19mo All Saints Mod holidays - 28 ott/1 nov. 2011 - Lavarone (TN)

What about the most 'of the title of my article about already' own, and now to Lavarone '"Mod event" par excellence here' in Italy, there is no other gathering that reflected the variety 'of sounds and people that now that this organization has given in an atmosphere of absolute serenity and friendship '(and not' little) can develop in Trentino! We have all the sounds, from the Latin boogaloo psychedelia, not displeased no one musically it 'organization, with soccer and bowling tournaments to win tickets prox event that we certainly will be' even better than this! Lavarone and 'certainty, Lavarone and' our Buglietti cards for all foreigners who want to begin to participate in events on earth Italica Mod: great food, comfortable hotels and large club can only increase the desire to come back 'years after year! .. Needless also the description of the musical passages that, in the disco (the Triangle) of this plateau, saw the DJ sets of the best DJs and European Mod! Only those who do not know is 'what is lost and this' an invitation to all those (very few I think) who still think that this meeting does not fully represent us. Long live to Lavarone and that God always protect the "nano" of rocksteady and "giraffe" the freakbeat!

Scasso  10/11/2011

Euro Ye Ye - Gijon - 04/07-Agosto-2011

Back in Asturias, and 'for me like being in a limbo between Ireland and Spain ..... all beautiful: the food, the people, the place ... the feeling! This year, and 'was' my meeting "the most 'strange as ever, I was not good for percu one day I jumped on Saturday and I wanted to do on Thursdays,' cause like a true" genius "I got drunk on Wednesday 'before with mods of Rome in a local pub! In short, there can 'tell little of the DJ's, selections and concerts, for sure I'll be able' to say that in my humble opinion for the white the best remains Stefan Golowka, now a citizen of Monaco of Bavaria and the Black "our "Philip Terni, head and shoulders above everyone! We come then to the concert one of the queens of Soul: Maxine Brown, has really surprised everyone present with his voice, still strong and the band that made her shoulder: The Pepper Pots of Girona, really very good, both technically and compositionally, when they performed before her! The usual disproportionate number of people, including those that have nothing to do it 'with the scene it's 60' with the Mod has made the environment super compressed, even if on balance , I can honestly say that the part of participants of "our scene" remains very high! I could tell you that the approximately 800 participants were at least 500 of the scene and 60's mod! Summarized in this short story I highly recommend everyone to take a Euro Yeye in life, 'cause there is always a wonderful experience both human music!

Scasso  12/08/2011

100% Mod con: "Le Clean Cut" club di Barcelona

We reviewed in late, The Clean Cut, by a new 100% Mod clubs were born recently in our beloved "Old Continent"! This Barcelona, not 'a soul or R & B club, and' just a Mod club, with DJs and music only model that departs from and arrives at modjazz british beat, then moving to all those dear to us as a genre ska, soul, boogaloo and R & B of course. The DJs of the past events were Alberto Valle, Albert Petit, Sarah Ramos, Schott Simpson, Roch Vidal, Lluis Cardenal and Dany "boy Alpha", the original skin that organizes together with Bazza Strighten Up (skinheads weekend in Barcelona). We saw old faces and new mod scene of Barcelona and Spanish (many have come from Madrid and Valencia) in general, with a participation of about 130 people all part of the scene or original mods skinheads. The club is located in the center and it 'easy to reach (the best jazz room that houses the boiler for instance), not so great with a small stage where they performed the duet DeRossi-Newman with their project. The Blues Flames, and the dancefloor just to hold almost all the participants did the rest. A tip from the undersigned to attend, the prox November 19, this new Mod Club, you will see that you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Scasso  22/07/2011

The Boiler weekend 8-9 luglio 2011 Barcelona

Back in Barcelona is always a pleasure, both for the climate, though warm, and 'always windy and the sea air puts me in a good mood, want for food good and cheap and would like for the city ', one of the most' beautiful and intriguing of Europe! The weekend articolova concert with a band and DJ sets for each one of 2 days, where the Friday 'have performed the Excellos, a British band consisting of 3 and 1 teds mod that with the semi-acoustic guitar and his harmonica, gave a imprint R & B sound very British product, while they performed on Saturday and she's the Obsidians, which is a German band with the voice of a fratrock rock-a-billy of Tarragona who now lives in Berlin with them, not bad even if half 'concert began dancing is their mascot: a boy dressed as a shrimp, and to me, these things make the fall balls' cause the "circus", or rather crap at Animal House in a Rhitm'n'Soul clubs are out of place! We come then to the DJ sets, which in addition Cristina and Jordi organizers saw our old knowledge: Chris Dale, DJ Mod is great soul and then a DJ Spanish rock'n'roll, the Tip Top Daddy and then the other 2 djs: Irish Bill Kealy Johnny Alpha and the English who put the blue eyed soul R & B up to 6 am. Presence of numerous participants to the event: 300 people, many from London, where he 'moved most of the "crew" of young people of New Untouchables Mods, some French Parpignian area boys and soul (not will understand 'never the 'cause, as the northern and it' was made the equivalent of 0 ..) of Valencia! By now the water heater you can 'look the best r'n's club in the world and the capacity not 'organizational boys Barcelona is' definitely a difference!

Scasso  15/07/2011