutch-style 'and' reprinting of a Mod band from Den Haag, Holland in '66, the sound is not ', thank god, the usual garage farfisa called "Dutch", but true British R'n'B own, and probably 'born in the wake of the most' popular Mod band from Amsterdam, who were the motion, they too, like their fathers inspired, have an aesthetic that we define as "pop / mod ", but nothing to complain. The album will have 12 pieces, 3 of which (the Midnight Hour, Nothing can ever change this love, can your monkey do the dog), respectively: Wilson Pickett, Sam Cooke, Rufus Thomas. Excellent exit to those who have already 'almost all the British mod bands of the period!

Scasso  20/09/2011

The Pandamonium - No presents for me.. - Radioactive Rec. LP/CD

Output rare and dated 2 years ago 'of this group, in the wake of Action and Creation, and is' carved out a niche among fans of the late 60's Modernist London. In fact they were famous 3 singles released between '66 and '68, after that nothing. Let's say that it 'was one of the countless bands Mod Mod minor outflows in the period more' "pop", ie the 'where did the freakbeat dominates and the single "No present for me' and 'still played by DJs Music white! This London-based record label, already 'discioltasi, in addition to the first work of this band was the album recorded in '67 and never printed, it came back in the third singles (A and B sides) plus' and other rarities 45 period of the 70's and say that only because the album worth individuals' unavailable and very expensive. In short, a must-have if only because 'is already' out of print vinyl limited to 1000 copies.

Scasso  19/09/2011

The Universal - omonimo - Tri Tone Rec. MP3

Unfortunately or fortunately, am one of those rare people who likes to have the "physical support" of the music he hears, it is better still a CD that an LP, so it was disappointed by the choice of this band from Liverpool, who instead chose to to charge 7.90 pounds for mp3 downloading that, given the almost unlikely possibility 'of being produced by saying: "record labels alternatives." You'll find 10 songs on their site sales: Amazon UK at a cost of 0.79 cents a song, more 'honest I would say that, for a band that has had the chance' to make himself known through the website of one of brand fashion designers 'view of the Mod and famous, and that' Fred Perry. Gia ', after the site started it a few years ago, it heralded a bright future and lightning so that' not 'been, but our 4 young people have not lost heart and have still recorded their best 10 tracks and that 'a repertoire of more' than 20 songs, all written by their leader, guitarist Terry. Inspired by Paul Weller and the sound is more of a 'close to the "Modfather" even if we say it takes more' traits pop / rock than folk, the sound is qunindi: 100% british 70's rock! Personally I find them: fresh, exciting and fantastically Mod! Better than that 'I do not know' what can I say .... or better SCARICATEVELO Buy it!

Scasso  26/08/2011

The Master Colony - Time for Change - 208 Rec. CDr

There are very few bands in the new British indie scene / mod or pop it, so it's worth following them or exalted for their songs, well the Master, is one of quellle! Some music critics have written them: "It 's rare to see a teenage band, so' focused musical bases, and so 'in building their own particular sound, only on rare exception any of the past have verifcate these skills', as in the case of Jam or the Small Faces. "From the northeast area of ​​industrialization, and more 'precisely from Middlesbrough, the 4 guys have created "Time for Change" their debut album, and always in that area of England over 6 years ago, Alistair Sheerin, the guitarist and composer of the band, started his "sound project" also helped by his second guitarist Joe. The sound and 'with a grain rockpop british folk, I would say very classic, but also with powerful lyrics that speak of the difficulties of youth and life of all the days that, far from the clamor of London and the now fashionable and gossippara music Magazine: NME, and 'one of the areas with less probabnilita' to break through both in the workplace, and in the music! Now account for the "underground" 208 Records, tomorrow who knows'........!!

Scasso  24/08/2011

Smodati - La gloria è nei momenti - CD 2011

When they came out with the first album ("This city is for me") was 2002 and, in their early twenties, in the texts spoke of their life: weekends, girls, beer, soccer, racing wasp, going out with friends and lovers consumed. Today, you have 30 years, presenting with a new job - "The glory is in the moments" - el'andazzo is not so changed. The immoderate, in fact, are a band from Milan, which today is (fortunately) only gained in the technique. On this album you hear, obviously, because they are grown in the "sounds". In short, more musicians, but with the same beautiful and carefree attitude of a tempo.10 songs, singing in Italian, of pure, healthy and genuine power pop. The album is produced by Brit Beat Records and can be purchased online. The immoderate "are always the same" and, if someone had the intelligence to understand it, you could easily reach the conclusion that this is not to blame ... up the most intense adventures.

Alessandro Ribaldi  23/08/2011

Stanley Road - Clash City Cooters - M3R Records 45 E.P.

At the beginning of last year came on the scene of the Asturian Stanley Road (Sabino Lopez on guitar and vocals, bass and vocals Chuc Foxton and Pablo Alvarez drums and vocals) after four long years of absence where there have been continuing ever stop playing, they promised new songs can now be heard on their new EP 45 rpm format many products registered as "retro" analog study: Circo Perotti Gijon and produced by '"Explosive" Jorge. The 4 songs: "Street Fighting Mod", "Forever young", "This is Spain" and "Nothing Gonna Come" remind us of the early periods of the Mod revival of '79 punk mixed with those of '77, their sound is very reminiscent that produced by: Jam Chords, or until you get to the Housemartins. Ultimately we can consider it a decent product that I recommend, however, 'only to fans of powerpop.

Scasso  11/08/2011

The Bongolian - Bongos for Beatniks - BlowUp-Rec. - LP/CD

Yet another masterpiece solo artist for this mod, with his 4th LP, gives us 12 pearls from the funk / soul and latin / boogaloo! Our Nasser now been consolidated in the firmament of the great peculiarities Hammond 'polistrumentistiche (see the remarkable ability' to use timbales, bongos and congas) it gives us through his "work" a sound that can 'be described from a soundtrack a movie hypothetical and a series of pieces to jazz clubs in the middle period "Swingin 'London" because the synthesizer he uses some of his songs remind us of the period "Space Age" of the mid / late 60's, and wanting to do crazy too early 70's! A great job for everyone, so much so that some pieces were used for bases to BBC 6 music and Sky Sports, so almost obligatory purchase for any mod that has a minimum of taste!

Scasso  14/07/2011

The Canary Sect - 47 on my mind - ScreamingApple Rec. LP/CD

Well after 5 years of absence from the scene Mod, this 'combo' Barcelona is back with 12 new tracks by R'n'B and foaming, recorded to analog 'Circo Perotti Studios' in Gijon. Only for the cover of the album, which recalls the more 'famous copied to the Yardbirds, the disc and' to have at all costs! If you listen carefully then it seems a product that imprisons perfectly in a period between '64 and '66: all great and powerful British beat / R & B. We also have partnerships in some songs by Parsley "The Lion" Hammond organ and Jorge "Explosion" with bongos! In short, for those who like the early Who, Stones, Yardbirds, Animals, and of course, this album and 'all' manna 'from heaven, ultimately, consecrates the product as a pure sound at 110% Mod!

Scasso  14/07/2011

Brighton Rock - DVD

And 'finally released the DVD of the movie was the poster of an entire summer in the shops of London's Mod clothing, such as Sherry's and Merc. Brighton, 60 years. Pinkie Brown is not 'just a mod, it is also a boy caught up in violent underworld, revenge, commit a murder. Everything seems to work out fine, but Pinkie discovers that the young and innocent waitress Rose might be aware of the truth and call the police. To find out how much Rose knows what has happened and to convince her silence Pinkie seduces her, but she can really trust? A gripping film based on the novel by Graham Greene, to have no doubt!

Scasso  07/07/2011

Julian's Treatment A time before this Esoteric-Rec. CD, Guerrsen-Rec. 2LP

This group was born from the mind of its '69 composer, writer, poet Julian Jay Savarin, and 'a product of pure folk / psychedelic rock with hints of the first English progressive. He created this album in '70 creandogli a kind of "news" and the next round (Waiters on the dance) in '73, which dovevrebbe be the continuation of the "news" of the first! But back to this "the teacher" takes advantage of excellent school jazz musicians and a beautiful voice and the style of Julie Driscoll, given by the great singer from Australia: Cathy Pruden terminating all with accents to jazzfolk really very remarkable. There are 13 pieces with sounds a bit 'dark, classic English folk ballads, but this as I have already' explained before, and 'much more': very hammond, many synthetic effects that complement the story be a fable like that results if in the most 'classic "concept albums" of many British groups of the period! A disc is not easy to listen to everyone, only recommended to fans of the late British psychedelia!

Scasso  30/05/2011

December's Children - "December's Children" - USA - 1969 LP/CD

Band from Cleveland, Ohio-based brothers Balzer, The disc has 10 tracks in total all with a typical psych-rock sound American. The album above was recorded in Miami in 69-70, is not exceptional. The band's sound was characterized by harmony vocals by Craig Balzer, Breasts and Popovic and some very competent guitar work. Living (Way Too Fast) that captures the voice of Alice Trilogy Popovic at the opening track, the harmonies that display the band's best tracks are undoubtedly the best. There are no sounds "strange" but are made solely by the basic instruments of music: guitar, bass and drums accompanied by choral voices much. I do not know they made other albums, but only after a previous single that everyone has got their own way, may there be an album for lovers of obscure rarities. Very relaxing and catchy certainly not dancing!

il Sergio  30/05/2011

Sonny Phillips Black on Black Prestige-Rec. LP/CD

Reissue of this album that is dated December 1970, glissando the success of the previous one called "Black magic," says this artist, one of the most 'groovy Mod scene of American jazz. You can not 'say nothing more' than they already 'know many of you over these sounds: are 5 pieces of organ gogo where the drums are a legend like Bernard Purdie and the guitar is another phenomenon such as Melvin Sparks. Mixes with the funk groove jazz and you have a sound that clearly ranks among the most 'cool' our 'music scene! I sincerely hope that the youngsters of the movement are beginning to hear these sounds, rather than make the mistake that I did even I at the time, and that means 'to go into sounds more' trivial as powerpop or the beat! Highly recommended if you want to start listening to good Modjazz unpretentious!

Scasso  17/05/2011

Terry Callier The new folk sound of.. Prestige-Rec. LP/CD

This record reissued a few years and 'something new' absolute because 'is the debut album of this folk artist, who was "dumped" is not without reservations, from this and that' certainly one of the most 'big label jazz all times, and then saw the light in small numbers, but above all he was put on the market years after the actual recording in the studio! This is the 'business card' of what 's the "minstrel of the soul", his friendship with Bob Dylan that he is mature' in him a vein more 'folk jazz or soul. Terrence Orlando Callier and 'was the man who inspired the sound of Paul Weller, that advocate of the' Heavy Soul "for which the" Modfather "is prodigal 'to play guitar for him during his tour in the UK! ! There are 8 pieces of folk mixed with soul I like very much, but they are not easily and effectively for everyone. Recommended for lovers of Weller and his british folk! Having said that the disc and 'considered by many music critics a masterpiece!

Scasso  16/05/2011

Hank Mobley A caddy for daddy BleNote Rec. LP/CD

Classic reissue of this arthritis that makes good Modjazz, and that comes from sound and Hardbop Souljazz where there is' a good sax dominating the music and directs the soul on the slopes. This work has been 'a vis a vis, as they already' mentioned in many, including him, 'Lee Morgan, McCoy Tyner leaves unclear where that three artists are not always a crowd. Five pieces played brilliantly for a hard time without fluid and well constructed!

Scasso  12/05/2011

Connett - Love and Curses - 208 Rec. CDr

This new English label produces new 60's Mod bands mainly in the Midlands area residents and the cost of 10 pounds for the purchase of its product would not be much, unfortunately I am sorry to see that the CD is that 'are "recording" with applied professionally an adhesive that mimics the logo of the band and record label and a booklet and that 'a single sheet folded in two, even if printed as it should, in short, a semi-professional job with a burning in some songs and not' was performed properly (see the sound too "flat"), but 'today and' what passes the monastery, and if you want to hear some new sounds in the context of neo band "made in UK", you have to satisfy . We come to the band now i or Darron J. Connett Connett and 'the lead vocals and songwriter, along with Glen Fuller, of these 12 songs that sound a modrock early 70's in the style of Weller and OCS, with folk ballads in key Inglese not bad and the lyrics are well constructed. The songs are all played well except for some mixing, cutting a little 'bad, but you can not' ask for more 'cause nowadays you produce labels that they have been very few, given that "our "Detour Rec is devoted to reprints of monsters in the '79 mod revival and has completely lost sight of what 's new music scene Mod I suggest buying some who loves the sounds Neo Mod

Scasso  11/05/2011

Richard Lester Boutique London ( a history: king's Road to Carnaby St. ) ACC Editions

A beautiful book with hard cover and the cost of 24 pounds, but that 'the data is all that inside you will find the entire history of the best boutiques in London from 60's to the dawn of punk and that means' end of '70. There are all descriptions, shop to shop, what was once the London style of that time and especially anecdotes, life stories, and what most 'important, a host of previously unpublished photos, or you've seen in black and white fanzine Quelch or flyer in our scene! E 'valuable information purposes, and therefore have no doubt, also because' is a cross-section very good about the tradition of the 60's starting with the Mods to Swingers and ended up with Freaks and through the 70's with Glamrockers to the Punks! There are 192 pages in A4 format and devour all in one breath and 'written in a very understandable! great job and well finished in detail with the internal hard cover with a map of the Swingin 'London is the famous period of Time Out!

Scasso  09/05/2011

Gabor Szabo - Jazz Raga - LightInTheAttic-Rec. LP

Finalmeteeeee! A masterpiece of Modjazz and 'was reprinted from this new label American, taking the rights of the most' famous Impulse has restored to light after 43 years one of the best work of jazz with the sitar. Gabor, born in Budapest and emigrated to the U.S. in '36 in '54 has known in its various concert artists like Chet Baker, Johnny Smith and Tal Farlow. After 3 years of seminal work with another great like Miles Davis, created the first mixing jazzrock Bernard Purdie's drums, his guitar sound of the sitar and further, it will be born 'this masterpiece of 11 songs that also sees songs like "Paint It Black," "Summertime" and "Caravan" by Duke Ellington. A complex where it mixes jazz and pop at the same time, creating a unique sound and fascinating at the same time. Of course, this reissue of it and 'wanted to be a cult, then the vinyl, which costs 31 euros and is well' "gatefold", or opening, located in the opposite side of the disc, a sheet of A3 folded in 2 interview with Szabo and Purdie on how the idea arose to create an album of this kind, more '"liner notes, photos and posters of the time, the artist. A show!

Scasso  04/05/2011

Jimmy McGriff Electric Funk BlueNote-Rec. LP/CD

Another excellent reissue of jazzfunk Hammond B3 with a gogo on one of the best loved artists from the Mods! It 's a very pop album in the sense more' technical term, as our "hero" shortens the compositional structure of songs, taking them from the classic 6 / 8 minutes for those in a jazz for 3.5 / 4 of those key pop. There are a total of nine pieces that are beautiful and catchy that the artist has published at the end of the 60's and more 'precisely in 1970, wanted to rejuvenate the metric giving jazz a feature more' accessible to all and explained largely on the linernotes back cover of the album, an artist always in step with its time ... one of the best I would say, in general Modjazz, and besides you know 'that these sounds do not have a definite historical period, and always sound perfect and timeless! Exceptional, LP have no doubt.

Scasso  18/04/2011

VV/AA Rare Mod Vol. 3 AcidJazz-Rec. LP/CD

The word "Mod" has had hard times when it 'was associated with compilation albums. Usually associated with sounds more 'close to the soul or jazz, but lately even the sounds are doing the white master, the rest are perhaps not even the Mod compilation of british-rock of the early '80s?. Fortunately, the Acid Jazz this time, and 'went a bit' more 'in depth, digging into the white music at the end of 60's compared to his previous works like "Rare Mod', has extrapolated 20 tracks really new, reinventing a new look as label at the same time. In fact this is not 'a compilation of first impression for young and inexperienced Mods, not at all! If you are fans of the British beat this record will brighten 'up your evenings with never heard before and which gems are combined with those of much of the compilation of the New Untouchables, Le Beat Bespoke'. This volume, 'was compiled by two plus our old knowledges: Damian Jones and Paul' Smiler 'Anderson ... you know them? Good Job!

Scasso  14/04/2011

Frootful Colours FreestyleRec. LP/CD

Yet another 100% Mod disk, where there are no mods to play and even to produce a disc that no one but the tour (apart from the usual four rare exceptions) and jumped in mind and to listen to or 'able to discover and that we are at the dawn of 2011 with the internet that makes the 'master, but only to write crap and pearls of trivial things, or just feeling empty! Well Gentlemen, here you have the eseplificazione forward to you how to make an excellent Souljazz mixing ska and r'n'b. There are 12 pieces where producer Adam Gibbons meets with his friend and guitarist Nick creates the good work of groove for a label that should be kept more than 'an eye on the mod scene Italic and almost nobody knows! The whole is crowned by the beautiful voice of Angelina Morrison and Damon Minchella from below into 2 pieces that transform the sound into a latinjazz really catchy and danceable. One of the best albums of the year to have at all costs!

Scasso  13/04/2011

Beady Eye - 'Different Gear, Still Speeding' - BeadyEye Rec. LP/CD

This is an album for fans of Oasis. Not appeal to those who have always detested the band in Manchester and difficult to attract a new audience. But like a damn people like us, grew up listening to big brothers and was trained musically with their records. It is an attempt not only to Liam, but Gem and Andy, were too in the shade at the time of The Chief, saying that Oasis were in them too. From the perspective of "commercial", it is clear the intent to capture the many fans still hungry for Oasis-style following a proven formula. Beady Eye I'm not a experimental band, but they never promised to be. Inspired by the Beatles, John Lennon, the Who and the inspiration sometimes gets confused with the similarity. But they never denied. And I am sure Liam will stand laughing reading all the criticisms that have rained down on him because of the similarity of 'The Roller' with 'Instant Karma', moreover, apparently signed by Gem Archer. So this review is also aimed at fans of Oasis. Who does not arise too many questions when listening 13 tracks with a familiar sound, that sound that we love most and that we will never tire of listening. The others did not appreciate it anyway. The disc is well done. What most surprised me is that no obvious declines, despite the 13 tracks. 'Dig Out Your Soul', to quote the last Oasis, was from 8 in the first half and 5 in the second. This is more balanced. The start is guncotton: 'Four Letter Word' is in the tradition of some successes targati Oasis, from 'Rock'n'Roll Star' to 'The Shock of the Lightning'. It is dedicated, not too subtly, to Noel and the breaking of two years ago. Of 'The Roller' has been discussed a lot, and despite everything still like, even if it is not able to climb the charts. 'Bring The Light', the first piece out of BE, we had enough to throw off. In the context of the album is rather isolated, with that piano comes directly from Jerry Lee Lewis. Do not miss the lighter lit singolone to live in, also typical of the repertoire Oasis while not thrilling, 'Kill for a Dream' performs its function perfectly. 'Millionaire' with that sound vaguely oriental, recalls George Harrison's solo output, another cornerstone of the philosophy gallagheriana. They are really beautiful 'Beatles and Stones' (but of inspiration-Who) and 'Standing On The Edge Of The Noise', two-piece rock quite different but very well managed. The final part of the album is the most Beatles, which feels more the impression of Liam, especially in psychedelic 'Wigwam' and final track 'The Morning Son', not a bad end, but shows some flaws associated with the first composer Liam. The pearl of the second part, and perhaps the entire disk, however, is 'The Beat Goes On', lennon song in its double meaning (John, but also Sean) made excellent by the voice of Liam, this extraordinarily evocative. The march will be changed, yes, and the Beady Eye have scored a great bell'esordio. A panacea for the orphans of Oasis, Noel waiting for the answer.

Scasso  11/04/2011

VV/AA - Neurotic Reactions 2 (16 obscure mod smashers, 1965/70) - CrazyAppleBoutique-Rec. LP/CD

Another center for another Iberian fledgling record label! You are here 'in this 2nd volume sixteen rounds of 45 European groups with white noise of influence Mod, or to those who will surely relish. This compilation and 'was taken from our knowledge: Ezequiel Rios, Mod Seville, has played for us last Lavarone and that fate has a good selection of white music. But back to the album, called him this way 'cause it has a sound that goes from british r'n'b, through another kind and that' the freakbeat and reaching to the very first psychedelic baroque pop mold. It 's a great job if you count individuals who are difficult to find and have never been reissued before in any kind necklace! Highly recommended to those who love the sounds freakbeat and white ... a bomb!

Scasso  18/03/2011

The Excitements omonimo Penniman-Rec. LP/CD

Very nice release by this label Barcelona Catalan 100% of this group except for the beautiful singer Koko Jean Davis of sources (I think) American. It has a powerful voice, though little one physical, and is inspired by the great Tina Turner, and produced together with four members of his band this first debut album of 12 covers reinterpreted with her key in Soul / R'n'B. We have pieces like: "I do not love you no more" or "I never gonna let you go" or "I want to be loved", in other words good songs to buy this album and put it on the turntable. I also had the pleasure of seeing them live at the weekend Boiler R'n'Soul club Barcelona and I can swear that they are phenomenal live, and plus this' disc well recorded and arranged!

Scasso  16/03/2011

Imelda May - Love Tattoo - Mayhem - Universal Rec. CD

Reviewed as a tornado these two CDs released in 2007 and 2010 respectively because 'consigliatimi by many around the London Mods R'n'B, as well as' from our top local DJ Peppe. It 's a young singer of the circuit 50's rock'n'roll, but unlike what you might think is not' canon of 50's rock-style, he 'instead of rockin' R'n'B truly spectacular! Avails itself of a horn section to thrill: trumpet and sax trobone that transforms everything into a black blues rock soul pre markedly, the proof are the two covers that the artist does and that is danced around the circuit of Mod R'n 'B: "It's your voodoo working" with the first album and "Tainted Love" with it. Has produced a total of 12 songs in the first and 15 in the second and I swear that for all lovers of the blues are a real bomb! .. Highly recommended .. good news' record!

Scasso  22/02/2011

Dusty Springfield The complete BBC sessions - Mercury-Rec. - CD

I want to tell you about this CD, even if printed a couple of years ago, contains no fewer than 22 hits of this great soul artist beloved by Mods and even that appeared too many episodes of Ready Steady Go We have songs that start from here ' 62 up to its past successes in the early 70's, when it had more 'luck in the U.S. than at home and I must say that the former are more' rockin 'that soulful, but always good to listen. Some of these recordings for the BBC are difficult to find and are not therefore within the different albums to her products. Recommends the purchase even if it is not 'a seminal work!

Scasso  15/02/2011

Eurovox - Now! Here! This! - Paisley Archive Rec. - CD

This Mod band from Phoenix, Arizona has a record I really strange released in the U.S. in 2007 was reprinted in 2010 for this new label of Mr. Holmes Dizzy boss of the most 'famous English Detour Records. And finally I listened to 11 tracks here that are exactly the same as those of any British mod band of '79, where he was even revived the classic cover of the 60's featuring 'all the albums made by the mod bands of the period, and in this case we have: "Tears of a Clown" by the Kinks. I would like to reiterate that, when I say the same, say the sound 'exactly the style of Jam, period: "All Mod Cons" unbelievable! This is not 'the classic American powerpop array inspired by the bands of the past the land of Albion, but it' s just a band with a sound crystallized between 1979 and 1981. I think they are very good besides being very elegant and I recommend it to all lovers of the genre.

Scasso  04/02/2011

Jeff Williams - SoulBoy - Soda Pictures - DVD

It 's the classic love story a bit' silly of him who falls for her (which loves to dance and the soul and enables him to 'find out) but is "chased" in the course of history to another, which is be his best friend and who finally falls in love. Nothing short of crazy EXCEPT 'costumes, the scenery and the fotogradia of the film are really good. Everything takes place around the Wigan Casino where the boys seem to be within only a dozen miles Coming from a small town so close, do not tell me what 'cause still do not understand I've got a bat! The soundtrack and 'all danced to a classic northern dl Wigan and in some clips from the movie are the original footage of the famous documentary that I reviewed before! Good little film, that you have for people who love these sounds!

Scasso  04/02/2011

Tony Palmer - The Wigan Casino story - VoicePrint-Rec. - DVD

This wonderful documentary about 30 minutes, there is repeated in full as was done for the now dead British TV: Granada Television in 1977. It 'a cross-section of the club's northern most' famous in the world where you go to interview 2 "soulboys" part of the local working class, then recounting their dreams and their aspirations and attitudes held within club, for a insight into the town of Wigan is located in the Midlands, in the early '70s was a true industrial hub for the UK economy and that of cotton in the end of the same gray became a desolate small town where the youth 'emigrated to Manchester and Liverpool or London. In all this misery every Saturday lit up the only beacon of life given by the legendary Wigan Casino and hundreds of young people from across England passed them 'up their Saturdays at 6 am to dance, socialize and buy 45 rare and northern soul; thus creating 'a unique and unforgettable scene! Excellent documentary, to have no doubt for all fans of the genre.

Scasso  03/02/2011

Il Gentleman: Il manuale dell'eleganza maschile - Bernhard Roetzel - Tandem

Turning to a library in Milan, I run into this tome of glossy paper and hard cover at the sight very elegant, I flip through and decide to take a moment and I must say there was a good buy. Arrived at the tenth edition, with other updates between the different outputs, this book contains all the principles of male and charisms in the 900 with roots also developed much further. Explore all the facets that make a man a true gentleman, an intimate, dress, shoes, shirt and even the haircut and shave! The book with the help of many photographs help the reader to know and discover many details from which to start up, also mentions the names of great artisans existing tutto'ora, from which it is possible to buy tailor-made for his own person. It also suggests techniques for proper preservation of animals, cleaning and ironing, in short, a real classic style guide which can be partly used to improve and express their personal style. I recommend it to everyone but not to use the "copy and paste."

il Sergio  17/01/2011

Teruyoshi Thayashida - Take Ivy - L.P. Hartley Books

This picture book portrays "the youth mile '" American who attended the most prestigious universities in the U.S. between '58 and 63. You then see the guys in the classic style we called "college" that make the most 'diverse sports, studying or who are intent on relaxing conversation between them and walk in the luxurious "campus" of those universities: Yale, Princeton, Harvard, are just some of the 12 universities that this "guy time" Japanese captured with the lens of his camera. It 's a book that came out' in the 60's only in Japan and for which the first original copy is worth about 250 pounds. Now you too can get through Amazon UK It 's all in all a good book with a part of the descriptive style with cardboard cover and drive the cost of no more than' 17 euros including shipping. That is to complete the other that I have already reviewed!

Scasso  03/01/2011