Ham Yard move to BCN - The Barcelona Connection! - 15/11/2014

The New Underground and ' always a local site in the heart of Barcelona and it' at street level which allows more air circulation , such as capacity and perhaps ' a little ' more' small and maybe previous to us is slightly more ' far from the district Sagrada Familia , but' I must say that after all is not even "a tomar por culo" as they say in these parts . At the event there will have been about a hundred people all strictly lap Mod and Original Skins mainly coming from England and Italy and France ( or French Catalonia ) as foreign presences and Catalonia as attendance Iberian . The djs needless to say they did two types of ladders proposing classics Mod scene with small intervals of rarities ( very few ) but ' know ' the Ham Yard and ' a club that wants to revive the classic sounds to an audience that , to novice , you want to look out the Mod scene European . But we come to the event and that ' started at 22.30 and and ' finished at 03.30 . Eeeh you my dear unfortunately in this place you have to apply the Anglo-Saxon times because 'is not ' isolated acoustically and being in an area surrounded by apartments people complain frequently , so it license and that ' up to this time , but we do not despairing we showed up in time to enjoy all the time of the selection of our heroic djs , where Claudio DNA proposed a beautiful set of Modjazz , LLuis Cardenal one of R'n'B and the others who are oriented on R'n ' b who the soul and not exclude some interference also in northern , regarding our italocatalospagnolo Alberto Valle and that ' the promoter as well as ' chef described herein, in the event here , I must tell you that debuted with a spectacular selection of Jamaican Ska , who literally skatenato present so that I seemed to be in Kingston in '68 !!! .. in short, an event where friendliness' and relax more good people are mixed for another success of the boys of the Clean Cut club .... I really do not I can give you more descriptions of the evening because it ' slipped away everything so' fast that really do not have a framework shiny successive events in the club , but as as always , I invite you to be present in Iberia to make you personally what it means to organize parties quality ' !!

Scasso  24/11/2014

22st All Saints Mod Holidays - 29 ott/1 nov. 2014 - Lavarone (TN)

Second experience in Lavarone, I honestly do not think I could find an even more immersive and compelling the previous year ... But it was so ! Despite the " journey of hope" to get in Rovereto , I can say that we were able to enjoy even the first day. The event at the cabin on Thursday was , in my opinion , the most exciting of the whole " meeting " . The location was breathtaking , and the music , good food (including fine wines and brandies many ) have made ​​it possible for bearci of an evening that we can hardly forget . Friday and Saturday afternoon , the market and the band , we were awakened from the slumber induced by the previous nights of partying . While the evening 's DJs , local and foreign , that have taken place in the console, they were able to dance and to inspire everyone, including Burglary !!! And it took a little I consumassi shoes :) . The music selection was varied , the optimal choice of white, black and psychedelia I have satisfied everyone. The organization was always attentive and present, and on this there is nothing to complain . What else to say ? I find that All Saints is a happy island , a place to meet and exchange between the different parts of the scene so national and international ... I and we love it!

Simona  21/11/2014

16th Maximum Speed Mod weekender Genova - March 2014

Having been able to do a single evening for personal reasons , I can not give you a general review of what was at that meeting this sixteenth of Genoa , I can tell you that the meeting at the pub was very welcoming and that people came from all over ' Italy (Veneto and including center ) and France , maybe not in large quantities , but enough to give a touch of formality to one of the few long-lived rallies on our homeland. The DJ's who took turns at the console, both white and black, were in my opinion, among the best known in recent years and there was therefore a participation more ' diverse: both mods that people linked to the scene of the 60 's . The band called that played on Saturday at the local level, led by the usual stainless Frank of Nice was really very good , offering a blue eyed soul very addictive and the club found by the organizers , in the center of Genoa , is one of the best I ever seen in a city where space is really tight to . No fault return to the capital of Liguria is just like being at home and good food -related climate with temperatures from late spring did the rest .

Scasso  23/04/2014

Ham Yard W1 in Madrid - Madrid - Feb 2014

Away for the foreign team dell'UOMORAGNO @ MOD club in Madrid. Intrigued and attracted by the Spanish organization of the evenings and the undoubted quality of the DJ we prepare for the start and the long weekend in the Spanish capital . I state that I had never been to Madrid, so I took a cue from the evening also for exploring the city . The mini vacation and I really liked the city is definitely a must see European capitals. But let's get straight to the point , we say that the trip was an advantage because Eve made ​​us from inside guy and contacting the guys at Madrid has planned everything to perfection letting go of the good old days in the company . The evening however began on Saturday afternoon with the appetizer and then purchase tickets to the night club where the entrance fee was nominal . The afternoon was very bubbly well prepared the basis for the evening , the pub was packed. The prevalence Spanish followed by the British and the Italians gave birth to an evening internationally. We had dinner together and then we went to prepare for the evening that began at 23. The recommended location of the hotel has an advantage because we have always moved on foot and then so we visited the city. The evening MOD 100% , it was in a nice club with no 70's style well suited to the number of people who in fact have filled it all . The DJs were exchanged until 4 in the morning churning out mainly r'n'b sounds that people have danced without stopping and finding a wider approval. Let's say that the evening was the quality and the organization gets the credit , also thanks to the people that even though it was the first time that you met welcomed us in the best way making you appreciate even more the trip . Nothing to say and we hope that in Italy one day we can take the right path to organize something similar in small events and not only the renowned Italian major events . I close by thanking all the people I met who made sure that I felt at home. Thank you all .

il Sergio  31/03/2014