Calibro 35 - Traditori di tutti - RecordKicks Rec. - LP/CD

It is an ambitious work : After you received with open hands by the Italian cinema and its profitable relationship with the music , you go to the pages of one of the cult noir novels / yellow Italian , " Traitors of all " by Giorgio Scerbanenco , with the intent to put it to music and create an ideal soundtrack of the highlights of the story , supporting the natural vocation of the quartet for the soundtracks . Needless to say, an album that tells a story noir should have a certain mood , dark night , perhaps, but traits , anxiety-inducing . And so, via the catchy choruses that sprouted here and there on the previous work , and off to a general darkening of the melodies. Tracks like " Mescaline 6 ", " One Hundred Guests" , the final " Annoying Repetitions " , with plenty of thumping bass lines and haunting keyboards and restless , lead us by the hand into an abyss pischedelico and smoky which is nothing if not Milan foggy night and violent through which they run and intertwine the threads of the story of Duke Lamberti , the physician / investigator created by Scerbanenco . But it also goes without saying that there are moments in a story with different moods , and Caliber trace them all : and so on the one hand gigioneggiano with surf rock reveler and lascivious ( " The Butcher 's Bride ) , on the other morriconeggiano with " Two Pills in the Pocket , and most times they give us in with more sound and rock- hard than those to which we were accustomed , from the ride 's lead single , "Julia Mon Amour " to the imperious arpeggio of " Traitors " , in most cases ' album is in fact a certain shift towards a kind of very personal version of '70s rock , probably daughter of the wide space reserved in the composition to the band's guitarist, Massimo Martellotta , lead author of the relevant sections of the songs. Funk , rock, psychedelic , experimental , musical philology : the Caliber have a special mindset, one that may have only the eclectic musicians (take a look at their curriculum and their other projects , one for all Zeus ! Cavina ) entered in the rehearsal room with the intent to refer to a specific musical climate then overcome it , through which whatever comes out of their hands sounds out of the norm of today's music , so many steps backward as to be ahead, with its corollary of sound research ( at this time , in addition to woodwinds and keyboards , Gabrielli also puts hand in dulcitone and mellotron ), the quotations in a smart bomb as " Vendetta " puts you steps that seem to come straight out of a spaghetti western Leo's , the fantasy that puts you on a brass riff RATM , for a result ( " Stainless Steel" ) that would make her figure in a Tarantino movie . What then, by the way, the Caliber in Hollywood will also be a mirage, but less absurd than it may seem : they are one of the few Italian teams (perhaps the only one, among those that have emerged in recent years) to be quite popular abroad , a success that will lead them to turn around the old continent in the next tour , so as to have brought them a lot ' of positive reviews from foreign journalists , or playing on stage again this year Muse in Rome. If overseas now we envy them , there will be some reasons. This album , like the previous ones , all the shows .

Scasso  17/12/2013

VV/AA - How Britain Got Blues 4: (How Mods got Blues) - History of RnB Rec. - 2CD

Fantastic double CD containing the A and B sides of singles ranging from MODERNJAZZ the Soul through all the various facets of R'n'B , where we can listen to classical pieces and not . It ' was compiled for this promising new label from one of the most influential " Faces" of the British Modernist landscape : Paul ' Smiler 'Anderson , and in this collection individuals that are proposed are taken from the period between the American black music '56 and '62 . The compilation is so ' structured : it was the first CD with a prevalence of Jazz music : from the latin modern not forgetting the blues , centered in 28 songs, while the second CD , which has even 32 pieces , almost all of R ' n'B where we start from the most rockin ' and you get up to the more soulful . What more to say ' in Milan you can find at FNAC at a price even exaggerated : EUR 16.80 , while on can be found at 9 pounds . Definitely for the more experienced of you will not be a seminal work, it is instead voglioni if you listen to classics of the genre all together in good quality recording ( all the pieces are cleaned of hiss, even if they maintain their basic incisions ) . We recommend the purchase !

Scasso  28/11/2013

Matt Berry - kill the wolf - Acid Jazz Rec. - CD/LP

There are few surprises in this new work by Matt Berry from his previous solo outing , "Kill the Wolf " picks up right where " Witchazel 'and ' was left two years ago, immersing the listener back into the dream world and the psychedelic '60s prog where last -folk has brought us. However, far from regurgitating the songs and the style of " Witchazel " , Berry offers new explorations in his work finely polished and lovingly built by the retro flavor , combining the skilful and delicate folk-pop with the darker and atmospheric meandering prog . His intentions are crystal clear as its opening song : " Gather Up ", a song from the sound archaic lute and a chorus of women who join him designed to impart an almost eerie sense of displacement in time. " Medicine" instead has the text that lists a multitude of herbs and plants that they would not be out of place in the pantry of a witch , with sounds that grow and combine to set the stage of the mystic " sonic journey " of Berry in a kind of pop very satisfying and unusual. "Devil Inside Me " offers a contrast to the previous track , with pounding percussion and delicate blooms and electronic synth sounds and thin, and the rise of another chorus of support . Lyrically you play literally on the duality and disturbing asynchrony of its external and internal sessions . The music that is reflected is this: you jump from a melancholy sound that leads to self-pity until the lightness route with a solo electric violin at the center of the tracks prog -folk album by creating a " very full " and unusually again. In short, the second work of Matt Berry looks like a more subtle and engaging structured at multiple levels , which effectively expresses its themes of pagan spirituality , the call of nature , the duality of good and evil that lingers in all of us and joy in undertaking new experiences is well-balanced in his music which in his words . The ever- impressive musicianship ( and versatility ) of Berry means that he can completely pull off an album specifically themed like this, full of retro references , but with much of its climate mainstream pop sounds . This does not mean that it is not pleasant at surface level , in fact he is a pop singer-songwriter and fashion designer incredible smart . Basically you can feel a lot more to what you are listening to: " Kill the Wolf " , or as much as you are willing to want to hear ( I do not know whether I have explained ) . You have ultimately more satisfying listening repeatedly that once, without taking anything away which is also a record of " fantastic pop " in any way you want to interpret the sounds . Recommended to all lovers of English folk and psychedelic sounds is a work very, very good !

Scasso  13/11/2013

Alfa 9 - Gone to Ground - Blow Up Rec. - CD

After 6 years of absence from the music scene this band from Stoke shows a new work of guitar pop psychedelic hues , in key Byrds (ie the songs are very similar to those produced by American band in their last period ) we provide here ' 12 paisley pop songs , which could be output from a compilation of British Nuggets 60 years . the intro: " El Morocco " has a riff western pop with hints of psych very intriguing and powerful : " Old man blues 'and ' the only piece British R'n'B oriented, then the album" sits " a little too much for my taste . The English psychedelic pop of Midlans and ' always sold and has a good shot , but sometimes expire in trivial. All in all we could say that is not the case of this album , or rather it is not completely and in any case the label of Paul Tunkin once believed in the potential of the band and that is enough , because Alphas 9 are one of the 60's band with more longevity in the UK indie scene and for that alone should be supported ! Summing up we can say that the CD is well structured, but it is only recommended to those who love pop psychedelia .

Scasso  23/10/2013

Elaine Constantine - Northern Soul an illustrated history - Ebury Publishing Editori - Book

This youth culture is littered with bad records that give rise to misunderstandings about the "fundamentals of the scene ." The Northern Soul scene was described very badly, with the importance it has had and his high level of " street style " and creativity which , however, are lost in myth or want to miss through a myriad of " common places" . Percutaneous there is reason for the development of this book, which is related to the upcoming film , which is equally important . The photographer Elaine Constantine is also responsible for the photograph of the upcoming movie and the book is not that the extension of that idea perfect for a photographer whose photos capture the heat , the energy , the determination and the reality of dancehall smoky and the strong vitality of the boys dressed for the " ritual of the dance." The photos are taken with a large dose of love and affection and with a clear eye of commozzione that is remembering one of our best past subcultural . Hailing from Manchester, Elaine was always there, was part of the Northern Soul scene in the early eighties , it was there when Ian Brown was part of all this , she was with the crowd on a scooter , but he always had this incredible knack for taking pictures that brought her up when she moved to London, never losing sight of the culture to which she joined as a young man and this is a loving homage to a scene (the northern fact) that developed critical ' in the north England in his own way and special. It 's all here : the elegant clothes, the meticulous attention to detail, from the folds of his pants, bags overnight, talcum powder to slip your shoes on the dance floor , perfect hair and those incredible dance moves as if they were the dance of the northern Nijinsky , or as the moves of Bruce Lee for the perfect backbeat : it is a celebration of a culture without stain of mainstream and a perfect time capsule of a time when the seven-inch single was the king and the song was everything and dance in a perfect manner was the background to gray and rainy winters with no end in spompate cities that had the " mill of the north" . A nice book for a beautiful scene made ​​by a great photographer !

Scasso  30/09/2013

The Strypes - Snapshot - Virgin-Emi Rec. - LP(gatefold)/CD

The first thing that strikes you about these Strypes The four Irish originating in Cavan, is the very young age : 15 drummer Evan Walsh, 16, bassist Peter O'Hanlon , 17, guitarist Josh McClorey and finally the lead singer Ross Farrelly ... as many as 16 springs ; puppies in practice, lost in love of British rhythm and blues 60s , and 70s pub rock blues of glorious acts made ​​in UK , Dr. Feelgood , Inmates , Nine Below Zero . All bands whose echo resounds wild in varying degrees in the deadly shooting executive instrumental The Strypes , although they are little more than adolescents , we hurl him in the thirteen songs from their first LP: "Snapshot " produced by Elton Jhon for Virgin - Emi (.. and if you please ) . Actually, there is also the song: " Blue collar Jane " which was their second EP , which for the record, they recorded even four songs , You Can not Judge A Book By The Cover, Got Love If You Want It , I Wish You Would , Leavin ' Here , all covers of classic blues and rhythm and blues , that will complement the first document of the sound Strypes , the first EP: " Young, Gifted & Blue" ( Reckless Records / Heavy Soul Records), released exactly a year ago , in April 2012. Puppies svezzatisi then with the sacred standard of American bluesmen of the '40s and '50s , four kids that never -too blessed devil's music has made ​​beneficially defectors . Ross , Josh , Peter and Evan their debut they did it anyway in an Irish television , but raising the maximum volumes of tube amps and shooting to throttle the classic Bo Diddley and Billy Boy Arnold who then would end up on their first EP : if you allow there is a world of difference ! The Strypes have already found their way into the scene Anglo-Saxon , and after signing to Mercury Records had contact with artistic superstars such as Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher, who made the four musicians beardless their wards . They walked all the stages of rallies and not British Mod ( last of which Lavarone ) and have won a place in the ' Olympus Modernist and in our hearts ! ... Forced purchase !

Scasso  19/09/2013

Towerbrown - "Count Me Out" - Screaming Apple - LP

First LP by this French group after the first two valid EP also well unobtainable churns out 10 tracks that range in all sonoirotà white. Hammond groove and sitar accompany us on side A by introducing us to an authentic sound late sixties while the B-side offers news-oriented pop and r & b garage. The mixture of pieces proposes four pieces instrumental for fans of the genre, while the remaining parts are sung in French and English, a bit short 'for everyone. Not wanting to overdo it I would say that you can find all the nuances psych, freakbeat, r & b and Hammond in the album and its duration is not tired indeed quite the opposite. Registration is very good and there is a colored version of LP that stands out along with the essential graphics a good job in all aspects of a packet. Also seen in the modest price eurazzi about 11 ( this album is highly recommended to all! We hope to see you soon on tour in various rallies in Europe. No remorse!

il Sergio  16/09/2013

Dusty Springfields - Sings classic Soul - Spectrum Rec. - CD

The Universal through this collection rightly wishes to pay tribute to one of the greatest artists of the scene Soul UK There are 18 songs that she has recorded and covers are taken from the classic "black soul music" American that led luck and that he used several times as "flagships" during the myriad of concerts he has done during his "brilliant career. "You will pass by: "When the love light starts shining thru His Eyes" to "Needle in a Haystack," or "Do not forget about me" to "I just do not know what to do with myself," in short, all classic soul scene that go straight to the heart and make you dance like a madman. Mary O'Brien in art "Dusty Springfields", was one of the faces of the program televisimo Mod par excellence: Ready Steady Go and rightly had a large number of fans of the then Mod scene of this compilation and 'a great CD you can easily find on the site: at a cost of 7.5 pounds.

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Stanley Road - Spanish art Today - Autoproduzione - CD (lim. 100 copie)/LP (lim. 600 copie)

This band comes out with their third, after baked 2 45 laps (the first was an EP), 'cause stubbornly and through sending mails to the whole scene mod/60' s / Powerpop Asturian, and 'success, through a subscription of 15 euros, to raise funds for the self-production of their first "album" in the form of LP. This trio of Mieres whose leader and 'Sabino Lopez, makes us listen to 10 pieces of pure fun and sometimes "very retro" or mod rock powerpop '79! These pieces are inspired by his experiences and the life outside telling us what it means to be Mod in Asturias that follow in a little bit 'the adventures / misadventures Weller meeting' in his time in London, when he moved there with the band. In short, a work which takes some pregievole musical interpretations, even of other bands of the punk scene in '77 as the Buzzcocks and The Boys! I recommend it to those who love this genre, 'cause the sounds do not become never predictable, but are able to get a breath of fresh arrangements with a modern twist really well-judged svecchiano it sounds! I saw them recently at a scooter rally in Leon and I must say I live have the support of a Hammond that 'a touch 60's to all the songs from their products and that are really similar to those that are heard "by the way" in their work. For those who wanted to buy Vinyl or CD write at:

Scasso  04/09/2013

VV/AA - New Breed Blues with Black Popcorn - Kent Rec. - CD

New Breed Blues with black popcorn is the latest selection of individual collectors, curiosity and Classicon for fans of the 'R & B feel the pulsing beat of black music and have the need for new sounds that scratch their dishes. Tracks such as Marva Josie: "You Lied", Strongs Sinner: "do not knock it" and The idols. "Just a little bit more ', seem to have been around for ages without being responsibly become tracks for this CD, while:" Why oh why "Austin Taylor," Well i done Got Over It "by Bobby Mitchell or Dolores Johnson: "What a kind of man you are" are raising their heads and are revealed on the plates of our dJs on the scene. J.J. Jackson: "Oo But Liddy," Little Johnny Taylor: "Somewhere down the line," and Etta James: "Nobody's loves you (like me)" are perfect for this CD. Strong Label: Kent is the humdinger previously unissued and this CD has a handful of individual best of their kind, which can groped even the most careful of collectors to shell out hundreds of pounds for this package spicy translated into 45 rounds. In short, this and 'the work forged from 4to: "Vinyl Masters" of the ACE subsidiary records for Kent with the necklace: "The New Breed", informs us virtually all that again feels and' discovered by various DJs the Mod scene (black side) in Europe. Recommended purchase or rather obliged for all the Modernists!

Scasso  02/09/2013

AUNT NELLY - Shades of Orange - Time for Action Rec. - LP/CD

Who has the trade in the hands finds gold in every land! ".. This is an old adage, which many do not remember it more 'teachings, and that now you could reactivate and anchor in the zeitgeist, at least for the moment, this album. The English band comes out with his second work, including 12 songs from riflerssi 60's who know hits that have yet to be discovered. This crew Mod, just to reiterate again, and 'composed of members of leggandari: "The Clique "and other musicians of the Medway (see: Bresslaws and effectives.) The sound is like a wave on the surface that goes from somewhere in the sea of ​​sounds: Mod - Soul - 60's - R'n'B - Powerpop. But the reality does not meet the case because there is much more. Take for example "Satisfaction", a distorted version of the success of the Stones in 1965, that Aunt Nelly the approach to cover more of that in 1977 I have the original, but that still sounds pretty damn as in the 60's and is a real treat! O "Purple Haze" (Jimmi Hendrix 1967), which sounds here as if it was recorded in the late sixties by bands like: Writeing on the wall, Arzachel or Sugarloaf ...... simply amazing! .. And up to now we have been describing their cover, where the band is well aware of this: "concentrated infusion" that shape their own sound. You can hear a lot of variations in their sound and can be interpreted a lot of solutions. Clearly, some things are obvious for this type of music where you can then expect to get similar sounds to Brian Auger or James Taylor Quartet during their period of "Money Spider." And you comes here and there, taking just slight differences in the rhythm where even a group like The Meters might have influenced this band. Aunt Nelly The'm a "wonderful tool" that produces a sound completely original and fresh and aware of their vertices in the able to create a polygon from a circle wonderful music. 12 tracks, all of pure fun and also the two ballads of the album are not a boring sing-sang, but they provide a deep memory of the early years of psychedelia mixed with Donovan freakbeat UK. On the one hand "Shades of Orange" is completely "Out of Time", on the other is for this exact moment, because musical creations are placed in a new context and this album is here today with a lot of groove like been forged by a goldsmith artisan.

Scasso  12/07/2013

The Riots - Time for truth - Time for action Rec. - LP/CD

This band is made ​​up of three young people with a lifestyle uncontrollable and excessive; were born in the industrial city of Perm in Russia. After finishing the school relocated to London for a couple of years to breathe the spirit of the British Mod culture: fashion and music. After finding what they wanted, Now I'm home in Moscow and produced two double 7-inch and this album for a total of 16 tracks already 'prepared for the fans. Supported by Fred Perry these hipsters Russians are ready to hit the world with their cool but also true and authentic sound. As said Stephen Hughes, "These guys are the modern spirit of a 17 year old Paul Weller unleashed on the streets of Moscow!

Scasso  12/07/2013

Cressida - The Vertigo years antology (1969-1971) - Esoteric Rec. - 2CD

The British Cressida the Esoteric gives us the dish and publishes an elegant reprint double (this time in one package) of the two official releases of the band, accompanied by a booklet very carefully maintained and some bonus tracks. The first album (self-titled 1970) has its most vibrant strength in the rock of songs like "Lights In My Mind" and "Depression", but also in the large symphonic scores of "To Play Your Little Game" and "Cressida" Other tracks still have many of the characteristics of the liquid and rarefied melodies typical of the plots at the end of sixties psychedelic, but the bombast of the Hammond organ and certain choices easily lead to arrangement in the band's style prog rock territory and almost hard prog. The real gem, however, is without a doubt "Asylum" (1971), in which the group work significantly expands the orchestral parts and symphonic dilating exposure, looking so closely the progressive sound of the band edge and infiltrating jazz arrangements typically , without ever losing sight of its derivation rock. The result is excellent, especially in elaborate and fascinating songs like "Munich" and "How to Let Them When They Will" or the delicate "Summer Weekend Of A Lifetime" and the classical "Lisa", but also in the short and rhythmic "Asylum" . Have already been reprinted many times over the years, but who still do not own them will have with this beautiful edition of a new possibility to cover the unforgivable gap. At the end let's face it: they are clearly a progressive band, but with strong roots in jazz and psychedelia of the late '60s, would recommend to anyone who loves white noise 'cause versdatili and not very tiring, and that some of their individual evenings are made 60's Mod .. you will judge!

Scasso  18/06/2013

Beady Eye - BE - Sony/Columbia Rec. - CD/LP

Fixed the training with the addition of bassist Jay Mehler, coming from Kasabian, the five (in addition to Liam there are Andy Bell, Gem Archer and Chris Sharrock) have decided for a surprise move, choosing a producer like Dave Sitek, a member of the New Yorkers TV On The Radio - as far removed as you can imagine by Beady Eye, already at work with Yeah Yeah Yeahs -, and closing in the recording studio to manufacture a product that would finally live up to its reputation. Titled simply BE, but Liam had wanted to Universal Gleam, the album is what fans of the singer grumpy been waiting for, or a disc of great songs in line with the rock'n'roll markedly Sixties who had the good fortune of two brothers and brit pop phenomenon in general. Sitek's work was, therefore, to focus on the ideas and make it compact, giving way to the unmistakable nasal voice of Liam and guitars of Archer and Bell. The quality is felt from the very individual, Flick Of The Finger (and title piece inspired by Street Fighting Years by Tariq Ali) and Second Bite Of The Apple, both blessed with a beautiful horn section that embellishes the melody, but that's all BE to shine those insights that its predecessor lacked: Do not brother Me is a ballad dedicated - with great affection and frankness - his brother Noel, Face The Crowd is perfect for igniting the audience live, Iz Rite is the song that Oasis did not write for years, with a chorus to sing in the choir, Shine A Light is a psychedelic raga influences with classic Beatles. Start A New Closes, programmatic title, which is a prelude to the real take-off of Beady Eye. Welcome aboard!

Scasso  17/06/2013

Paul Weller - Flame Out/The Olde Original - EMI Rec. - 45 RPM

Like a bolt from the blue, the Modfather gives us this single consists of 2 new songs, of which the A-side and 'a song with a shot late 60's psychedelic rock and side B a folk ballad style typical of his style all 70's! I must say that the 2 pieces are not bad and I honestly do not know 'if you are a prelude to a new album or simply a gift for his fans and all in all if the cost were not so' high (16 pounds are not few), I prenderi 7 inches, but aime 'my sights purchase will move on to something new and far more' succulent releases! For those who can 'and' one of his fans say buy it also because 'vinyl has a nice graphics, to all the others say scaricarselo to mp3' cause the work is not 'bad.

Scasso  02/05/2013

Jacco Gardner - Cabinet of curiosities - Trouble in mind Rec. - CD/LP

Large output discografca for all lovers of English psychedelia. This young Dutch artist comes from Scenery 60's / Mod sponsored by the New Untouchables London. We propose a work composed in 12 tracks of pure lysergic popsike really retro 'reminiscent of the music that many British artists created in the period that went' from 1967 to the entire '69. It 'a refined and baroque pop with strong connotations of Hammond organ and mellotron, the sound you can' compare to the one who created bands such as: Tomorrow, the kinks with the album Controversy, or Kaleidoscope. The texts are all very beautiful and I think that this work will be 'well promoted in the landscape of music "alternative UK" . One sees that the boy attended the scene and 60's English and that 'was in clubs such as: "Fuzz for Freaks" in London whose promoter and' the now ubiquitous Rob Bailey. Nothing to complain that you have advised me to all those who love the white noise, and especially the British-style psychedelia.

Scasso  19/04/2013

VV/AA - Boogie Chillen: Early Mod's First-Choice Vinyl - Fantastic Voyage - 3 CD Box set / 2 LP

The collection mod most enlightening and informative about the Afro-American music, Boogie Chillen not only provides a fascinating history lesson, but also offers three hits and a half hours of great music. In the early Sixties, Britain has witnessed the advent of a new youth movement cheeky, that until the hippie movement of the next decade (the 70's), has dominated in its path: the fashion and music of the United Kingdom. These young modernists embrace elegant looks and sounds like the coolest from the United States, and later from Jamaica. While the subculture has undermined mainstream British finally faded, you can 'say that Modernism after striking the 60's, did not disappear altogether, but still attracts new fans around the world with each new generation. Yet, despite its enduring popularity, the music that has inspired the designers of the original move mod has remained largely undocumented. Boogie Chillen and was made to put the record straight, picking up 75 of the most popular tracks on the mod scene thriving and influential of the early sixties. Annotated and compiled by Rob Nicholls, the set of 3 CDs embarks on a musical journey that highlights a number of classic R & B, jazz and rock that have found favor and were considered the most interesting of the young Britons' era. The CD one contains recordings from 1952 to 1960 and 'crossed by the electric blues of John Lee Hooker, Slim Harpo and Elmore James, and jazz grooves of Cannonball Adderley, through the rock & roll of Link Wray and Dale Hawkins. There are cuts in R & B of all the colors from the sounds of New Orleans Huey Smith and Frankie Ford, the sound polished by Lloyd Price. The CD Two and Three focus instead on the early 1960's and have the sounds that were contemporaneous with the scene of the Mod clubs then. The network is now thrown and contains: a young James Brown, the first pieces produced by soul label Motown and Stax, Latin jazz by Ray Barretto and sophisticated vocals of Mel Torme. And this variety of styles Boogie Chillen set that differs from other compilations Mod: the Mod scene has embraced all forms of popular music: Neil Sedaka to Booker T & The MG's, is satisfied here 'the early discernment and Mod taste for fresh groove and swing rhythms.

Scasso  18/04/2013

The Scene club - Ham Yard, London 1963/66 - Charly Rec. - CD

The Scene club, zone of Ham Yard in London hard 'from 1963 to 1966 to almost everything, and the original sound of Northern Soul, R & B Popcorn and that sound', you can listen through this CD. When you entered the club you had the feeling of being enveloped by the flames, everything was red fire, you can 'say that the scene was the hottest small club in London ... In 1963, London was the center of the world, even if the rest of the world does not know it yet. These are the words written on a Record Mirror of the time by Norman Jopling, authoritative music journalist. The club was in activity 'in Ham Yard, precisely and more' precisely in the central: Great Windmill Street, Soho, central London pure. He was previously a jazz club, but in 1963 it had become a place revered by the mods, where to play: soul, R & B, blues, ska and rock and roll albums of a crowd dressed in a stylish manner. This new compilation brings together some of the classic songs that were played at that time and the 28 inserted tracks are gems: Betty Everett, Ike and Tina Turner, Jimmy Reed, Billy Preston, The Upsetters, and more. Great start to delve into the classic sounds of blacks, recommended for beginners of Modernism.

Scasso  17/04/2013

Monkeeman - Pressure - RecordJet - CD ep

It 'released' s EP by this band that has supported Paul Weller on his last tour in Germany. But who they are or what 'Monkeeman? Well a brief summary to introduce you to this project of the German multi-instrumentalist singer Raf Luebke! Monkeeman quartet is a pop / rock that has a truly international flavor for its new line-up. The band has been in existence since 1999 and has released three albums to date, all had great critical acclaim in the press industry in Germany. The first single "Universe" has become a big hit on the radio in Germany. Ralf Luebke, the creator of the band has had a successful career as a musician and composer. However, Ralf felt it was time to take revenge against the lack of global coverage 'of his project Monkeeman and so after three years of inactivity,' he decided to start all over again. The next move was perhaps the most audacious of the band's career to date. Ralf decided she wanted to expand in the UK and Ireland, and so he spent months trying to recruit a new guitarist, a bassist and a drummer from both countries. By June 2012 has found their new line-up in Belfast with Marty Connolly (former bassist of Rainbow Corner), Marty Kerr (former guitarist, Last Issues) and Marty Malone (former drummer of the psychedelic band, The Vals). After several e-mails sent or requested telephone numbers around, the boys finally hook 7 August Belfast City Centre (birthplace of Marty) a showcase for a solid two-week program of tests. During this period, the band blends very well, and resonates differently in some of the old songs, but is also working on new songs for an upcoming EP (this fact) to be launched this spring / summer. E. P. and 'was recorded last October in Berlin with Patrik Majer one of the best producers in Germany. It is expected that this will soon be followed by a tour in the UK and Ireland in spring 2013.

Scasso  12/04/2013

Richard Weight - Mod a very british style - THE Bodley Head Publishing - Libro

Richard Weight and 'the author of two influential books: "Patriots: National Identity in Britain 1940/2000" and "Modern British History: The Essential AZ Guides", he studied history at Trinity College, Cambridge and was formed' also culturally PhD at the University of London. And 'now professor all'Univerista' of Boston and a friend of the Royal Historical Society. Richard has also starred in several television documentaries and radio aspects of the changing society 'in the UK over the years. This book, which is 'a manuscript university given its size of 480 pages, and' related to two sections of photos about 8/10 pages each, so it who does not know English well and tell a professional English and cultured, will have 'difficulty' to read it. I recommend it only to those who have a good knowledge of the language and I can say that the book examines, in its 10 chapters, all aspects of the mod movement since its inception at the end of 50 years to his second revival of the 90s. Here you can affect not only the aesthetic aspects / music, but also social periods in which it: he was born, he 'development, exploded return' anonymous living in a state incubativo and exploded for 2 times! In short, a complete and detailed description of each period when Modernism took root 'and shoot'. In this manuscript anlazzano: films, art, music, fashion, and anything 'remained untouched by electric frenetic energy of Modernism. Probably just another college essay on a phenomenon of which we have already 'many written records, but because' no? also .... this manuscript contains the author's personal experiences and his deductions about a movement which, having connotations world (see love for Afro-American music and pwer aesthetic style French-Italian) was something authentically British!

Scasso  11/04/2013

Fleurs de Lys - You've Got To Earn It - Acid Jazz Rec. - CD/LP

They were one of the best Mod band from the second half of the 60's, formed in 1964 in the wake of the Who in Southampton County dell'Ampshire, the south west of England, recorded a dozen individuals ranging from british R'nB up to psychedelia also passing from freakbeat. Collaborated with the South African singer Sharon Tandy and even composed several singles under the name of Rupert's People. Their sound was one of the most 'lysergic the landscape of British Mod band and today the Acid Jazz gives a fitting tribute to a band that long ago, and we're talking 90s, came out well 3 vinyl collection dedicated to them. their discography you can 'enclose the following individual: 1965 - "Moondreams" (Petty) / "Wait For Me" (Page) - (Immediate IM 20, as Les Fleur de Lys), 1966 - "Circles" (Townshend) / "So Come on" - (Immediate IM 32), 1966 - "Mud in Your Eye" / "I've Been Trying" (Mayfield) - (Polydor 56124) 1967 - "I Can See a Light" / "Prodigal Son "- (Polydor 56200) 1968 -" Gong With the Luminous Nose "(Haskell) /" Hammer Head "(Haskell) - (Polydor 56251) 1968 -" Stop Crossing That Bridge "(Dee, Potter) /" Brick by Brick (Stone by Stone) "(Dee, Potter) - (Atlantic 584193); 1969 -" (You're Just A) Liar "(Haworth, Potter) /" One City Girl "- (Atlantic 584 243). Very good buy for those who love the white noise ... 100% Mod!

Scasso  10/04/2013

The Aardvarks - Sinker, Line & Hook: The Anthology 1987-1999 - Cherry Red Rec. - CD

This fantastic reprint offers us one of the best psych / Mod bands of the 90's. The creature so 'designed and built by the brothers Mark and Gary Pietronave (Aye are italians of origin), and' arose from the ashes of a movement (the Mod of course) that arrive 'in England, almost rarefied in the late 80's, but which together with the Clique Paul Newman and Phil Otto, this band contribute 'to make reborn, which is in the British capital in major cities' in the UK. Their sound and 'a mix of pop / art beat and psychedelic pop. This collection gives us 25 rare pieces taken from all of their production, including: the 2 first 45 laps of the early 90's, which were the result of a self-production and practically sold out within a few weeks, their unique and beautiful LP released for Delirium Rec (label that produced prog., psychedelic) and the last great single "Buttermilk Boy" released by now famous label Mod, Detour Rec E 'was one of the more Mod band' love and follow in the landscape European underground, their sound was' avant-garde and unexpected, the roots of which were the result of studies of bands such as the Kinks, the Small Faces and the Artwoods. They were on tour throughout Europe and had many fans in every city 'and with this CD it is rightly tribute to the monsters of Modernism that would altresi unjustly forgotten. Compulsory purchase!

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Billy Butler - The right tracks (the complete Okeh recordings: 1963/'66) - Kent Rec. - CD

Younger brother of the more 'famous (and we reviewed) Jerry Butler, William Edward (known as Billy) Butler and' was a great songbook, lyricist and guitarist of the music Soul / R'n'B U.S.. Recorded mostly all his "hits" for Okeh Records in Chicago, under the supervision of the likes of Curtis Mayfield, Gerald Sims and Carl Davis. In this collection of as many as 29 tracks you have almost all of its individual, including what will become 'one of the "hits" the scene "Northern" of the 70's and': "The right track". Some of the songs included were taken from "masters" never printed vinyl that give the listener a complete perspective of the career of this extraordinary artist, began in 1963 and has had its most 'big peak in '66 and of course not purposes' in those years, but lasted until the end of 1976. This collection has the task of analyzing all the side more '"soulful" of his compositions, and not surprisingly there are also many individuals who wrote with his band: The Four Enchanters, I change' name to the goal 'of the 60's in: The Chanters. Overall, and 'almost all soul "mid tempo", very catchy and in some cases, even danceable and would recommend the purchase of the CD only to those who have a great passion for the soul in all its facets.

Scasso  21/03/2013

Jerry Butler & the Impressions - He will break your heart/ J.B. Esq. - SoulJam Rec. - CD

This CD encloses the beauty of 29 tracks for a total of 77.21 minutes d listening, is the racolta of its 2 albums (He will break your heart and Esq) respectively dated 1959 and 1960, as some of its individual of the same period incised originally for the Vee-Jay label. Jerry better known by his nickname "The Iceman" has a tenor voice that lends itself well to all the steps of Soul / RnB that his pieces require and is very suitable for different key soul ballads that recorded in these albums. The first of these two albums (Esq) has been in the top ten for 7 weeks and allowed him to start a career of music including the creation of as many as 50 record albums. was also a member of the Foundation RnB, participating in various events for the maintenance and preservation of the black music of the 60s and has established together with his other "colleagues" in the "Pioneer Award" for all those artists who, together with him contributed to the birth and development of the culture of Rhythm and Blues. This CD would recommend it to those who, abandoning the various "compilations" in cd or vinyl, you want to delve to explore the soul music through its most representative artists, Jerry Butler was one of them!

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VV/AA - Hipshakers vol. 3 (Just a little bit of jumping bean) - VapiSoul Rec. - 45Box Set./CD digipack

This is the third book written by Mr. Fine Wine, one of the Collector / RnB scene of the most famous DJs worldwide, with an infinite knowledge of discs ranging from mid 50s to early just 60s. Based in New York, is an old acquaintance of all parties or gatherings Mod / RnSoul us here in Europe, as called multiple times by different organizations in the "old continent". Now propina this collection of 20 songs, some never released on vinyl (see Earl King with Old Faithful and true love) and other more or less famous scene clubbin of black music (see Tini with Topsy Just a little bit). Boys short another compilation critical to the Mods and i recommend to all lovers of good music.

Scasso  07/03/2013

Ocean Colour Scene - Painting - Cooking Vinyl Rec. - CD

Strengthened by listening to this remarkable new "Painting" it should be noted immediately that the OCS have a distinct personality of their composition, focused on the unusual ability to synthesize songs in three or three and a half minutes melodic ideas and inspiration never banal and obvious. We are talking about the advent of psychedelic art pop front, invented in the 60s by geniuses like Syd Barrett, Keith West, but not only in this practice purely exquisite artisans also excelled English summary melodic as The Hollies, Herman Hermits, Manfred Mann, Amen Corner, and across the ocean especially the brothers Robin, Barry and Maurice Gibb, the Bee Gees. Not to mention if this band, because curiously inspiration, harmonic developments, the resounding chorus - in which Fowler / Cradock / Harrison are masters - some songs of Painting, Weekend, The Winning Side, George s Tower, The New Torch Songs, Mistaken Identity, closely resemble the earliest pop masterpieces of the second half of the 60 Australian brothers, and I refer to Massachusetts, Holyday, I Started A Joke, World, Words, but also valuable to the first four albums released between 1965 and 1968. To create this parallel also contributes very particular tone of voice - like Gibb brothers - the lead vocalist Simon Fowler, pure, delicate and sixties-oriented various Gallagher brothers, Crispian Mills and John Power. Contrary to the suggestions of the beautiful oriental front cover of Painting (sitar and tabla on the shields) between the 14 tracks of the examples of Painting abound un eclettismo composition typically British pop, refined, sophisticated, and sometimes this little radio friendly: Professor perplexity , The Union, Doodle Book, where those listening has many springs can also recognize valuable references to the nostalgic atmosphere of calm and the Moody Blues, seasoned gentlemen master of the English baroque pop. The final acoustic gem Here Comes The Day Dawning, voice-guitar in perfect solitude, scarce two minutes of absolute magic, then should convince even the most hard-hearted: In two words, the antithesis of bombast Oasis! It would be a real shame if Painting go unnoticed in these parts, I recommend it highly.

Scasso  26/02/2013

Chris Farlowe - Handbags and Gladrags: The Immediate Collection - Castle Classic Rec. - CD

AResetting exclusively on his 1965-1969 stint for Immediate Records, this is the best Chris Farlowe anthology, with 27 tracks and 77 minutes of music on a single CD. It was this period that saw the only significant commercial success Farlowe as a solo act, and the disc includes a half dozen of his singles that climbed the UK charts (even if only one of these, a cover of the Rolling Stones: "Out of Time" was a really big hit). She also behind, seven covers of Mick Jagger and Keith Richard, and that, in my humble opinion, were performed much better than the Rolling Stones. To be dry and rough will tell you that it is good value for money, as it is 27 songs, some of which may even be too much for the inexperienced listener, there are in fact some smaller pieces that stand out the weaknesses of Farlowe as singer soul. We have, however, some decent pieces and neglected, as the original version of "Hanbags and Gladrags" (although it was a cover next to that of Rod Stewart who was the most popular) and the bizarre and imaginative sitar that loads systematically the stanard Jazz: "Moanin, and who gave Farlowe some success. Unfortunately, some of the initiatives saw the singer later found to blur his virtuoso vocal numbers for some unusual and not very effective, such as "Everyone makes a mistake" (which sounds a bit like the first pieces of Rod Stewart), "Dawn", the folk-rockish "Paperman Fly in the Sky" and "The Last Goodbye", written as many of his songs from Michael d Abo. Other famous pieces include: "North south east west", co-written by Farlowe and Albert Lee, who was once only member of his backing band, the soul ballad "Baby Make It Soon", co-written by Andrew Oldham and future member of the Alan Parsons Project: Eric Woolfson, there is also a bizarre cover of Bob Dylan s "Its all Over Now Baby Blue", and was finally ready to play, like many of his English contemporaries, songs done by artists such as American soul The Four Tops with: "I cant help myself." Chris Farlowe was one of the most powerful singers Soul / RnB of Britain, a true vocal talent of the 60s and myth for the Mods. It reached its peak with the label Immediate Andrew Oldham and his best songs are included in this collection. Great Buy!

Scasso  22/02/2013

Mother Earth - The People Tree - Acidjazz Rec. - CD

Have been one of the leading bands of the label: Acid Jazz, Mother Earth could almost be described as the Small Faces for a new generation: organ bursting for a sound that is always in motion and a bass that carves out a groove constant and wearing a touching message of harmony and peace. Their love for Steve Marriott and the Small Faces, emerges from the song: "Dragster", made ??a speech of their funk guitar instrumental original "Grow Your Own" copied directly from the Mod band par excellence. The Modfather and King Samba joined the band on another piece: "Mr. Freedom", when Paul Weller meets Snowboy it unleashes a Latin rock extravaganza. The pace slows down with the piece: "Jesse," a story of unrequited love and guardian angels, which gives the song a full sound of strings that contain tears and gospel harmonies. When an album boasts a series of appearances, including James Taylor (not his quartet), it is difficult to imagine a time or place where The People Tree is not an essential element for every enthusiast Mod original sounds of Acid Jazz by Eddie Piller. Reprinted in 2007 was one of the best albums of the whole period 1993/94! Recommended buy!

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Bobby Bland - Two steps from the bues - BGO Rec. - CD

Digital reprint of this rare vinyl dated 1961, made ??by one of the most popular artists of Soul / RnB time, the legendary Bobby Bland. There are 12 songs ranging from blues more intimate, through the soul (Terry Callier style) as: "Lead me on" or "I ve got to forget you", to super danceable songs like "Don t cry no more." I could not waste any more words, for an artist whose individual are made almost all the clubs Mod, I can only tell you that this was one of his best work record and highly recommend it to everyone .... a classic of its kind !

Scasso  11/02/2013

Calibro 35 - Ogni riferimento a persone esistenti o a fatti realmente accaduti è puramente casuale - Venus Dischi - LP/CD digipack

At the third album, Enrico Gabrielli, Massimo Martellotta, Fabio Rondanini, Luke and Thomas Cavina Colliva (production) add some new suggestion to stretch their apocryphal. Compared with the previous ones ... They return Caliber 35 (2010), in each reference ... the quintet further reduces the cover (only two) to go all unpublished. The writing, of course, is mimetic, constantly alludes to the microcosm violent and stradaiolo staged by film Lenzi, Massi & co., But the interpretation is personal, not without irony. And, above all, terribly groovy, as evidenced by the attack since the funk Any reference to events is purely coincidental. There is something for everyone here: New York New York (one of the two covers, Piero Piccioni) is the class of the jazz band The BBQ the hard-nosed and a little "blowhard RnB , Goodbye and thank you is a funk-rock pretty bad, Uh ah panache brr pulls the 60s. And by the way, New Dehli Deli take up slightly around the raga-rock and oriental fashions launched by the Beatles, but underneath lies a penalty son of Robert Fripp and more elaborate progressive. Most obscure passages in time (the second reading, this time of Morricone) Massacre at dawn and show a marked taste pollution, with the latter, in particular, that with that step hypnotic riffs and airy keyboards, could herald interesting developments . In short, despite being marked by an enviable lightness, the Calibre 35 is not a joke. Their revisionism is a classy, intelligent, educated, able to win its place even in the fundamental reworking of styles and clichés already widely tested. A nice to have confirmation ... no doubt.

Scasso  18/01/2013

Assist - Stereobeat - Irma Rec. - CD digipack

Browsing through the shelves of FNAC, I came across the CD of this band from Turin, who, after 14 years of absence from the alternative scene Italic, reappeared in the music business, with more than authoritative "certificates of credit." Let is start by saying that I have 11 tracks, produced in collaboration with the most famous bands in the music scene in Turin: Statute, Subsonica and Sick Rose among the best-known names, even the cover designed by one of the members of the Rolling Stones. They do not deny that fish sounds and imagery from imaginary worlds: Mod and Britpop, and the result is heard in the songs that are all with a strong British influence. is all in all a good and honest indiepop nostrano that I recommend to those who love modern sounds!

Scasso  17/01/2013

VV/AA - Rare Mod vol. 4 - AcidJazz Rec: - LP/CD

And went out to all the lovers of "musical versions rare" 4to this volume: "Rare Mod", where you have 16 tracks of classic blue eyed soul, RnB or British psychedelic pop sung by artists or bands different from those known in their original versions. It has a version of "Hoochie coochie man" of the Artwoods, "Coming home baby" taken from a recording of a singer acetate Mod unknown or even "Big Bird" sung by Soul Dog. Nothing short of amazing if not for the liner notes of the history of the pieces in my humble opinion is really interesting and vinyl graphics. At the end of the advice given the lack of record releases in the "purely Mod". The songs were cleaned of any background noise and sound good (of course the acid jazz was well thought of not rimasterizzarle) and the result is that the product is very nice.

Scasso  16/01/2013

The Chords - What become of the people we used to be? - Rockbook Films LTD - DVD

In the end, this film is successful. Many people of the music industry is now happy, because it was in the past, in agreement with the fact that this band deserved Mod well as the other stages that fate has unfortunately intended. Through the words of the four members of the band, you have guidelines of what has been their history, their training as musicians, their cultural background / music and the reasons for their division in the early 80s. You also have the images of their reunion tour in 2010, interview with their manager Terry Rawlings and visual tracking of rare photos of the band at the Mod revival period in 1979. All this was done not only to give fans (old and new) an official video of Chords, but also to promote your their new single, with a look into the past gives us a powerpop very modern and well structured musically (found distributed directly from them about: From interviews with members it is clear that apart from the love for music never died (especially their own), the iconography of what was their world Mod is now past, but that does not mean they are always in my heart and in Mod imagination of all of us and as Terry writes in the liner notes of the DVD: Now its gone? ... well maybe not!

Scasso  14/01/2013

VV/AA - Rainy city blues - Jungfrau Rec - LP/CD

Valuable cover for more than a good record songs that recompiles groups forged in Manchester in the 60s. In tough competition with neighbors Liverpool who gained fame and glory thanks to the Beatles and the Merseybeat, the "city of the rain" came a number of excellent groups. Some of the most famous such as: Freddie & the Dreamers, the Dakotas, the Hollies, Wayne Fontana & the Mindbeaters or Herman s Hermits, and other less successful as those that appear in this album. 100% british blue eyed soul and RnB, where you can hear classics Mod scene as: Ivans Meads, Manchester Playboys, St. Louis Union, The Stylos or the Big City Blues .... nothing more to say .... . to have and just!

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Cooper - A proposito de mi universo - Elefant Rec. - 2 DVD+Libro

The Elefant Records has joined forces with the Chelsea Editions to launch this double DVD. This product includes ten videos that shaped all Internet Tour, the virtual tour that Alex Cooper made ​​on different portals of the network to present his new album: "I universe." The "musical product" also includes the film "El gift" that gives life to the song more sweet and intimate disk. director Juan Marigota presents a documentary more than 80 minutes in which they reveal the secrets of the recording of his latest work, showing unexpected images of the band in action and lost corners of the legendary Konk recording studio, the place where he recorded what many Spanish critics have considered the best album of Cooper. In "By the de mi universe" there are also four more songs: The spot to announce the internet tour, the fun adventure balloon Leon Alex Diez (his hometown), along with the winner of the competition that the band had quests summer and his appearances in Camden Town and Cambridge, the day after the time of recording in Konk studios. If all this were not enough yet the double DVD also includes a booklet of 52 pages with over 130 color images of the group photo in the Vasarely Foundation, photo by Cooper in London, revenue and posters of concerts in alternative format to the original, and many other things. accompanied these images is the text signed by coruñese Javier Becerra, famous periodista and confessed fan of the musical adventures of Alex.

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